Wall Hanging Ideas for Living Room

It would become your choice for making your interior room for being so-so room or making it to be more lively, cheerful also more dramatic there. Many kinds of ways in making up your living room design being more interesting and one of them is by having some accessories being placed there. One of the important rooms in the living room design. why is the living room? Because it is the place where the look would be represents your personality, your spirit, also your style here. One of the ways in making the living room looks beautiful is by having  Wall Hanging Ideas for Living Room. Many kinds of hanging accessories could be placed in the living room design including photos frames, mirrors, and others. For completing some kinds of hanging design, let’s see some kinds of designs as follows:

Living Room Art Ideas with PhotographLiving Room Art Ideas with Photograph

In the first design of Wall Hanging Ideas for Living Room, you could see there that some photos frames being places there. In this simple living room design, by having the arrangement of some photos would bring the warmth of the room since there you place some of the photos of your family members so that some memories could be brought here in your living room design. the irregular arrangement would make the artistic sense in this living room since it makes the room looks so artistic also.

Living Room Art PaintLiving Room Art Paint

As we have known that nowadays, some pop art accessories and interior style being very popular, including the living room style. If you have futuristic living room design, you could also place some pop art decoration with abstract shape in the wall design that would make your plain living room becomes more lively and artistic, Besides this would also bring a lot of spirit here.As you could see in the previous picture that the wall design is having an abstract style that is matched to the futuristic living room design.

Living Room Shelving IdeasLiving Room Shelving Ideas

Mirror Design for Living RoomMirror Design for Living Room

Beside that, rather than having plain wall design in your living room, you could also place the bookshelf in your living so that it would become good completion for your living room design. In that bookshelf beside placing the books, you should also place the TV set or maybe some kinds of ornaments, dolls, or others. You could also place some small green plants there so that it would give the natural sense here.Beside that you could also place some kinds of mirror design as Wall Hanging Ideas for Living Room so that the room design look so beautiful there.

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  1. SaraRylan

    One of my “decorating” memories of college is getting together with a group of friends, commandeering the one pick-up truck that someone has and hitting all the thrift stores in town.We came up with some treasures. And when we moved, they all ended up on the street where they were picked up by someone else.You obviously to the carpeting but you could half and half with your roommate and spring for a rug to work all of your pieces around.Definitely disappear for some dramatic thrifty wall art. A toothpaste in the wall holes when you will your tracks.

  2. Roberto-ZZZ

    mermal529: I did add a disclaimer about my attitude, and I wish someone had been a “Debbie Downer” with me about transit, location, and brokers when we moved to Boston. I might been more of a “Roger Realistic” about things, looked a harder initially, and avoided the debacle of our first rental (not the 550 I reference in my first comment), which is what my Bostonland experience. Instead, I was an “Ira Ignorant” and wasted time, money, effort, goodwill, money, and effort. Forewarned is forearmed.I am LOVING, however, the to sublet while exploring locations before one commits. That would been an idea.

  3. Audrey

    the round pictures, could be amazing with a circle or square frame around it to increase his impact. I saw that there was no link for your DIY centerpiece. I did one last month, feel free to add my link if you want!

  4. Ashley Teagan Kailyn U.

    so one of my flower boxes is a re-purposed dresser drawer. however, it is no longer of the dresser and I thats a estimable thing …. esp when it comes to watering

  5. Louis N.

    For me, the office is a dwelling for work to done and so should be organized. (Like a kitchen, it can a junk drawer.) When papers/mail arrive, a decision: A, B, or C. “C” stuff will probably never need to be looked at again but cannot be thrown away. consume diminutive time on organizing it. “B” stuff needs no response but is important: insurance, health, resumes, dwelling and car purchases, etc. some time filing these so they can be found readily. “A” stuff must be answered. places where A stuff is visible and to it regularly.A messy office makes me nervous. But to each his or her own.

  6. Donovan-Gregory-Silas

    The average cost of one of our tin tile backsplashes is $96 (+$25 for shipping), considerable lower than you might expect.That includes 8 24″x 24″ panels in Antique Brushed Nickel at $12 each (finished tiles range from $7-$36 for hand painted artisan finishes). That would 16 feet of wall location in a normal size house. It is an DIY installation with nail-up panels so no installation cost.Visit us at American Tin Ceilings for more information.

  7. Hailey-Rosa

    I am really envious of this apartment. Mine is about the same size and I would never to half the things you guys done. I wish you two could to my and give it a makeover bask in they achieve in the television programs.

  8. JocelynEdithMontserrat

    Integrated appliances are not so easy to in North America. Dishwashers, yes, but integrated fridges are prohibitively expensive for a reno and not something you here at Ikea at any rate.

  9. Keyshawn R.

    Leaving aside the boom of the storage bins, I adore the wall color and the mirror is great!I you need something else on the wall next to the cabinet to it from looking bare. Something strongly vertical and with some texture to it a floor lamp, or a hanging mobile, or a few more pictures would be great.

  10. Charlie Finley S.

    extremely absorbing home. I windows. Surprisingly I also be pleased how the kitchen is situated. “We grab what we like” is a how to decorate the we live in 🙂

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