Pink and Blue Bedroom Designs

Making a combination color in designing the interior room would be great since the room would not look so monotonous. Many kinds of colors are could be suitable for being combined, for example, for combining between black and white, white and pink, pink and blue and some other colors could be combined Here, we are going specifically to take a look at some kinds of combination color of pink and blue design. For combining some light colors would be great since the cheerfulness of the room would be really great to be seen.  Bedroom design that is always being important for taking a rest after long work day should be design in a nice way, and one of the idea is using Pink and Blue Bedroom Designs. Then, how is the design for this color combinations? Check them out below!

blue white pink bedroom modernblue white pink bedroom modern

Pink and Blue Bedroom Designs could be designed many ways. As you could see in the current picture that the color combination being used is dark blue design. There, both the wall color and flooring design are in the dark blue color, but then for making the room looks bright and beautiful, it could be combined with bright color including pink and white color. There, some part of the wall design is using white color while for some part of the furniture are using bright pink color.

Cute blue pink bedroom DesignCute blue pink bedroom Design

Having color combination between soft pink and light blue would add the calmness of the bedroom. The atmosphere would make you feel really comfort in this resting place. Along with that, this color could also be applied in the minimalist style of bedroom. In the current picture, you could see that the choice of calm colors there is helping to to have nice rest. The adding accessories of pink wallpaper design with floral pattern is making the room looks comfortable. Beside that, you could also place the carpet in the pink and blue color.

Cute Pink and Blue Bedroom Decorations IdeasCute Pink and Blue Bedroom Decorations Ideas

These two colors between pink and blue could be considered as romantic colors since so that it would be really suitable for the girls bedroom ideas. Beside that, you could also give the touch of soft pink design that would be really suitable for this room design. There, as you could see that the color combination between soft pink and light blue would be good there. There, the wallpaper is designed in floral color that would add the romantic atmosphere here.

blue white pink bedroom modern , Pink and Blue Bedroom Designs In  Category
Cute blue pink bedroom Design , Pink and Blue Bedroom Designs In  Category
Cute Pink and Blue Bedroom Decorations Ideas , Pink and Blue Bedroom Designs In  Category

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37 thoughts on “Pink and Blue Bedroom Designs

  1. London_Rylee_Hugh

    um, hello, i believe the items featured were meant to be examples of how others bear upcycled. not out and capture these things accurate now…i this post as providing inspiration to shop around your house and at items differently… maybe i am being optimisticagreed kittehcat and somedude, several of those hands would be amazingly creepy… especially covering the entire top of your dresser…

  2. Jax@88

    this is beautiful…i had a 2nd floor apartment with floor to ceiling windows this, looking out into trees. in the heart of the beach in SD too- it was magical. no building on a slope required!

  3. Stephen-999

    @citygirlsf I noticed that as well. I had to click to that was the only thing that changed. Painting the door brought out the grass, the plants, and the rest of the house. And that boy is the cutest thing ever!

  4. GiaFayeAlisha

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  5. Sadie Evalyn

    be pleased tallsarah, I need to work in my paths–if not kneeling then wheeling a wheelbarrow through–so this could be problematic, but it is cute. I am impressed with her plants–a really advertisement for raised beds!

  6. Philip-Elliott

    Yeah, I too l the long desk that lines the length of the bedroom. All of them are great. I know I loved having a nook when I was a kid where I could draw, write and the occasional homework.

  7. Jared_Roderick

    I believe these are great. As a photographer that is constantly juxtaposing images on my walls, this system beats my of spray mounting the image to gator board and cutting the outer ¼” of the backing away so the images appear to float. Sounds laborious, but when you are to wielding an x-acto it’s not that hard. For the people posting comments about their precious photos, unless you are using special glass and archival matt board and paper backings, scan your photos and frame the copies. I most of the photos from my family, and the originals are in a fire box and not on my wall.I can’t wait to accept a couple of sets of these hangers.

  8. Eduardo Jessie Savion Y.

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  9. Tobias Quinten Jax K.

    I agree with other posters. 🙂 If you the white cabinets I would honest change the wood countertops to a granite or marble option of your choosing. If you the wood countertops I would change out the muddled, earthy pink backsplash for something more crisp (either lighter or darker). The combo of the countertop and backsplash is giving me a extremely warm, country kitchen feel.If you want to experiment or bolder, I agree with one poster who replied you could paint the lowers a different color. I a grayish blue on the lowers would awesome, and switch out the backsplash for some sea glass colored subway tiles devour these

  10. LeahOphelia

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  13. Arielle Moriah C.

    From Wikipedia: “Scandinavian emerged in the 1950s in the Scandinavian countries Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland. It is a movement characterized by simplicity, minimalism and functionality….The belief that and functional everyday objects should not only be affordable to the wealthy, but to all, is a core theme in the development of modernism and functionalism. This is probably most completely realized in post-WWII Scandinavian design.”Once upon a time, Swedish was similar to French Provincial only more stripped down, with blonde woods, white and pale blue. The manifestation is modern, white and bright.

  14. Katelyn Annalise Lilia S.

    I adore this idea! People always feel more special to a reserved for them. They know they are expected, but a designated to be makes them feel wanted.I absorb always made my luggage tags out of whatever iconography or typeset art I was into at the moment.

  15. Colin Brendan Brycen

    hello all,End of week 2.0! Homework complete. It is a bedroom, so no need to list activities, right?Floor did not change, due to outlets and behemoth furniture. Our vision? To into our bedroom and smile.Shopping list: Curtain rods (1/2 the has arrived), curtains (also, 1 of two pairs complete), destroy table (check)., lamps (check.), rug (still up for suggestions), duvet (ugh…wish I could Dwell, may to for the Organic white West Elm cover), bedskirt, art for walls, lcd tv (still debating). closet doors.I acquire posted the curtain and the removal of the carpet on my flickr site. I hope to the whole carpet removed this weekend and maybe the curtains on one window.

  16. Braylon Brenton Y.

    My first was an arc lamp also–it looks it could at either of the sofa (far correct or far left).What is on the other side of the sofa (the side the photo was taken from)?Another is to earn a narrow console table and it behind the sofa on that wall between the windows.It seems the sofa could possibly be turned as well?

  17. Hadley.Emely.Holly

    My initial is a cable rod (or two, one for the flat ceiling, one for the sloped) that you can at the both walls. Then a heavy curtain fabric up with metal clips that on the cable. A expeditiously google search found a one by Umbra called the “Stream Cable Rod,” available at Bed, Bath & Beyond and Sears. It would be easy to and close, maybe noisy (?) and aside from the top of the triangle you might be able to block a majority of the light and heat…

  18. AleenaDallasAadhya

    I that some posters are shown integrated with a decorated background. I especially #3 showing those gold polka dots and greenery on the wall — to die for! My personal favorites are #s 3, 7, & 8.I your search and I might print them out! They are seasonal and Theresa, I CAN using a couple year-round!

  19. Maggie.Olive.Jaylynn

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  20. Willow_Janiyah_Irene

    expansive group of people at Trailer Park and it is really a gem in terms of finding deals. I decorated my entire living room with amish furniture and it cost me less than 2k, plus I got a bunch of funky “this and thats” that really made my house a home! Highly recommended!

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