French Country Style at Home

Each country would have different culture which is represented in home room interior design. In the previous articles, you have seen that many kinds of design had been presented from many places around the world, including European, Asia, also African design.  French Country Style at Home would be great idea that could become your references in making up and designing your home interior design. Maybe, if you have felt bored with the current design, you could have this kind of calm atmosphere in your home interior design since the interior design of French country would make you feel comfort there.

french country kitchen designfrench country kitchen design

 French Country Style at Home could be applied in some kinds of rooms, including the living room, bedroom, dining room, also the kitchen design in your home interior design. In the current picture is the display of the classical kitchen of French that present you in white color domination there. Beside that, the usage of wooden material in this kitchen design makes the room looks so great there. With the additional wooden flooring design makes the kitchen looks calm and it would make you feel comfort while you are making some meals.

French Country Style Bedroom IdeasFrench Country Style Bedroom Ideas

Beside that, this kind of French country design could also be placed for making up the bedroom design. In the current picture, you could see that the bedroom design is designed in cream color with some patterns of floral designs. There, some kinds of wooden material would be used also there. Beside that, with some touch of white color is also good with this interior room design. Having some additional sunlight from the glass window design is also great look for this room design. For making it more beautiful, you should also place some flowers accessories for this bedroom design.

French room Family Room French room Family Room

For the family room design of  French Country Style at Home this French style could also also be used for the family room design. In this room design, you could choose some kinds of wooden furniture that would provide warmth of this interior design. Beside that, for making it more close relation between the interior design of this family room looks great there. With the touch of wooden flooring design makes the room looks so classical sense of this room.

french style home decorfrench style home decor

As you have seen from the previous pictures, you could make some consideration for having this kinds of designs in your home room design. Calm and classical atmosphere would always be your here. So, consider it well before choosing the interior design.

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70 thoughts on “French Country Style at Home

  1. Justice Triston U.

    This was my post so far and to finally accomplish something that has been on my list for a long time. My bathroom could always a wall washing, but I re-painted it a few weeks ago. So today, I walked around my house with a bucket of hot, soapy water, and a scrub rag. Any scuffs on the wall got some attention, dusty areas of the baseboards, food/coffee splatter in the kitchen, hand prints, etc. There was even one location where my friend and I had attempted to do handstands (some wine may been involved! haha) and I got blue on the walls from my jeans. Anywho, this feels so fresher to me now. All together it took over an hour (for ~1000 sq. ft. ). Maybe paint touch-ups can appear as a weekend project at some point 🙂

  2. Reid-99

    Heres a option. an art collector friend has this system in their and its fantastic. it allows you to adjust how you dispay your pieces. the only holes in your ways will be where you the horizontal bar. this will give you the flexibility and the option to change both change out your pieces without having to drill a fresh hole accommodate the size of the piece. i hope this is helpful.

  3. Madyson

    Susan–ignore those who themselves decorating gurus and live with what you love. I envy your tilework—also many skylights. Your color choices seem more attuned to desert landscape and lighting than the pseudo-SW trend from about 25 years ago. Methinks some self-styled critics are apprehensive of vibrant color! I would to bound through your entire house and sense the energy.

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  5. Erin Dalary W.

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  6. KaydenceAnne

    I would to say that painting the cabinets for a lighter fresher look, is a IDEA! There is nothing more inexpensive to carry out to a kitchen then to give it a coat of paint and some hardware. I would strongly recomemed that you probably paint the top and lower cabinets the same colour. Or bolder and enact a contrasting colour combo. The same range makes it appear you ran out of the paint and it will probably be bothersome. luck, and that you budge ask advice to your local hardware or paint store for the paint and process!Better yet bewitch a door off the hinge and bring it in for a free consultation

  7. Donavan.1969

    GregoryInforming a seller who apparently took the information well and did correct the is not a problem…doing it a posse, the high bidder, rules about the word antique, should not be allowed to list anything retro that is not MCM…geez…Lighten upAJ

  8. Kamryn

    The chair is by Kroehler, an American furniture company. I saw the chair recently with the tag. It probably dates to between the mid-fifties to early sixties.

  9. Melissa Jaylah Hayley

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  10. Andre

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  11. Tate-2003

    guessing kitchen had round table in bay & later addition of island left that pendant lighting a path instead. return of that would been nice, as bench is cheezy addition & triangular points accomplish not safe; points at least should been dropped to same level as bench. island also is cheezy, a few cabinets stuck together with backs exposed. unclear why matching micro was replaced with stainless when handles now are brass. extending tile beyond counter rather than tile to line up with or bolt tile to ceiling looks off. there is a lot of chopped-up visual. this is not so outdated as badly done by previous owners & needs help.

  12. Fernando.Paxton.Jordyn

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