Contemporary Tuscan Style Living Room Design

Tuscany home interior design would always be related to the Italy. As you have known that Tuscany is located in the center of Italy so that having this interior would always remind you to this wine country. Then, as you have known that interior design having some features, including warm, inviting and regal also it has very lovely atmosphere. You also have known that many kinds of room designs are located in your home, but still living room is the heart room of a home. Contemporary tuscan style living room design would be really great idea in choosing the room design. This room design is having some features that you should know so that you would have a nice design for that. For the clearer explanation, you see them as follows

Extravagant Tuscan Living RoomExtravagant Tuscan Living Room

For the first feature of  contemporary tuscan style living room design is about the color choice. as you have known that Tuscan design would be related to the rustic, having earthy tone and hues and it would really close to the nature. Some kinds of shades that you should choose including the deep reds, olive inspired greens, sunlit yellows, and terra-cotta orange. Beside that, you could choose the warm brown color that would be related to the earth. Then, in choosing the wall design color, you could consider about it since it would provide the energy and warmth. Then, if you want have lighter living room design, you should choose yellow or gold color choice.  Beside that, for having elegant atmosphere, you should choose orange, blue and green as the wall color.

Tuscan Living Room DesignTuscan Living Room Design

Then, Contemporary Tuscan living room is also popular with the texture in the design. For example, you could choose Terra-cotta that would provide the rustic feel. Beside that, the table and chair design with the wrought iron and metal detail would be elegant Beside that, it would be really great if you add some additional wooden furniture so that it would bring the warm atmosphere and bring the natural sense in your living room.

Tuscan Home Living Room DesignTuscan home living room design

Then, for the lighting design of the  contemporary tuscan style living room design, do not ever choose the modern look of the lighting design since as you have known that Tuscan is usually provide you with the look of more “old” sense and atmosphere. Then, in considering the lighting design, you should let the living room design in the calm and natural sense.

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  12. Shaun_Talan

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