Mid Century Modern Color Blue Home Interior Design

Mid Century Modern Color Blue Home Interior Design could become great choice for you who wants to have modern color of blue that had a touch of mid century time design. Yes, many kinds of colors could be applied in the home interior design since each people would have different style in choosing the home design. Beside that, sometimes, each color would matched to the certain color design so that you should also consider about it. Here we would give you some kinds of home interior design with some touches of blue color there. Wanna see these designs? If it is so, check them out below!

Blue Design of Family RoomBlue Design of Family Room

Mid Century Modern Color Blue Home Interior Design could be applied in many kinds of interior room designs in your home design. As you could see in the current picture that the room design is using modern style where the simplicity is being emphasized there. Then, in this room design, some colors are being combined there so that the mix and matched are done there. Placing light blue design of furniture there makes the room looks bright and give nice looks there. Beside that, if you could see the exterior design outside this room design, you could see there that it has light blue painting design there.It is actually also adding the bright and beauty of the room design.

Modern Blue of Dining RoomModern Blue of Dining Room

Modern blue color could also be combined into another color design. As you could see in theĀ  current picture that the room is dominated with white color and it has modern style. Then, for giving a little touch of contrasted color, you could see there that by applying blue carpet color makes the room looks more cheerful there. Don’t you think so?

Mid Century classic furnitureMid Century Classic Furniture

Then, Mid Century Modern Color Blue Home Interior Design could be used as the domination colors, such as being used in the wallpaper design, furniture, also the flooring design of your modern room design. So, what do you think about applying the blue color design in your home interior design? Doesn’t it seem to be nice and elegant?

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75 thoughts on “Mid Century Modern Color Blue Home Interior Design

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  4. Morgan 2007

    I affection this solution, particularly that the complete unit functions as practical storage but provides space. This really gives me because I too a living room/dining room without a welcoming entry space.

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  8. Raquel

    I would paint the walls a extremely pale green to complement the granite counter top. Change the rug in front of the sink to a more neutral color. Next, the under the cabinets while wavy is perfect for adding under-the-cabinet lighting! Battery operated is easiest. and stick one over the sink. Add a bench the table for a booth easier seating. I would also add a framed magnetic bulletin board, message center to all the magnets on.

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