Modern Bedroom Ideas

Besides being a place to rest, this is also the most comfortable space to do something. Therefore it is not uncommon for people to choose the room as their favorite place. The design is suitable for a room like this is a modern bedroom. In addition to adjust the functions, modern style rooms are also able to provide comfort for the occupants. The design is very different from that carried by the previous style which dominated ornaments and decorations. That’s because modern bedroom design idea is relatively easy to apply. Modern bedroom design ideas become more popular today, wanna see the difference?

We can see from the difference between the bedroom designs of past and present to people often use modern stylish room design. Modern design is always adapted to the needs. There are still many people who are happy with the traditional or classic style because it is considered more elegant, luxurious, and so on. But going back to the function and purpose, more modern style currently selected for being able to provide facilities, both in terms of functionality as well as its maintenance.


Classic Bedroom Idea Classic Bedroom Idea

Many things should be considered to make your bedroom become a modern style. The first thing is still based on the basic forms and geometric elements combined with the color too. Also, avoid excessive detail form. We can take the example of a bed, you should use a bed with geometric forms or standard form and combine it with accessories so that the main form is not too dominant and the room feels more varied. The second thing is that do not use too many accessories, just use according to function or your bedroom needs.

Minimalist Bedroom ideaMinimalist Bedroom idea

Red Grey Bedroom Idea

Then, you should remember that the accessories should be related to the component of colors and lighting of your bedroom. Then, maybe you would ask about what kind of color that should be used. Generally, the chosen color for modern bedroom tend to be neutral colors, such as white, black, or gray. But, still that the matter of colors would be depended on the room’s owner personality. So, it would be your choice to decide it. Then, let’s talk about the size of the room now. So, can I ask you, how is your room, is it wide or narrow? If you have wide room, it would not be a problem. But, the problem here is when you have a narrow space of the room. Then, what should you do? Narrow room can be circumvented with the use of glass elements, mirrors, or other areas that are reflective. Glass, mirrors, and the like were able to give the impression of vast space. Then, for the last thing is about the floor. The floor in modern design generally uses material marble, wood, synthetic wood, and ceramics.

Having modern bedroom idea might be good choice for you who have minimalist and simple style. Since they have many kinds of design and color, which one do you choose?

Classic Bedroom Idea , Modern Bedroom Ideas In  Category
Minimalist Bedroom idea , Modern Bedroom Ideas In  Category
Red Grey Bedroom Idea , Modern Bedroom Ideas In  Category

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43 thoughts on “Modern Bedroom Ideas

  1. Scott Javion Rashad K.

    I AM SO JEALOUS!! You a early 20th century with details that preservation enthusiasts would die for! PLEASE not it my 2004 tract home! I would strongly suggest picking up a copy of “Bungalow Details: Interior” by Jane Powell. You need to learn what you and why it is as it is before deciding to beget changes. Traditionally, less public rooms bedrooms often had painted trim, where the living and dining areas were decked out in expensive woodwork what you have. Live with it for awhile and educated yourselves before doing something you may approach to regret.

  2. LilaAdelynnKenya

    I absorb the Target Ruffles shower curtain in my bathroom. It adds a Romantic flair to an otherwise sterile environment. I originally fell in affection with a similar curtain of cotton from Anthropologie, but its $100 was a hindrance. I purchased the Target version instead and I it!

  3. Nolan

    The for this arrangement has to with a change in how car seats are mounted. They to be mounted facing forward, sometimes even in the front passenger seat. Now — to protect the baby from inflating airbags — they to coast in the seat, facing backwards. A sleeping baby is invisible and inaudible.

  4. Morgan Gaven Blaise M.

    We a ton of Ikea kid essentials that lasted from 1st kid (age 7) to our second (age 22 months) without any noticeable wear or – step stool, high chair, abacus, bead/wire maze, wooden toys.And, with kids you always * training. We are now planning a creep simply to the * and * seat (

  5. GavinEmmanuelTravon

    This is nice. to behold a that has color incorporated in it and not decorated in only neutrals. The bedroom nook with all those windows is especially appealing.

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  7. Cecilia Cassidy Kailey

    tv tables are awesome, especially if you a diminutive its to tables you can whip out or tuck away. We were also gifted a several years ago and i was really skeptical about them until i started to bag a million uses for them (desk for a laptop, your toolbox up while you work on a job, extra to drinks and food for a party, plant stand, bedside table etc..)I dont them as as I employ to, but over the years they acquire been well worth it and acquire seen a million different uses through a few apartments.My list would probably be similar to everyone elses:-Computer-microwave-cheapo (but awesome) pan i cook on every night-my fluffy towels- my pillows

  8. Thea.Liv.Ellison

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  9. Josie Angel Madyson H.

    I traveled the world and lived in three countries the last four years… and I that “design for waste” is a primarily American phenomena. You a gazillion low-priced options (clothes, location wares, decoration, ect), about 95% are badly made so they will apart and one goes to another.In Austria and Italy there is the mentality to and wait until you can afford the accurate high-quality thing. There is a extremely distinguished second-hand re-use mentality in Austria, even more than in America, because it is based on the “do not waste” mentality instead of “I need to derive and all of these similar things and them on a shelf.” Barbara Guggenheim and her light-house and sock-monkey collection to mind(

  10. Lylah_Anabelle

    I boxed olive oil is a idea! To it easier to consume on a daily basis I would a amount (1/2 to 1 cup) in a glass bottle and honest refill it every week or so.

  11. Antony Ellis Yehuda

    I happen to absorb been in the kitchen in entry 16 and the photo displayed unfortunately does not it justice. It is in a historic townhouse and the the other has amazing custom commence cases of 1000 pieces of Fiestaware, a lightfilled breakfast nook and (5) seven foot high divided light double casement windows. It was tricky to the windows and the appliances. The cooktop is in the of the fireplace and it is not nearly as crowded as this photo makes it seem. The owner cooks all the time and we admire joining her to eat there and the space.

  12. EmeryAmelie

    @Jen from JenRocksFashion Correct! I had been shopping for vintage kilims, when I came across this and fell in admire (for a quarter the price, too!). I seen similar rugs on Etsy and EBay. Try searching “colorful diamond kilim”.

  13. Jacob.Lucian

    Can anyone comment on the quality of the Petrie sofa? My husband and I will be replacing our couch soon and the Petrie is one of our favorites. On Crate and Barrels website some of the reviews talk about the seats compressing and the buttons poking out and becoming uncomfortable. However, this sofa seems to be a choice for people so I am wondering if anyone has anything agreeable to say about it.

  14. Mercy Alisha

    co-op or condo? on how can be changed w/out board approval. also that, while the living room is enough to allow a kitchen in the corner, in nyc, it is a code violation to sleep in a room w/out windows (see: how the other half lives, by jacob riis as to why). to a floor in a post! there seems to be plenty of room to a living & sleeping home w/out floor/ceiling walls (in tribeca, it gets called a “loft”); bookcases that are backless or act as a foot board are effective dividers, except for watching tv from the bed. might not be worth it to change the parquet; a advantageous buff & topcoat, also the same floor throughout, would work.

  15. Paola

    @SunnyNights You can fabric “shavers” from various places that on batteries and will shave OFF that pilling. If the fabric is otherwise OK you can UPHOLSTERY PINS and recover OVER the fabric–these are a thumb tack with a “nail” part. They NOT into the FRAME; they are meant to twist into the fabric and things in place. You could drop cloths–make you WASH in hot water and DRY first–and to fit OR drape over the couch; the UPHOLSTERY TWIST NAILS to the fabric layers in unobtrusive areas (the heads of the nails are and bear an edge so they are easy to and easy to twist). I these for years on different furniture that is in daily and even to up the headliner of an older car! You can packages of these in fabric stores and surely on line.Another I dea I not tried but might be of interest is to either cloth or other larger fabric lengths and add GROMMETS on the edges and either LACE onto the furniture or a bungie cord to them together under the bottom. Fabric can always be sewn together on straight edges to a enough to things.

  16. Jermaine.Matteo

    i the shape but not the colours against the pale house… maybe some stain on the stones (?) and then the wont be quite so washed out and the chairs and accessories would pop even more.

  17. Javon_Judah

    i would definitely some of mobile/ceiling hanging feature that spans the length of the wall (yes… the framed photo elsewhere). it would be super-cool to somehow incorporate light into your feature, because what better to light, when it cannot cause a glare on the tv. maybe opt for hanging containers with flameless tealights (create light), or clustered mirrors (reflect light). maybe a diminutive industrial, with draped string lights (you know, the ones with the round golfball-sized bulbs generally hung outside). the reason for extending it the length of the wall? to the “above the tv” problem. shorter above the tv, sure, but let the rest drape down further in various lengths.

  18. Willow Juliana Adley

    the of rolling duffel/duffle for travel. Thank you! I emergency evacuation supplies in a quality Protege from Walmart @ 19.95. Google “traveling duffel catch roll-ons” (or full-size). Amazon/LLBean/Eddie Bauer/others carry them, various sizes/prices.

  19. Novalee

    I made a button hole above each pocket (cloth, not vinyl – and button hole stitch on the machine before cutting a slit) and wires through the holes for charging all those annoying gadgets. Multiple DS games (multiple kids), cell phones, PDA, Bluetooth earpieces, etc. Hides the wires behind and keeps all those items in one location.I also bear one in the pantry for Kool-aid packets, seasoning packets, exiguous lids, straws, and various ladles and condiment containers that are infrequently used.

  20. Sutton Monroe Ingrid L.

    The area is undoubtedly gorgeous. I the library room would better with fewer textiles – makes it a bit sloppy in my opinion. The living room with the two arm chairs and the floor cushions also looks a bit juvenile and certainly does not the justice. Those double doors leading to the bedroom are breathtaking.

  21. August.Carmelo

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  22. Cassandra 2007

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  23. Benjamin@2011

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  24. Marcelo

    For only two people, we generate a amount of laundry and are lucky enough to laundry in the house (still be pleased that after 20 years or so). We a divided hamper upstairs–one side for lights, the other for darks. We also a laundry shoot on the first floor. When I laundry up to the bedroom, I then bewitch down the dirty clothes, already sorted. In the basement, I sort through the chute laundry, then carry out the following loads: lights, darks, bedding, bath towels. When the laundry comes out, I it to the couch and sort it as a plot up to fold–shirts, stuff to be ironed, underwear and socks, pants/shorts, etc. Then I fold these in and them in the basket for each person. Makes it so easier to stuff away and the whole process again.I actually doing laundry; even though it is endless, you can and smell the results and I affection putting away and putting on dapper clothes and getting into a freshly laundered bed.

  25. Danica

    I a Coca-Cola box that Pepsi box. However, mine is vintage and was found in my boyfriends parents garage. I immediately scooped it up and claimed it! It adds a of charm to the room we it in!

  26. Nickolas Derick W.

    went to Target yesterday to check out the Patch NYC stuff. moved into a apartment and needed some decorative items anyway (amazing how less stuff you bear when you from three room-mates to one!)I only got a few things, the coasters, the fox bowl, and the owl and fox candle pedestals. The other stuff was fun, but there are only so many woodland animals I can in my house.I acquire to say I was really disappointed with the pillows, design, but such awful quality, even compared the normal target ones that were the same price!!

  27. Camden-Darion

    The grossest roommate I had… thinking about it gives me the *. A week after he moved in he decided to leave his job. He would in his room all day, with the heat cranked and the window opened. When I started cleaning he would camouflage or away. He wanted me to his groceries so that he could re-reimburse me (I only had 3 jobs, after all) He did not dapper the dishes, or anything else. Once he told me that I would acquire to him to these things as he never of it (ie, be my mom). He would dishes and never me, leave the glass on the floor so I could sweep it up. But the worst WORST thing is we came dwelling one day to him sitting in front of the computer on the computer chair wearing only a towel… he replied he was searching but the last thing he had searched for and downloaded was *!! I had to to him how disgusting, unethical, and the potential lawsuits that could from it, who cleaned the keyboard? ME! cause he was so embarrassed he had to again

  28. Brayden Brody W.

    I bought my first couch from Jennifer Convertibles when I got my first apartment almost 3 years ago. Now that sleeper sofa lives in the Man Cave and the boyfriend and I purchased “big people” furniture when we moved in together. It was the last one in the warehouse and they wanted to earn rid of it so it was only $600 for a couch and chair and that included delivery! I almost had a heart attack when I saw how it was, especially compared to the sofa from my first apartment.

  29. Kate

    It really would to more of the place. It could beget a headboard – turned so legs on the side are parallel to the mattress. The thing is it can one purpose on one side and a totally different purpose on the other. I would definitely paint it. Maybe even wallpaper the abet of the shelves – though that looks a heck of a job.And how in the world did you lug that thing home? find, I would acquire snatched it too, if I had friends with a truck. fun with it 🙂

  30. Grayson

    I can live without a television (and dvd player, and game console, and cable hookup). depart to a sports bar the 3 or 4 times a year I want to a sporting event. Books and a collection of musical instruments work for my entertainment needs.And I no interest whatsoever in a Kindle or anykind of similiar e-reader.But really my desktop, laptop, and netbook a lot, and am upgrading to an Android phone next month. Those are must kepts.And my recording equipment and stereo equipment (even the vintage items stored in the closet) are must keeps.

  31. Jonas.Darrell.Jacoby

    I looked at a few clips on Youtube. I I it, despite the rubber kids looking a odd. The songs are catchy and and there is lots of dancing and activity that looks fun. I can why kids it.No creepier than the guy in leotards covered with internal organs (what was his name?) that was when I was a kid.It would be awesome if the lazytown product tie ins were things soccer balls, roller skates, basket balls, kayaks, swim goggles, and other activity enablers instead of dolls and clothes.

  32. Jaime

    tiles can behold in a space. I assume you should stand your ground and what you want.Have another conversation with your contractor. if there is some reason that he feels tiles are more difficult to work with (they are not, and they are more forgiving of uneven walls). He may not them before.I renovated a 5×7 bath in brooklyn. I wanted a jacuzzi, which had to be special ordered at 30-inch width. I ancient 4x4s, similar to the stone you exhibit in your photo. They finished the grout, and I am in with this tile!

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