Backyard Green House Design

When you live in the big city, sometimes you would feel bored and stressed with a lot of activities and pollution, there is no time for you to take a rest well for resting your body and calming your mind.  Of course your body would need a refreshment so that you do other activities again. Maybe you need some vacations or having some holiday. But, the matter here is that you do not have much time to have holiday. Then, what should you do? The answer is so simple, the only thing that you should do is that by using your own home for the place of refreshment or having holiday. How is the way? Of course by designing your home design is good way. In some previous articles, we had already read about some kinds of ideas in making up your home interior design, now it is the time for taking care of your outdoor of your home by making Backyard Green House Design.

small backyard greenhousesmall backyard greenhouse

There are many ways in designing the Backyard Green House Design, and one of them is that by making a small garden so that you could have refreshment by yourself since you have only limited time. Here, you could ass some kinds of colorful flowers, including roses, lilies, orchids, jasmine and others. Beside that, adding some green plant would also resting your eyes. Beside that, pleas give some benches so that you could have leisure time and lying your body there by seeing the garden.

Green House With VegetablesGreen House with Vegetables

Beside that, you could also make a green house to plant some kinds of vegetables there. Yes, would make you have a lot of advantages here since you would make this as a refreshment way while you still could harvest the plant from this greenhouse. This would be really suitable for you who have a hobby for planting. You do need a lot of space in making this kind of green house, just have a little space and you would see a lot of green plants there.

Pots Design In The BackyardPots Design in the Backyard

Then, for having Backyard Green House Design, you could also done it in simple way, that by placing some pots with some colorful flowers there. You could place it along the path there. Actually this would be enough for that. you could build a small gazebo while you place some kinds of flowers around it. Don’t you think that it would be really nice there? Of course, yes. This would be really great view in your backyard design.

Green House With Vegetables , Backyard Green House Design In  Category
Pots Design In The Backyard , Backyard Green House Design In  Category
small backyard greenhouse , Backyard Green House Design In  Category

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  2. Moshe Derick Yehuda T.

    As usual A.T. is reading my mind. been looking at this chair along with the headboard in the same motif. Wish the headboard came in other finishes than their slightly dated chocolate. Would in a gloss white – extremely J. Adler.

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  6. Jakob Solomon Zavier B.

    I really the two ikea lamps above the bed in the above; however, I went to their website and cannot them. Can someone identify these lamps, or link to it?Thanks. David

  7. Jakob

    Having a home is something we all strive for but I cannot aid my shudder when it comes to homes with strategically placed stillebens in every corner.Those scenes, carefully together “as if” someone had happened to read an incredibly advantageous looking book and attach it on this side table, or had this collection of themed things placed over there – to me they in the of life or of the space.

  8. Misael_Cannon_Winston

    i the shade will soften the light. i a 100 watt bulb in a blue and pink paper lantern and the light is wonderfully soft and almost furry, yet enough to light the room.

  9. Rosie Z.

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  10. Quinn.Justus.Braulio

    I would the online resources to information about hiring contractors. I would then contact then in person or by phone to talk about the upcoming project. I would then more research on the contractor itself.

  11. PeytonReneReilly

    As professional designer/craftspersons, my husband and I found that most of the accepted restaurants and white tile flooring installed straight instead of diagonally (and absorb done so for decades). and white checkerboard flooring, by no means, needs to be installed on the diagonal.

  12. Lucas Q.

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  13. Josie_Selena_Shayla

    My husband and I been having this discussion. He installed a killer in-wall surround sound system, but it requires the TV to be the focal point of a wall in our living room. I been trying to figure out how to mitigate the with furniture/shelves/storage options.

  14. Alaya-Montserrat-Alannah

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  15. Dillon_Mohammed

    Oh, Also: us, how was the experience of being in the Ikea check-out line buying 30 mirrors? Was there enough stock for you to accept them all at once? Did the cashier you were crazy?

  16. Cecilia Lindsey Kaylin

    I the fact that this dwelling incorporates mid-century elements without becoming the cliche that so many American homes become. You can that the owners are confident in their and art choices, without leaning on iconic pieces as a crutch and a substitute for style. And of course, it helps to a centuries historic building as the canvas for it all!

  17. Zara

    my list includes:a deep cleaning of the houseculling through the coat closetmoving records to the living roommoving- or starting move- of computer out of bedroompainting the denmaking a list of needed furniturepicking out living room curtain fabric

  18. Aiyana-Kristina

    I the kitchen cabinets are yes the island could be improved, but its mobile so maybe the island goes away and the becomes something else?I sell white floors and they are in Japan I they everything pop and stand out in this space. They also give the illusion that the goes on on and on when wood floors would of been too directional for this space.I some of the details that the architect designed the channels in the walls to hang the art, obviously this was to them because they do a art collection. Also, the air vents are a design.I am considering going with roller shades mainly to the light out when I want and to more dust free, I can that the light comes through bummer.

  19. Cataleya_Julieta

    I am with the majority here. Its her house. You dont any say as long as its not a hoarding situation. I suggest you sit down with your mom when you first there and some boundaries for you both.As far as clutter bothering you….Stop and how lucky you are. You a mom that has not been taken away by something cancer. She is there for you to home to. my words, when that woman is gone you will miss every of her home. Every nick-nack every corrupt stitch and craft. When its all gone you want nothing more than it all back. So achieve the OCD away and being home. It wont be there forever and one day you will miss every of it.

  20. Juliet Maci Kalani M.

    ONE hint – if you are getting rid of blankets, sheets, or towels, please your local animal shelter. They constantly need these (and many, many other items). Check their website. They usually an in-kind donations wish list. (stepping off soapbox…)

  21. Aleah_Brittany_Livia

    oh, I also turn off all the lights and turn down the heat. I “recycle” my green onions by keeping the “bulbs” of green onions that I from the store and replant them in my garden.

  22. Journee_Julieta

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  23. Menachem-Irving

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  24. Karson

    all — This is Emily (the one who submitted this question…) I contacted Martha Stewart and they told me that if a source is not provided it means:1. The item is vintage or antique. 2. The item is no longer manufactured. 3. We could not locate a source for the item. 4. The source from which we purchased the item did not wish to be contacted. 5. The item is a personal possession, and the owner could not provide purchasing information. 6. The item was hand-made, and no project instructions are available.Sigh. WAH! Want that sofa!

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