Pop Art Bathroom Decoration

Pop art design is arising today although this pop art is actually had been arising from long previous time. As you have known that pop art is actually an art movement in Britain in 1950s.  The word “pop” from pop art was coming from “popular mass culture”from a writer called Lawrence Alloway. This movement arises from the effect of World War II where the society was full of materialism. Lawrence had ever said that “an aesthetic that isolated visual art from life and from the other arts, there emerged a new willingness to treat our whole culture as if it were art”. Until this time, some kinds of interior design had been designed by using this kind of design. One of those designs is   Pop Art Bathroom Decoration. Previously, maybe you had read a lot about interior design by using pop art decoration, such as in the living room design. Then, how about if it is placed in the bathroom? Check them out below!

bathroom pop art designbathroom pop art design

In the current picture, you could see that the bathroom is having many kinds of combination colors, including orange, yellow, white also pink color. Beside that, by having some square patten there. by mixed and matched of the colors, it makes the bathroom more colorful and cheerful. Beside that, as you could see in the current picture that the wall design is completed by having painting being hang on the wall there. Of course  this effort makes the bathroom design more complete.

bathroom pop art mural bathroom pop art mural

Then, another kind of Pop Art Bathroom Decoration , there is also bathroom pop art mural design by using a character hang on the wall design. By having this kind of decoration would make the bathroom looks more lively there. There, the color choice being used has bright color, that is yellow design.

Retro and Pop Art Bathroom Interior Design IdeaRetro and Pop Art Interior Design Idea

 Pop Art Bathroom Decoration is always playing with some kinds of colors. Many kinds of bright color could be applied there. Beside that, by having some kinds of pop art work being hang on the wall could also give great effect to the atmosphere of interior room design. Beside that, the bathroom design would also be effective there.

bathroom pop art design , Pop Art Bathroom Decoration In  Category
bathroom pop art mural , Pop Art Bathroom Decoration In  Category
Retro and Pop Art Bathroom Interior Design Idea , Pop Art Bathroom Decoration In  Category

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46 thoughts on “Pop Art Bathroom Decoration

  1. Sabrina_Tabitha

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  3. Nathalia

    Such a stylish and space, and so of life. I adore it, and it makes me want to know the person who lives there. The has “bones,” and is decorated in a contrivance that makes it feel timeless.

  4. Bradyn-Malakai-Rhys

    Beautiful! European homes always seem to such better of built in storage than we here in North America. the on a few pieces of furniture rather than a bunch of clutter.

  5. Sawyer_Deangelo_Zaire

    Forget the chairs, I want to know how you made this boy!But yes, I agree that Fiberglass chairs, maybe a bench on one side? I actually that even though the table is industrial, that using a mix of chairs would give it some oooomph rather than be too much.

  6. Evangeline-Laylah

    btw: a of my kitchen tile is on the naturalstoneoutlet.com website: under testimonials, photos, linear, caymen: my kitchen is the second photo —you can the countertop, cabinet, some pottery, and the caymen tile in a linear pattern.

  7. Ellen D.

    Tired of seeing constant Portland on every blog/message board. My boyfriend and I moved here about a year and a half ago with no jobs. We both found jobs within 1-2 months and got a reasonably-priced apartment in a away. luck? Maybe. But I feel all the Portland people spew tends toward bitterness. There are expensive places to live and cheap places to live and people will complain nonstop about all of them.

  8. Emilia.Ariel.Kaya

    We bought a similar and had some of the same issues. Most of our attention (and redecorating budget) went to the interior, so we had to be creative with the exterior until we can afford a more re-do. I would suggest repainting the front door and/or the front steps, adding some flowering potted plants, and replacing the house numbers. You could also paint the mailbox in a color that matches whatever you paint the door. We found that making a few inexpensive changes made a colossal difference!

  9. BruceKamren

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  10. Siena Thalia Emmalynn C.

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  11. Anna Liana Everleigh G.

    i there is a semantics here: when you characterize the green benefits of “rental housing” what you are actually describing is the density (apartments/townhouses vs. single-family homes on lots) of the housing than whether the occupant is an owner or renter. here in york city most homeowners are also apartment dwellers. conversely, throughout the country many single-family homes are occupied by renters.

  12. Jaxon.Adonis

    the table to a professional furniture restorer or cabinetmaker to the formica top removed and the table top restored or veneered. If you want your table to explore great, not attempt this as a DIY project as removal of plastic laminate from wood while preserving the underlying surface for veneering or refinishing is not an easy process.

  13. Dominik Paxton

    3M strips could up fabric. You could assign up a temporary curtain with these strips and when you want the privacy or not. Window film would probably works best since you can it to the shape of the glass.

  14. Misael-Carmine

    I your sensibility: the colors are warm, yet the is and uncluttered. It closely matches my decor approach. Your views and the balcony are outstanding. I regret getting a without a balcony. The stainless table really fits in with your kitchen and the office is perfect for a space. big job!

  15. Alondra Kaylie B.

    @confounded I never understood why it was so to jump out of bed in the morning and then the bed up away, because I the bed covers should be thrown in the bedding allowed to air for a while. If one is only leaving for work, and nobody is going to be during the day, there is probably no reason to it up away. So your habit is probably healthier anyway.

  16. WadeDeonJeramiah

    Your two existing bedrooms seem grossly out of proportion compared with the rest of the apartment, including the already living area. Using your options 1 or 2 both this to almost zero, besides creating unusable corridor spaces in an already over crowded apartment. I suggest you try dividing the larger bedroom, it seems in comparison with the living area, and offers the of being able to crate two sleeping areas, each with a window. Hope this helps.

  17. Aurora_Meredith

    shelving by the stove looks open, yet is protected (by glass), while shelving is far from cooking & enjoy items that tolerate traffic. people considering shelving should effectiveness here. blind cabinet & chase above are rather inefficient of space, but wall-o-pantry will inspire some remodelers.

  18. Astrid 88

    whike the chair is beautiful and looks really good, i really abhor the painted to “look” style. if you want it to leave it. its wabi sabi to let things age naturally not to purposefully “age” it. But, really, if you it then who cares what i think. lol!

  19. Carlos Jaidyn

    Thanks everyone for your input…It has been incredibly helful and clarified to me the choices I was gravitating to. While all the suggestions could work, my are:-Kagan-esque coffee tables in wood (possibly Kidney Shaped or oval shaped with pin legs)-Saarien Tulip Oval or Round Table (Color???)-Snail Table (although a bit above the budget 🙂 Possibly there is a less pricey version…A couple of points…1)Walnut Wood/Glass or white top for the table sound lovely. Metal may be to cold for this space.2)There is a width limitation due to chaise, max width that would fit into the between chaise & chair is 43″-thus some of the choises would not work due to this limitation3) admire the concept of mod pillows and adding circular shapes to the room to soften the angular furniture and complement rug circles4)Vertical blinds are being replaced, details are in the initial “Good Question” on top, underneath the photo (…The drapes for this room will be pinch pleat sheers in linen color /fabric is polyester with 1.5″ brushed metal hardware with * caps)5) Will be adding a 5 Feet Fiddle Leaf Tree in the corner between two windows in a metal square planter6)While I bask in the beauty of Noguchi & Barcelona, after seeing these tables in every other office space/ bank /retail store in Bay and Manhattan, I am craving something a bit less popular/comercialized :)Thanks again,Kira

  20. Devin-Jaquan-Darwin

    * who has that gift wrap??? seriously….I worked at a Hallmark store in college and never amassed a collection devour that.My underbed storage consists under bed bins (keep out bunnies!) of of holiday decorations that I never achieve up, clothes and accouterments for ummm….* activities, a drafing board (in a carrying bag) an portfolio with art from my college days and until recently a foldaway bed that got once.

  21. ParkerNelsonDemetrius

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  22. Max Philip

    I that you could also for a silvery greige colour for all of the wood mouldings in this room and perhaps a lighter shade of silvery greige for all of the rest of the wall space. I it would unite your room because as it is now the wood mouldings things sort of choppy.I agree with Patrick that you should the Woods wallpaper inside the mouldings. It would giant pieces of framed art and would add character to your room. I the of the saturated colour around the Woods wallpaper but I feel that it might be a bit too going on. I to that you should never paint over wood but you really limit yourself in colours that you can and the that you can if you stick to that mantra.

  23. Shiloh

    ….and movies, impromptu potluck dinners with friends, recede out driving and the holiday lights, ice skating, to the best book store in town and browse to your hearts content, volunteer at the homeless shelter, offer to cook the evening meal at the local shelter for older kids living in temporary there…these kids no plot to live and can not home…they really a meal.Make cookies and a dozen or so to six neighbors on your street…or two, but something…it always makes you feel better and light of heart!

  24. Ella Noelle M.

    Bed Bath and Beyond has a selection of rods made by Cambria that we in our LR and DR and are sturdy. The finials are optional (and extra) and some are too colonial for my taste, but they simple rounds that are too. And they approach in different finishes too.

  25. Madilyn 1980

    Does it makes sense to the rug under the sofa as some suggested? Never considered that.As for the books. I them were they are. Had built in bookshelves, had free standing bookcases, everything looked too finished.Agreed the walls lack artwork but there is honest sooo wall space…I am working on that and if this makes it through I trust the current photos will be more intimate. I should included Bedroom 1 photo with my paintings hanging on the wall.Thanks for the comments. Tough crowd (as I already knew:)Modfans comment “just nothing particularly special” concerns me..perhaps you should wait till you accept to the bottle:)I was expecting you wes…thnxAs for renting, this is the reason why I posted this year as, I likely will not renew the lease next year and felt there was a lack of SPACES this year, in fact I not seen any. Well decorated spaces, but not cold spaces. I am hoping to on something next Dec/Jan. studio which in turn is more to design.

  26. Payton Azariah S.

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  28. Peyton S.

    the stair cabinet is beautiful. Please * it then restain it in a lighter color. Painting it would be a mistake in this case I because the natural wood is and should be shown off.

  29. Parker 999

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  30. Lauren Andi F.

    Commenting on the theoretical faux pas (rather than commenting on friends homes)I am a plant lover, and with them, so the counterfeit plant thing is a “design allergie”. Others include, but are not to: – area rugs over carpet – vinyl anything (blinds, etc) if you to them, frame with fabric drapings – Ive noticed everyone (on apartment therapy) seems to be doing the “decorate with books” thing. I am over it! Piles of books on the floor, even if color coordinated, is …over. – I dont dirtyness is a construct element, so Ill skip that one, but since I 4 cats and one long-haired dog, I am looking for removal options…any suggestions? – forest green carpeting over wood. – neon */liquor signs, shot glass, * glass collections to decorate – bed/mattress on the floor – cinderblock tables and book cases – painted wicker furniture that is flaking – girlie, lacy with flowery wall paper, and lace doily-style table coverings – linoleum floors anywhere – popcorn ceilings – electronics everywhere – zero art on the walls (even stock photography of something approved is better than nothing!!!!!)

  31. Rosa

    admire this post! I will add that I consume two tension rods in each of our 4 skylights. The skylights light up an attic conversion, but beget for unbearable heat in the summer and heat loss in the winter. Skylight shade are extremely expensive and the previous owner of our house the drywall himself, so the top of the skylight opening is often over 1″ out from the bottom (and vice versa). I bought some R3 foamboard insulation, them to fit each skylight, covered the foam panel with fabric, and they remain in with a tension rod at the top and bottom. (CHEAPLY) solved!

  32. Alison.Kaylynn.Giana

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  33. Monica Jaelynn Perla

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