Japanese Traditional House

Japanese building design is always interesting to be explored more since in each design there would be a deep value there. In the previous articles, we have learn a lot about many kinds of Japanese garden design that would make your home exterior part would be great. Then, what about exploring  Japanese Traditional House? This would be really interesting since we would know a little bit about the history of this Japanese home design. Don’t you know that actually in the Japanese traditional home design, it’s actually does not have a certain design for each rooms in the usual home design, such as dining room, living room, family room, and others because those rooms design could be functioned as those room. is it possible? of course yes, because the furniture is portable and it is stored in oshiire, a small section of the house (large closets) used for storage. In the Japanese home design, living room is called as “ima” means that it is living space and as being said before this could be used for some kinds of room design.

japan traditional housejapan traditional house

In the current picture, you could see there the  Japanese Traditional House that really looks great with its appearance from the outside. Yes, you have known that traditional Japanese home would be dominated with wooden material there, even this material also being used in some of more modern design of Japanese home design. Beside that having some plants and outside home with having some small garden design would always  being great from this traditional home.

Japanese Home Design with GardenJapanese Home Design with Garden

Then, as you could see in the current picture that the Japanese home design is always having wooden part that would make the home looks so classical there. Beside that, when you look outside of home, you would see some kinds of green plants and pond there. what a great look!. As being explained in the previous articles that having the Japanese home design would not be completed yet when it still has not the garden design.

  Japanese Interior DesignJapanese Interior Design

Now, let’s move to interior design of Japanese design. As you could see there that the home interior design looks great. With some interior accessories, you could see the classical big wallpaper would bring the value of Japanese culture looks closer there. Beside that, the hanging decoration that has Japanese character there also add the beautiful side of the room design.  So, those are some  Japanese Traditional House designs that would be great if you have it. So, what do you think about it?

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  1. NylaZuriAileen

    Hey EddieThanks for using my Artwork Cirsk #1 in your groovy design. It really does Rock! Hope to over to the party in NYC. asked all my collectors and Fans to cast a vote for the”1″ design!

  2. Braxton

    The fervor for wood’s sculptural qualities has deep roots in Chinese design. Long before contemporary furniture makers began to the natural forms of tree trunks and branches, Chinese artists had mastered the craft of designing furniture and other decorative objects from the bent forms and inherent grains of hardwoods. more—>

  3. Jose Carlton I.

    if your photos any value to you and/or if you cannot reprint them. First, the photos are not protected from sunlight by any UV plexi; second, why would you intentionally bend the photos, even a little? Seems to me you are accelerating the aging process of the paper.Sounds gimmicky to me; looks cheap.

  4. Arianna.Kyla.Simone

    job! I really how you the IKEA shelving unit to separate the living room from the office, and that the shelf is decorated from both sides!I am in with your shower curtain! Where did you it?

  5. Armani-Kamari-Rishi

    Question:I two photos that I recently got blown up to 20X30. I am having them matted and framed with identical wooden frames. I want to at least one of them above my sofa in my living room.My demand is what to with the other one. Would it be too considerable to them next to each other over the sofa. Could I one of them on the wall across from the sofa above my t.v.? Are there rules about putting a describe above the t.v. (e.g. would it be too busy?). I uploaded the photos to flickr so you should be able to them if you click on the link to my name.I also a bunch of smaller photos (5×7) in 8×10 dim frames that I want to up. Would these be dwarfed by the larger photos or is there a to compose a with the smaller and larger photos.

  6. Aidan

    Personally, I would replace the floor before replacing the countertops. Although the countertops are not exactly the color I would choose, (from the pics) they higher than the flooring. We had some really luck with floating laminate flooring in the kitchen – easy to down, not messy tiles and you can slap it on top of the vinyl if the floor can being raised slightly.

  7. Emilio D.

    I this article because I moved into my studio apartment. I am an introvert and I could not stand my last roommates. I had one since my freshman year of college. I am about to be a senior, so I it would be time. But since the passing of my dad, and a elevation of depression, it does feel to be in a alone. I to forcing myself outside. Maybe getting a pet would solve my problem. Otherwise, I living alone, I just absorb to adjust to that realization. And maybe some therapy. I feel a lot of ppl in this comment fraction need it, especially the ones fearing dying alone.

  8. Whitney Frida N.

    First off – The fireplace insert is a coal grate.These were installed around the beginning of the 20th Century as coal was then commonly for heating and more available in the cities then chop wood.If you buy the grate, tile and mantel, sell them to a re-use/vintage area fixture store as someone else is undoubtedly looking for something this to restore their conventional Victorian.And before doing any work to the firebox or facade or making major plans, a fireplace inspector/chimney sweep approach out and let you know if the fireplace really is unusable or not. Your intentions may up quite different if the fireplace actually turns out to be reparable…

  9. Rhett-Roderick

    If you children or sloppy lushes that are friends, a magic eraser is thee best and (in my opinion) only to sucessfully and assume ball point pen off of a leather couch. It does not off the colour and does not stain in the process of removing a stain. In short, it is — but this is the only time I the magic eraser. Nearly every other mess can be cleaned with eco-friendlier things.

  10. Alvaro

    David- Thanks for the and clarification for us and our clients (one had pointed this post out..which is how we found it and were curious). We really the and accurate acknowledge to our post for more information. Congrats on all of your success with your line, and perhaps when the day comes that a Velocity-Wee One appears in our lives, we will be lucky enough to furnish our nursery with your pieces. Again, thanks for the solid clarification. We too the Koi chair, and believe you taste! 🙂 Best- John from Velocity

  11. GabrielleKimberAmalia

    In my community of Friends I am noticing a lot more frugality. Most of my girlfriends taken up crafting as i and are crating Christmas Gifts from materials purchased for cheap or found on craigslist/garage sales. The one I am not noticing this trend is in fact in OUR food budget. I know that I as well as most my my friends made more of a commitment to buying local and organic. I hope others kept this trend growing too!!

  12. Cesar-Menachem

    The view!The brevity of your remarks!Seriously, really blooming and I appreciated your brief comments. The and available light are the feature; and nothing competes with that. i also your dining set, it looks vintage and fits in well.

  13. Sylvia Reina

    kinda adore the and the execution is by me….the chair is the problem. the fabric is great. the rework is a improvement, especially getting rid of the cushion and the needless upholstery curves in the front, but the scale and boxiness and angles devour it wants to in on itself (which the springs highlight). several prototypes to go, but onto something.

  14. Ella-Edith-Karla

    These all comfortable to me, however I am concerned about insulating from the coming through walls or windows in the winter. Once that jam is solved, the bed is ideal, in because the normally wasted in a bedroom is added to the living space. Sunlight is for being awake, however a window may be a for a person who is bed-ridden due to accident or illness.

  15. Donavan.Anton

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  16. JuneHolly

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  17. Edward Adin

    Oil cloth and vinyl and plastic pthalates in them and are not for kids. I ended up selling my Danish dining table and bought a marble Saarinen one instead, and for the kitchen table, I bought a glass Saarinen table (from Arbogast)–both rounded so no head injuries. I them both better because without legs underneath, you can in to eat next to your baby. Also, I went to the fabric store and bought denim and sewed a tablecloth for the wood table before I sold it. Stains always out of denim!

  18. Margaret-Irene

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  19. DarrylClark

    I recently moved to Florida. I cannot over how dirt and dust comes in from the outside even though I change my shoes when I enter. When I first moved in before any furniture, I noticed how dingy the tiles looked. I tried washing the floors but nothing helped. I finally located a professional tile restorer that was recommended to me. They did a deep cleaning then repainted all the grout with the built-in sealant. I absorb a lot of square footage and the total was $650. This included the bathrooms and closets. The tiles now who new! That and the painting of the walls which were orange and pink was the best investment I made. In to money, I am sleeping in the guest room, and will forgo buying any bedroom furniture for at least a year. Now I clean the tiles with the steamer.

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