How to Decorate a Shelf as Storage in a Bedroom?

How to Decorate a Shelf as Storage in a Bedroom?, for you who love reading in your bedroom would always become you question, besides you would always have some kinds of books collection. Then, actually how to resolve this kind of question since your room would be mess if you do not maintain it well. For some people, bedroom is always being considered as “secret room” so that they would place what they like in this bedroom design. If you have many kinds of furniture and goods in this room design, don’t you think how is the look of your bedroom design? But, actually it would nit be a matter anymore since the important thing here is about our creativity in designing this room. Wanna see some design for making up the shelf in your bedroom?

  Bedroom Shelf Decorating StorageBedroom Shelf Decorating Storage

In the current picture, you could see that the shelf design is hanging on the wall. With simple design there, you could see how to arrange the books s that it looks really neat and simple. Actually this kind of idea could be applied whether for the wide or maybe small bedroom design. For the small bedroom design this would save the space of your room so that you could some other appliances in this room design. For making it more refresh, you could add some additional ornaments, including flowers, or small green plants on the hanging shelf. Don’t you think that this is interesting?

Beside that, you could also making a big cabinet design  for your big bedroom design. There, you should arrange some storage place in the cabinet. This storage place could also be combined with TV set place so that if you maintain it well, the room would look really neat. As you could see in the current picture that the bedroom is having wide space so that it would allow you to have big cabinet as the storage place. of course this would also answer the question of  “How to Decorate a Shelf as Storage in a Bedroom? “, right?

Interior Decorating Storage Shelves Comic Shelf

Interior Decorating Storage Shelves Comic Shelf

Bedroom storage designBedroom storage design

Then, there is also some answers for the question of “ How to Decorate a Shelf as Storage in a Bedroom? ” here. From the previous picture, we could see there that actually a simple thing could become the storage place. There, comical storage design could become the choice, this kind of storage design is suitable for the minimalist bedroom design. Beside that, for the other idea, you could place the storage place for some books of accessories of your bedroom behind the bedding design. So, what do you think?

Interior Decorating Storage Shelves Comic Shelf , How to Decorate a Shelf as Storage in a Bedroom? In  Category
Bedroom Shelf Decorating Storage , How to Decorate a Shelf as Storage in a Bedroom? In  Category
Bedroom storage design , How to Decorate a Shelf as Storage in a Bedroom? In  Category

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  2. Arya

    I appreciate both of these. Alot, actually. I canNOT imagine having a drum dwelling in an apartment. I live with a drummer, and we acquire completely soundproofed the basement for him with professional baffling and heavy doors. I can hear him/be bothered.

  3. Lailah

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  6. Allison

    when we first moved in we were sans-baby, so the beside the toilet was a to hang necklaces. finding somewhere else to hang them is on my list of things to achieve 🙂 our baby is and only starting to around independently. thanks for the reminder that i need to to that sooner than later!

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  8. ErinMikaylaRaquel

    I your and I was looking for something that, affordable…I an estimate from sibling doors NYC and it was about 6,000 dollars. It looks extremely similar to your project and I also a studio home. Please send e-mail me more details about the installation and a list of materials you used, I not understand when you replied that the tensions pole are attached to the ceiling but not to the floor?in the pictures I that tensions poles are long until the floor.. so I of confused. I will really if you can send me this information as soon as you can.thank you so much….keep going!

  9. Hunter.666

    we ordered some shelves and 2 mirrors from the Cambridge MA store. cessation to 600 dollars for a few items. Not cheap.After waiting 2 weeks for delivery, we picked up our stuff. What a disapointment. The two pieces we actually bothered to were damaged i.e. holes in them! When we called to complain, the sales people were completely unapologetic and asked us to fax a bunch of forms to them and they would “get assist to us”. Needless to say, we were quite out and insisted on simply returning the merchandise. We got a refund (although they wanted to 20%!!). What a joke.One more thing…the shelves were supposed to to the wall by a magnet system. The reality was double sided tape. Tacky.We will never shop there again.

  10. Caleb Stanley Ross L.

    I impartial moved to Island. I am surprised at how grand I am liking it. As a student the most thing to me was cost, but I feel I am really getting a lot for my money. The apartments are but the one I am in has some character inside. There are also the most astonishing views of the city that you would ever want to see.

  11. Johnathon-Orion-Luciano

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  12. Emely

    Oh my * Girl!! Your house is stunning!!! I affection the of all the audacious patterns you .. everything is blended to perfection. The pillows, the rugs, the furniture..(and i could on) but you feel my excitement!! Absolutely wonderful!!

  13. Nicolas

    This is now my accepted house tour. I am completely envious of many of their furniture finds, especially the bookshelves in the main living room. And I their philosophy with regards to owning “stuff”. Yes, it should be and special and cold and if it can be. If it is something that you need or want, why not bear it be something that makes you when you it. them, their home!

  14. Hadley_Amirah_Dalary

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  15. Kylee-1964

    I got these a couple weeks ago – the canisters for the kitchen. The grainy wood up against the slick white ceramic is a contrast. I loved them the first second I saw them and I enact with them in the kitchen.I saw similar ones at Pier One which looked really cheesy and cheap.I agree the entire line is cheesy, but these alone in the kitchen/bathroom.

  16. Zane Jorden

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  17. SummerAitana

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  19. Bobby 1969

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  23. Rocco.Kamari.Darion

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  24. Theodore 1991

    those ceilings, the kitchen cabinets and the tile work. Why are some saying to change out the oven? Is there something with it? All in all I admire the house and the fashion and am blissful to it kept in the mid century style. all the color.

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