Black and Grey Kitchen Ideas

Kitchen could be said as the heart of home since it could be functioned as many kinds of room in the home interior design.  Yes, kitchen is not merely a place for cooking, but it would also become a place for family gathering, welcoming guests, or making it as family room. Yes, you have known that especially for woman, this kitchen is very important and valuable since it would become the place to show her responsibility as mother to take care of her family by serving and giving some healthy food. For these important matters, of course the design should be maintained in good way. But, how is the way? There are many kinds of kitchen designs in this world that could become your choice, but in this case, you could choose Black and Grey Kitchen Ideas as your reference in designing the kitchen. For complete explanation, check them out below!

Black kitchen cabinetsBlack kitchen cabinets

In the first example of Black and Grey Kitchen Ideas, you could see there that the kitchen is designed in really simple way there. By combining light grey and black black color this kitchen design looks simple, but it has great look. There, the ceiling, wall also the flooring design is having light color, that is light grey and for the matched color, the touch of darker furniture design is being applied here. As you could see there that black kitchen cabinet, storage place also the table design is having black color. The combination of light and black color looks really great there.

Dark Grey kitchen DesignDark Grey kitchen Design

Beside that, for another choice in black and grey kitchen idea, you could also use a little bit dark combination for dark grey and balck design. Yes, this kind of combination would be really suitable if you want to have a Gothic interior design. As you could see there that almost all part of the room design have dark design, including the wall, ceiling also the furniture choice, but here in making the balance side, you could place a lighter flooring design and choose some kinds of small lamp design that is being place in each corner of the ceiling. Beside that, you could also place the bigger lamp design in the center of the kitchen there.

Minimalist Kitchen DesignMinimalist Kitchen Design

For you who have a minimalist kitchen design, having Black and Grey Kitchen Ideas as being displayed in the current picture would be good there. Yes, both of grey and balck are dark color so that sometimes it would make your room design looks darker, but this is really elegant look, especially when you place some green plants as the additional decoration and making big glass window so that the sunlight would come in there.

Black kitchen cabinets , Black and Grey Kitchen Ideas In  Category
minimalist-kitchen-design , Black and Grey Kitchen Ideas In  Category
Dark Grey kitchen Design , Black and Grey Kitchen Ideas In  Category

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49 thoughts on “Black and Grey Kitchen Ideas

  1. AydenNoe

    Craftsman-style homes are my favorite, and you done a super-job with yours. I affection the colors you chose for each room and the fact you went with and light paints, I my jaw would commence if I visited your and saw each room with the unexpected contrast. Wishing you many years of living in this appealing home.

  2. Aubree.Royal.Bryleigh

    Could you achieve a shallow bookshelf or bookshelves in front of the fireplace, then the sofa up against that? Maybe setup the bookshelf so there are no shelves up to the height of the sofa, to give it a somewhat more built-in effect? You could then maybe a decorative element in the bottom of the bookshelf, a dried floral – something that would fine peeking out from above and beside the sofa. You could even install lights in the lowest shelf.

  3. Sincere Jaydin S.

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  4. Braxton Theodore

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  5. Ryder-Jovani-Royce

    If these had been artful pairings of human and furniture form, with some composition, it would pass as art.These are soft *. And not even first-rate furniture.

  6. Nova Melina Chanel P.

    Danielle, could I ask you some questions about your heated floors? 1) Are your heated floors electric or hot-water? 2) How long does it for the floors to warm up? 3) When the floors warm up, is it that you can turn off the heat and the concrete continues to emit heat, thus saving you on electric bills?I ask because I had electric heated floors (rented apartment) and it was the worst in so many ways (probably because the system was electric, and/or it was an and * system), but everyone raves about them.I loved your house tour, by the way! The photographer did a job in capturing the of the rooms, and I was blissful to not be bombarded by a bajillion desirable close-up vignettes. You did a job too, your is comely 🙂

  7. Jaylen.Camden

    This option has worked for my condo clients. It is a size sofa by day and a bed at night. All with a 20 coast double mattress air system. Sets up and tears down in minutes. I a couple other posts on here I believe about the sleeper sofa because my clients were so with it. You can the sofas and the sleep system online at a extremely reasonable cost. The sofa frames are guaranteed for life and are reasonably priced, showroom quality pieces. All my condo clients this concept.

  8. Miranda Belen H.

    I remember the water pressure I to absorb in San Francisco and can relate.No ideas for a fix, but I ran 3/4″ copper pipe for all my hot water lines (many houses are plumbed with 1/2″) so it provides enough to supply my shower head with consistently warm water.Many electric water heaters need a rate to activate, and this might be your when that is reduced below the threshold.Are you already using a shower head?

  9. Olive.Millie.Bridget

    I ordered our wooden dining chairs with seats from a catalog. They are really pretty, but not comfortable, even with cushions. I learned never to assure any chairs, upholstered furniture, or mattresses without being able to try them out first. Comfort is too important!

  10. Diego

    hello AT!love their work. am into a studio extremely soon and would a consultation with them. appears the phone # above is the one – you know how we can contact them? (I tried email – no response?0Thanks for your help! affection the website.Y

  11. Cade-Franklin-Antoine

    – Gas stove- Tub- 6 units or less in building- Laundry (at least shared coin-op)- Not on a busy car street or next to a bus stop.- Not next to a restaurant (I had an on Valencia above a restaurant – the garbage service came EVERY DAY at 5am. Earplugs did not help)- Wood floors. Carpet gives me the heebies.

  12. Deandre99

    On the armoire, you might try making it an bookshelf. the doors and drawers, and shelves inside. That removes the elements of the woodwork. (That might work with the chest of drawers as well)You could also the inside frame of the doors and replace with or frosted glass or another material that fits for your decor.If this is indeed laminate on particleboard, the best for a primer is Kilz. Kinda smelly when working with it but it does a decent job…another route are some of the rustoleum products that are “forumlated” to paint — and — on a variety of surfaces.

  13. Sebastian

    I too remember these from days gone by and wonder if there is existing harware to convert roll down to a roll up. I actually did a conversion when I was in college that worked ok but was not so pretty. I installed the roller shade at the bottom of the window affixed a cord at center around the wooden pull inside the of the shade, then ran it up through a pulley at the top of the window. The cord ran straight down the center and I secured it there under the sill on a cord wrap. If anyone knows of something more professional please let us know.

  14. Justice Reed N.

    I live alone, so this may or may not work for you depending on the amount of dishes you have.I a double sink and one side of the sink is where I the dirty dishes and the other side is where I the dish rack. The rack is enough to fit inside the sink and is able to drain into the pipe which is great. In another apartment I lived in there was no room for a dish rack so I ended up using the dishwasher as a plot to dry my dishes, it was out of though I found it a bit of a inconvenience.

  15. Van W.

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  16. Alan-Lukas-Cael

    Ana and Rucy – did you ever those necklaces when you were in junior high using magazine pages? We to extremely long strips of the magazine in an elongated triangle shape, a toothpick to a tight, roll, and a dot of glue on the underside of the tip of the triangle when we got to the extinguish to it in place. Then we would string up a whole bunch to accomplish necklaces. One industrious friend of mine made bead curtains out of them.I this is definitely something you could DIY. The trick would be in getting the pieces to be a consistent size. The elongated triangle shape we archaic for making necklace beads resulted in a shape that was thick in the center and thinned out toward the edges. The pieces on this mirror are one thickness throughout, so I a rectangle shaped of magazine would work, rolled around a thin chopstick or maybe a knitting needle?

  17. Joel.Damarion.Prince

    Rather than painting it white, what if you painted it a cozy chocolate brown? It might the feel more intimate. (Unfortunately, this would emphasize the window, which is for the space. So maybe paint the window a intentional color–brick red, perhaps?)If you did this, you would to tie in the and brown with some eye-catching, fabric on curtains hung from the top of the ledge, with hardware.These ideas may not work with the other fabric you mentioned in the room, but I adore the of making it all seem intentional and cozy.By the way–I the lamps!!

  18. Marcus-Domenic-Rocky

    Slipcovers, with spring here, can change the whole feeling and texture of the room along with the rugs. Plants, a capable sized ficus or simply simple arrangements of flowers in jars or and artsy containers, scattered here and there.Inexpensive drapey curtain, perhaps? White burlap or silky drapes with an curtain rod.Colour alone adds so much, a swath of inexpensive pillows with a spring-summer linen-look slipcover atop some rugs will liven the whole living room up.Good luck! Playpretty

  19. Clayton Marcel Kylan B.

    What about ye olde Expedit shelving unit serving as a room divider next to the kitchen, to off a bedroom in the corner by the closet? Center a desk under the window, possibly one that can as a dining table in the event of dinner guests. Also in the desk by the window in one comfy-but-not-too-huge easy chair or two if it looks it will fit easily — maybe it could work if one is an armless “slipper chair.”

  20. Tiffany Lexie Holland I.

    tallguy, sorry about that, I was talking about paneling.Also, for those of you that are voting against paneling…do you believe painting the walls a blue-grey is a idea? The rest of the house is white currently

  21. Nicole

    I went through the apartment hunting process earlier this year. I found Zillow and Craigslist to be more useful for finding owner-rented single family homes or condos than apartments. The apartment complexes spammed Craigslist posts daily and often had or unhelpful info. You also to be wary of scams on Craigslist. Zillow had less spam and better search is a useful home for ratings.The apartmenet I ultimately chose was one suggested by a friend who to live there. It always helps to inside info from someone you trust!

  22. Ashley.Nathaly

    money spent on structural items. kept the tub. respected bones of house. nicely-laid & safer hexies. neutral classic main w trends in accessories & paint. this is what to do.note that those bath windows water & mold, a niche but it provides light; may need better curtain to protect area.

  23. Alyssa-Esme

    I you can be both a bath and shower person. In the mornings or after a workout, a shower is refreshing and invigorating. But for evenings and for winding down (and particularly in winter) a hot bath is so wonderfully soothing.

  24. Isabel

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  25. Alivia1962

    I had a purple kitchen in a townhouse I owned a few years abck. The previous owners had selected the color, which was darker than a periwinkle but lighter than an eggplant. And when I moved in, my turquoise 1963 Frigidaire refrigerator really popped against the purple walls and white cabinets.

  26. Aisha-Belle

    Hire an inspector. It is worth it.Also, check under rugs, if the unit has hardwood floors. When we bought ours, the previous owners had “hidden” a plank in the floor – running the direction, a contemptible diy repair from when the unit was converted to forced air. We could tried to negotiate a lower because it will cost $500+ to the floor professionally fixed.

  27. Oliver.Grayson

    Wallpaper for a tabletop…. better known as “the tablecloth”. Exists in cleanable oilcloth varieties as well, interestingly well familiar to Slavic and Scandinavian people, and probably your grandmother as well.

  28. Dahlia.Skye

    @Telzey i a exiguous moulinex food processor that I bought in the seventies. I it on a daily basis. It does not be pleased much, but it lives in the cupboard under the sink, so its looks are not an issue. I always cook all meals from scratch and I been cooking up a storm all these years using that diminutive food processor that I bought second hand those many years ago for 10 guilders (that would be something 3 dollars), i agree with you about conventional things being better and sturdier than stuff. And we should not be expeditiously to discard anything impartial because of its looks. Results count. Same for the Nilfisk vacuum cleaner I bought then. It was and one of the most expensive at the time. A friend told me that I was crazy to so grand on a vacuum cleaner. She was buying one that was one third of the price. Well she kept doing that every two or three years. Now, almost 40 years later she must had at least 21 vacuum cleaners at a third or half the price. She could bought 10 or so Nilfisks. I, however, am collected happily vacuuming away with my Nilfisk. Not one repair needed all those years, and the same sort of quality as a Miele or Dyson still.

  29. Shane Warren Jovanni T.

    @DC Mandy My mom took a free upholstery class at the local Community College twice and was able to two chairs for the cost of the fabric and materials fee. A option if available.

  30. MilaCarmenMaren

    I bear the 4th one (Wireless Mini Multimedia Keyboard with Touchpad for Windows & Mac) and it works extremely well, and has lightup keys. The only caviot with it is that there is some key mappings that you absorb to hit multiple function keys to the output. This is also thinner than it looks; with that it is also extremely strong.

  31. Jon.1971

    @ecuadoriana I second everything you said. The clutter and mess in the bath does not bode well for keeping all that glass and tile in the future, does it? too sterile and colorless for my taste, too.

  32. Cristian Collin O.

    Victorian anything – Big, frilly and drafty.McMansions and Tract Houses – especially the considerate that acquire a Disneyland brick/stone/stucco facade and the other 3 sides are wrapped in vinyl siding and randomly placed (or no) windows.Crackerbox Condo/Apartment Complexes – You know, the ones where all the buildings exactly the same, and you can only the difference between your building and the others by the astronomical number painted on the side?”Loft” Apartments/Condos in buildings that never existed 10-15 years ago. I that faux hipster vibe.

  33. Jaycee

    kdkaboom – I Vista Premium. XP had a fax feature but Microsoft took if out of HP. (I VISTA!!). Now it seems the only to fax via computer is to a service. (I VISTA!). Oh, did I say that already?

  34. JaliyahAilaniBriley

    I second the pyrex. Target had them with blue tops $4.99 but our local store in Seattle, Fred Meyer had tops for $3.99. My only gripe, a few of the tops, while they seal, bear lost some of there snugness. Perhaps using heated drying in the dishwasher.

  35. Jonathon.Jovanny.Jaidyn

    I the restoration hardware colors throughout my apartment. I them. They are rich and light and work well with each other. (They are all soothing in that non-hospital way).

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