Colorful Rooms for Teenage Girls

Designing the room for teenage children would be great activity and experience since you could share a lot of ideas with your teenage kids. In designing their room, of course there is a big difference while you are designing your boy kid and your daughter room. Don’t you think so? Yes, boys room design would be much easy and simple since it is related to their personality. Moreover, for designing the teenage girl room would be much challenge there since girls would have a lot of needs in their bedroom design. Beside that, girls also much consider about their room color design so that you should know about Colorful Rooms for Teenage Girls so that it would enhance your idea in helping your daughter in designing their room.

Green Color Bedroom DesignGreen Color Bedroom Design

Many kinds of colors could become the teenage girl room design and one of them is having light green color design. As you could see in the current picture that the teenage room is having great green color there. With some touches of colorful floral design for the bedding design makes the brightness of the room looks really great there. Beside that, you should also choose the suitable furniture so that it would matched to your daughter room design.

Colorful Bed Room IdeasColorful Bed Room Ideas

Then, Colorful Rooms for Teenage Girls would also be great when you have some bright color that mix and matched each other in one room design. As you could see in the current picture that many kinds of colors are combining into one room design there. With the unique furniture design would make this room looks really nice there. Actually, designing the room is easy and interesting since you just need a little bit exploring your creativity in managing the room design.

Violet Room for Teenage GirlViolet Room for Teenage Girl

One thing that actually could not be separated from the teenage girl room is about the sense and romantic atmosphere there. Yes, girls would always love romantic and calm atmosphere in their room design. Then, you have also known that some colors are considered as romantic colors, including pink, red, also soft violet. Yes, choosing the violet color for Colorful Rooms for Teenage Girls is also great idea since there you could combine it with other colors, such as red and white design. Then, for completing the romantic sense in this room design, applying some beautiful curtain would be really great idea. Beside that, placing some flowers would be great also. So, what do you thing about those designs?

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  5. Jonathon

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  14. DanielleJimenaEllison

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  15. Julissa Raquel Wendy V.

    I the contributors who stated that, “not a single fraction of imagination went into creating this,” because, in essence, there is, “no artwork in sight,” or any, “personalization or character” to another look. The whole thing is a highly-personalized work of art. Geometry, archetypal and utility this not easily. If decorating an otherwise artless with brick-a-brack trappings were what constituted expedient design, then this house would, indeed, fail to impress. That it does effect without succumbing to the fallacy that more stuff is somehow prerequisite to self-expression or prestige is a testament to something greater. Design’s most elements cannot be found in any furniture catalogue or gallery.In the words of Antoine de St. Exupery, “You know you bear perfection of not when you absorb nothing more to add, but when you nothing more to bewitch away.”

  16. Aylin Harlee Estella U.

    smart, smart, smart. plenty of light & air, storage, hobbies for living, not looking, and has potential for elderly/handicapped adaptability (platformed & access to bath would need tweaks). bench & chairs a bit uncomfortable, but could be. smart.

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