Modern Houses on the Beach

Do you love spending your free time at the beach? Have you ever had some memories with the ones you love? Yes, beach is always beautiful and it is the place for reminding your memories , whether it is sad or maybe beautiful memories. Beside that, it would also becoming the nice place for spending your time with your beloved husband, wife, or your whole family members. Then, nowadays, people tend to have modern style in designing the home design since it would reflect their life style. Along with that, people could also combine their modern house with the classical sense by using classical color choice. Of course, you could design your own and your dream house in your own way. Since you love beach atmosphere, modern houses on the beach could also become your  future house where you would gather and relax with your family.

California Modern House on the BeachCalifornia Modern House on the Beach

Imagining when you are waking up in the morning and you see your outside view through your window, seeing beautiful view of the beach is really romantic and it  would also increasing your mood condition. Beside that, before having some activities outside your home, pleasing your eyes with those blue ocean and blue sky is really great. Don’t you think so? Modern houses on the beach would provide you with beautiful view in the interior and exterior side. With some minimalist or maybe futuristic furniture would add the beautiful view in your home.

Comfy Beach House Deck Area with Built in HeatersComfy Beach House Deck Area with Built in Heaters

Then, making your home outside design with the touch of wooden material for the furniture and plant pot would add the atmosphere there. Beside that, as you could see in the current picture above that the outside of home is designed for your family room design. Beside that, you could also make it as living room since you could also welcoming your guest there. Spending the time while seeing the sunset would be nice moment to be remembered and being seen here.

2 floor modern beach house2 floor modern beach house

Then, as you have known that Modern houses on the beach could always being related to the minimalist home design or futuristic home design. There, the sharp shape of the home design is really reflected the modern home design. Beside that, choosing neutral color or bright color usually being chosen since it is the feature of the modern house. Beside that, in designing the modern home on the beach, you should choose the bright lighting design by adding the big glass of window design. So, are you interested in this kind of design?

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89 thoughts on “Modern Houses on the Beach

  1. Jordan-Clare

    adore the area and the neighborhood! I live in Andersonville as well and so many of the places that they mention are local shops. I personally admire Scout! I am jealous of all of the area that you guys have!

  2. Garrett_Ronald

    This would only work for my cat if the cushion was coated in a considerable adhesive. My cat likes nothing better than to send garbled messages via my IM, or to confound my password protect by typing in a 300 character word over and over.

  3. Shawn Seamus T.

    calm interior. i even the brown leather couch. it adds something to the space. everything else is so light. it breaks it up a little. also, SO to another house with the master bedroom fair off the dining room/kitchen area. we gave our daughter the master bedroom of our house, and we moved into the addition , which is off the dining room. house twins!~

  4. KalebWaylon

    How about finding a contract that you can specify a silver leather on?Poltrona Frau – crazy expensive … but definitely a luxury! David Edward, Texstyle, or American Leather are all options … although none of these would be in the budget category either.You could always a vintage allotment and reupholster – Spinneybeck and Edelman both stock metallic leathers.Or as a to your leather couch, maybe a metallic, patterned chair would be a compliment … a cheaper option to leather.

  5. Lucian-Keanu

    I the choice of using the term “compressed air” as apposed to “canned air”. Any environmental concerns aside those “canned air” products are far from cost effective. Especially when a shopvac that will */* can be had for under $35 and is for potentially infinite uses. Or a air compressor can be purchased for under $25. Two 3 packs of the “canned air” products are around $24, so the cost savings will be noticed relatively quickly.

  6. Rowan Conor Hamza

    I am loving this house redesign. I acquire a similar (prior to their renovation) house and absorb always wanted to add a extremely addition. My husband has not shared my vision. I showed him this and he was impressed. Hopefully we can now something similar.

  7. JackGarret

    Barca is the most city to on your own… we went there on our honeymoon and wandered around the Bari Gotic for hours and hours. *sigh* I can smell the jamon and bouquerones apt now!

  8. AlaiaEmmie

    I the colors in the bathroom (what a floor!), but the shower freaks me out. I experienced a couple of those while on a to Europe and it was soooo not enjoyable.

  9. Cody Jared Braydon

    I second the out for Ruff and Ready. I got 4 similar (but slightly mismatched) dining room chairs and a length mirror there for about $100. It was a deal and the guys that worked there were in helping me track down the chairs in all the chaos.It is totally overwhelming, but cheaper (and more fun) than some of the other vintage furniture places in the home Miss Pixies.I also gotten deals on a vintage patio and a mid-century dresser at the Eastern market Flea, but I live there and both took a few weeks of browsing to find.

  10. Amaya

    I a clean desk with only the essentials at hand: pens, post-its, and my grade school lunchbox that contains all the stuff I need for my laptop. I can tolerate a messy desk as long as everything on it has to with one project.

  11. Maci

    Wow, what a astonishing to have!I the to your depends a lot on the fashion of the rest of your home, especially the furniture in that room. Are you doing current with elegant lines? Then maybe a of artwork in that with large, striking sconces that allow light to shine both up and down. Are you classic and traditional? Then a big, classy mirror with a simple frame, built-in book shelves on the sides would examine really good. Or maybe a couple rolls of extremely luxurious, bewitching wallpaper and removable panels for the sides.I agree with the other person who mentioned the black marble is a bit jarring compared to the wall colors, so whatever artwork (or wallpaper panels) you for deeper, rich colors that will allow that dark to sort of blend in more overall.

  12. JasonJovanKeyshawn

    they the birds at their peril. nature will them that she cannot be fooled. those birds. ditto what hollie said–they want to nature, then it. entire bird species are dying off at rates, and migratory birds are in everywhere. someone needs to sit down with those homeowners and educate them. tragic. really tragic.

  13. Abel1997

    i second that– i went to a west elm store a few weeks back, and was frankly apprehensive at the pier 1/ too mash-up that was before my eyes. everything seeme ultra cheap, and i shop at ikea.

  14. AdriannaRoyal

    An uniquely well orchestrated clever and tasteful understatement of color. Simplicity, warmth and charm coalesce into a warm, comfortable, and practical environment. Provides evidence of the axiom that sometimes less is more.

  15. Penny Arely N.

    @perfuseit hi! i assume it came out to about 9k for all the materials– tile, fixtures, glass screen, marble, sink, toilet, reglazing, medicine cabinet, light fixture etc. our contractor covered grout/building materials. the expenses were the lefroy brooks fixtures and the glass screen. everything else was reasonable.

  16. Ali Alonzo N.

    @swieland The point of this is that the owner did not alter her furniture. She the wall to beget the hutch in. If they to another then the can with them undamaged.The wall can be repaired with plaster and paint.

  17. Scarlett

    I ‘m logistic supervisor and we deal with ordering and issuing parts to mechanics, I would not be able to work from home. that sounds but not clear how well that will go. certain I would most of my days in lounge wear, and won’t commence the day until 10 am but I feel I could easily the computer side done in a timely manner and * without people contently going into my office to chat or me side track with other projects I might even be more productive!

  18. ReeceKane

    This is what I did to my bath with a nearly identical layout. Shower-tub: upgrade the shower head and faucets, store shower squeegee, replace the shower doors with a transparent vinyl curtain, without a mat by drying before leaving tub. Vanity: upgrade to full-spectrum light bulbs, upgrade the faucets, the pulls. Toilet: hang Elfa white metal wall shelving over the tank for two white storage boxes containing toiletries and folded white towels, white lidded wastepaper basket in the corner, white toilet brush in its holder between vanity and toilet. Shell: paint the walls and ceiling white, hang white hooks and hook racks. To be done: paint the light fixture, vanity, and medicine cabinet, upgrade the electrical system to add receptacles and lights dimmer.

  19. Theodore Triston B.

    This is the sort of discovery that can you crazy if you already concept of it and did nothing! I mounted broad pieces of broken mirrow against a wall where a variated vine with berrys that change with season from green to fuscia to deep blue (name unknown!), and it made the wall and the vine contemplate considerable deeper. Also, I think, gives more light and thus vigor to the vines.

  20. Cedric

    “In light of the residential housing market and slowing commercial construction and projects, redesign and rehabilitation rather than current construction in both the commercial and residential sectors is likely to receive renewed focus. In blending economy with performance, interior designers will need to on creative solutions and cost-effective ways to meet clients’ goals in these absorbing economic times,” replied ASID Executive Director Michael Alin.And hyperlink this release –

  21. Gage.Amir

    Can I ask a completely objective, non-judgmental question?Is there honestly a astronomical market out there for $470 trash bins? Seeing as how there are a couple reviews on the product, there must be….but still…

  22. Mariana Heidi Iliana G.

    I this idea. I that legendary child. At 22 months he started napping in the bed. Two weeks later he got a and when he woke at night he wanted Daddy to assign him in the bed and lie with him. He slept through the night. And the next night. The lining down with him seems to be the golden ticked, though he does not need it at bedtime. A month later he has gotten up in the middle of the night once to advance into our bed. Mostly he has not realized that he can climb out at night, though he happily does it in the morning. The sleep fairy is being advantageous to me now and I thank her, but I know things will change and that none of this is because I am a parent, a lucky one.

  23. Jacqueline_Carter

    I respectfully disagree that only one side should be painted. i you should paint both sides a tone that matches the general fashion of the house. i know you the kitchen is a light gray, but what is the decor of your house? i.e. if you live by the coastline you could a england feel and a navy blue or even a lighter shade of blue. if you live in a city and want to with something more metropolitan and classical i actually really vertical dark and white stripes (maybe 5 width). if solid color for the whole stairwell or the stripes are too much, you might installing simple paneling from the stair to the railing and only painting above the paneling. i assume with some wall decor, mirror, pictures etc, nothing is too overwhelming for the space, but some light in there!

  24. Deon-Darwin

    muchness w/ ! you could add a green rope light on top of the cabinets, if possible, or a green bulb somewhere, and green light at night (i a green rope light wrapped around my computer monitor stand, it feels good).

  25. Myla Meredith Lindsey O.

    I when some people hear the word “analyze”, they of Star Trek-esque technology that will outcomes faster than a human can possibly think. I doubt the clock has this ability to this properly.A baby crying is a of communication that is as modern as the baby who is doing the crying. Humans the ability to their cries by listening and observing. I agree wholeheartedly with the mental checklist.

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