Grey Living Room Designs

As you have known that living room is the heart of the home interior design since it is the place that is having many kinds of functions. Living room is a room for welcoming your guests and it would be your guests for assessing your personality since your interior room design would reflect your personality. Because of that, don’t you think that you should maintain the design in well design? Then, what about the color choice for your living room? Each of you would have different color choice for your living room. Maybe some of you would love for having brighter color, but some of you would also love for having darker color. Some kinds of bright color that is usually being used for living room design is having white design. Beside that, you should also could choose the darker color by having grey living room design. Grey color is always related to the neutral. Dark Grey color is having meaning for strength, but the light grey is having innocence and fragile meaning so that by having this color would soften the living room atmosphere.

Grey interior Design Ideas for Living RoomGrey interior Design Ideas for Living Room

In the grey living room designs, whether it is light or dark grey design, of course you should consider about the lighting circulation. What I mean here is about the matter of window design that would circulate the light to the room design. If you could maintain the light design in the daybreak through the window design, you could save your money for the electricity bill. Then, in designing the grey living room, you could also add some furniture or accessories that have different color or contrast color so that it would be more brighter there. Beside that, adding some flowers pot in this living room design would give the natural atmosphere in the modern look of living room.

Grey Living Room Interior DesignGrey Living Room Interior Design

living room ideas with wallpaper designliving room ideas with wallpaper design

Beside that, if you have light grey living room design, you could combine it with white color design for the furniture so that it would be great combination of those two colors. As you could see in the current picture that you could combine this living room design into your small library since you could also place some kinds of books in the cupboard there. Beside that, for making the interior design become more beautiful, you could also add some accessories including the wallpaper design that would beautify your interior room design. So, take a deep look at those designs and have it in your home.

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  1. Emilio

    These weigh approximately 5.5 pounds empty. We sell these in 3 colors while they are available (through this summer). After that, the distributor has told us they will selling the Beverage Coolers in single quantities.

  2. Marianna_Cherish

    My basement apartment window is slowly improving as the ivy grows larger and covers more of the chain link fence about 6 feet away, bordering an alley. I actually ruined the into my apartment for alley walkers by installing reflective film last winter so I can the blinds in the daytime. Another window looks onto a diminutive dwelling under the upstairs deck but has a summer of ferns.

  3. KristopherNikhil

    I what is annoying is that the cabinet blocks that window so much, and as a landlord, I would also recommend taking down that cabinet and replacing it with some shelving. the cabinet for when you fade out. It may be if you painted a neutral color. A backsplash would really the out, and the landlord may even split the cost if you offered to accomplish the installation on it. If not, you could a contact-paper backsplash that would be easy to when you moved out. excellent luck!

  4. Tyrese Ari Stephan

    Thanks for linking to my Pride and Prejudice post on Silver Surroundings! I loved the sets of the movie version as well – although I did assume that the movie Longborn was too shabby – pigs were practically running through the house. As long as the father was alive, the family was comfortably set. Your photos are – especially the Netherfield guest bedroom – drool!!!Linda

  5. Finley.Jamie.Jayden

    You can also bag these things cheap by searching “vintage barware” on eBay. I got six silver ombre glasses bask in the ones pictured here in a chrome basket for $6!!

  6. Angelo_Alonzo

    I advantage to at your again and again. So inspiration there! affection the account piece, the mirror tiles on the ceiling, and the gallery wall–and really affection how you all these different elements work together.Two questions:(1) The lace curtain in the bedroom—is that from Ikea as well, or a vintage piece?(2) And are the warehouse sales in NC that you mention to the public?

  7. JadenYahir

    I the comments. I would never know about the pillow or shower curtain I conception on purchasing in the extremely never future had it not been a response to a comment I left on someone entries. Perhaps hurtful, rude, and ignorant comments should be deleted (down with free speech! 🙂 ) as they are completely nonconstructive. However, I attain suggestions for improvement are appreciated. This competition has given me so many ideas for my current home. I am to incorporate them and the responses everyone has left me regarding my comments.

  8. Elisa

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  9. Trent_Theodore_Antony

    ordered the 10? Queen. Thanks for all the advice and feedback on the mattress everyone! Here is my link in case anyone needs a coupon for $50 off + Shipping. 🙂

  10. Sharon Ramona

    oops! sorry for the link posting! I belief the contest rules referred to solicitations and such, i fair read the text below the comment box saying “URLs will be converted to links” and this was OK.As for the rug, its from Room and Board. I assume its called the Strata Rug. Might not be sold by them anymore, I bought it a year ago.I plants! I more around the house, mostly succulents. Its surprising how easy potted houseplants can be to capture care of. No green thumb required!

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  12. Jordyn@2010

    affection the kitchen, though I examine the choice to a separate living room and study, since both of those spaces came off looking cramped, whereas if they had been combined, both could added to the other (particularly in seating possibilities). As someone who lived in a <500 sq/ft 1br apartment for 3 years, the looks distinguished smaller than I was expecting, though it was obviously made with love.

  13. Aaliyah_Paris_Jimena

    how vibrant these brackets are. We ornate Cast Iron Shelf Brackets In The UK which you could paint in any colour you like. You can our range here –

  14. Marlon

    garnet hill (* has some side tables that could replicate (if not exactly match) this fashion as well. the “monkeypod twist” table is similar to the jonathan adler table next to the rocking chair (and is a less expensive). and there are several different brightly coloured wood and wicker side tables including a few turqouise ones.

  15. Fredrick R.

    comments re: grey paint. Last summer I had my camel-back sofa reupholstered in grey velvet, which I purchased at a fabric store where all the interior designers in my town shop. Not only did I absorb a time finding many options, the staff all commented on how that was a choice, because the trendy neutral at the time was calm taupe and had been gradually from browns to taupes and greys were dwelling to be next. I absolutely my grey walls that complement my couch… but here I was thinking I was ahead of the mainstream decorators! Clearly not in the AT world. Ha.

  16. Mira-1961

    CB2 to some awesome, cheap but TV tables in incandescent colors – about $14. not certain if they them, but it would be worth a keyword search on eBay.that jupiter hotel looks amazing, but in this day of bedbug paranoia that I picked up on this site, those pillows would give me the *! All I could about would be someone propping up their bare feet on them or something worse. Then again, I seen that blacklight hotel 20/20 episode too many times!Becky

  17. Jasper

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  18. Oscar_Mitchell

    @JessMN1974 One you could change the of that fireplace is to a mantle around it painted in whatever color you are painting your trim. And/or you could add shaved stone or brick up the wall above it to add that texture and architectural interest you crave. I once lived in a blank slate, all white 2000 era condo. I incorporated my antique furnishings and location rugs to warm and soften it. Changing light fixtures can a work of contrast too! luck!

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  20. Nolan Francis Nikhil L.

    @billiesue14 We our master bedroom to house our combined craft and sewing spaces. We quite a bit of time there, so having a bathroom in that works well, and the closet is where we store the fabric and sewing things. We sleep (in one bed, mind you) in the second largest bedroom. It made more sense to employ what was labeled “The Master Bedroom” for those things, because separately, we would to the two other bedrooms to accommodate everything. Now, the littlest bedroom is a guest room and a where the overflow from the crafting/sewing dwelling goes. It works for us! And, KILLING several birds with one stone is just being efficient.

  21. Hayden Francis Irvin L.

    I several wooden crates and boxes. I them cheap(under $5 each) at flea markets and antique stores – though I seen them priced higher up to $30. I even found a crimson wooden box crate on trash day – someone was throwing away the entire box filled with decades magazines.

  22. AutumnAlexiaBelen

    There are wood conditioners that you apply to the wood first which helps it receive the stain better and evens out the color. There are also stains that more opacity which helps camouflage the grain. Most Depots/Lowes carries these products. As far as color, I would to an ebony or gray only because you already a lot of wood tones going on.

  23. Garret-911

    I didn’t really “nest” either, or at least not more than I usually did before I was pregnant. Shopping for me was such an exhausting task while pregnant that I rarely had the desire to step foot into a store. The only of furniture I bought was a crib, and I bought it online! We a dresser and bookshelf we already had, and decorated the walls with art we already owned. I received most of the essentials and a bunch of baby clothes at my baby shower. We didn’t bear the nursery done until the of my third trimester. To me, it was but mostly exhausting because of the I was in!

  24. Alison Adrianna Kenia Z.

    when i was growing up, my parents had a pop-art poster of napoleon bonapart hanging over the toilet. it the poo out of me every time i went in the room. an effective characteristic.

  25. Kendall_Ruth

    i too am decorating for the first time… and its been an off and on process. im 25 and been married 2 years and started buying “real” furniture the past year and already having some buyers remorse though 🙁 but we are laying off of adding to what we because we would to a this summer. once we that we can to the decorating! i cant wait… hopefully everything goes as planned!

  26. Rolando_Ronnie

    I would say one of two options: the mantel, dress only with Candles and fresh flowers, paint out the to a linen tone similar to the mantel stone, and shelves with the colours. OR!!! Paint/wallpaper in a bronze metallic from top to bottom! (That is risky, but could be so fun!) And that would nicely with the architectural interest of the attack space.If you in the with built ins it will that side of the room to heavy, if your goin to add storage, the bottom three feet, matched to the colour of the stone.

  27. Jacqueline.Cynthia.Nalani

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