Victorian Decorations for the Home

Victorian decoration for the home still being really famous today. The name “Victoria” comes from the Queen Victoria of England that was crowned in the year of 1837-1901. Of course this Victoria home style would represented the style in that previous era. Some of the designers said that Victorian period was an era era of ornate and excessive decoration in all things.When you heard about Victorian home interior design, of course you would think that it would be rich and expensive. Yes, maybe you would be right, but still by having this Victorian home design would provide you with very artistic and elegant side of the home design.

Victorian Decorating For Nostalgic Home DecorVictorian Decorating For Nostalgic Home Decor

There are some features of  Victorian Decorations for the Home design that you should know about that.Victorian design would have an antique atmosphere so that you should also add chandeliers, beaded lampshades, and cast iron lanterns. For having deeper feeling, use Victorian candle holders to provide dim lighting in your formal dining or living room. Yes, Victorian could also be considered into romantics interior design since it has many features that would lead to the romantic sense. In the previous picture, you could see that the rich patterns being used in this living room design provides you the elegant look there. Beside that, the additional elegant big windows provided with curtain design is really affecting the sense of this room.

Luxury Victorian Home StyleVictorian Home Style

Then, what about the accessories that could be used? Yes, Victorian decoration for home design would give you some kinds of ideas, including for having antique mirror design, wall art design, artwork, and others. Beside that, do not forget to place some natural pieces in this home interior design, for example in choosing the color of nature, also add some natural plants in the home interior design would also bright the natural sense there. Actually, Victorian interior design could be used for many kinds of rooms, including the bedroom and bathroom design. You could also see those designs below!

Victorian Gothic style bedroom decor

Victorian Gothic style bedroom decor

In the current picture, you are provided with Victorian bedroom design that had Gothic style. with the combination of purple, gold also black color, this bedroom design looks so elegant since the usage of the proportion is used in balance way. I this case, the interior room is designed in dark purple design, which also add the purple curtain design also. Then, for the flooring design is using patterned black design. This would also be good choice for designing the bedroom.

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