Tuscan Kitchen Decoration

Many kinds of modern kitchen design, such as minimalist kitchen design is arising right now because of its simplicity and very suitable for the live of modern style, but still a kitchen design with some touch of “traditional” side would still becoming the choice since this kind of kitchen design would be warmer to be felt. One of that design is Tuscan kitchen decoration, this kitchen design is having great influence of Mediterranean and the Renaissance, vineyards, farms and rustic style, also this kitchen design is becoming the warm inspiration design. The warm and classical Tuscan kitchen design would be a special welcoming atmosphere for your family even your guest. Beside that, for having this, you do not need to worry about spending much money since you just need to choose natural color, such as wooden color, cream, soft orange and other.

tuscan kitchen designTuscan kitchen design

Don’t you know that actually Tuscan is one of the cities in the Italy that is famous with its wine and it has close to the culinary history there. Actually, Tuscan kitchen decoration represents the art, family life, also the main usage of it, that is cooking. After being explained above about the choice of color, you should also consider about the accessories for making it more beautiful. Having some traditional Italian pans could also be used. Beside that, you could also have painted tiles, mosaic back splash, you could also add some artwork that would bring the Italian atmosphere here. Beside that, adding some wine, olive oil, also some breads on your table would also bring the sense there.

Old World Tuscan Kitchen DesignOld World Tuscan Kitchen Design

Beside that, after considering many things above, you should also consider about the lighting design of this Tuscan kitchen design. As you had known that lighting design would always bring the elegant look also would affect to the atmosphere of interior design. In the current picture, you could see there how great the choice of the lighting. By having a gold lighting color would bring the calm and elegant atmosphere there. Beside that, as you could see in the picture, the combination of some classic materials, including wood and stone combination is becoming very great there.

Old World Tuscan KitchenOld World Tuscan Kitchen

Beside that, for the furniture design of this Tuscan Kitchen Decoration, the usage of wooden material could be considered as a must since this is the part of making the rooms looks so natural, but still it does not forbid you for combining it with some modern design, such as having counter top, also some modern appliances in this kitchen design.

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