Pop Art Bedroom Design

Pop art design for the interior design have been famous today. Then, do you know where pop art design comes? Actually pop art is an art movement in Britain in the year of 1950s. Then, United States was also following this movement. The word “pop” from pop art was coming from “popular mass culture”from a writer called Lawrence Alloway. This movement arises from the effect of World War II where the society was full of materialism. Lawrence had ever said that “an aesthetic that isolated visual art from life and from the other arts, there emerged a new willingness to treat our whole culture as if it were art”. Since that time, innovative ideas were developed including fine arts, fashion design, also home furniture. Of course, nowadays, this pop art have been more developed in the interior design, including in the living room, family room, also pop art bedroom design that is really great.

Pop Art Bedroom Design IdeaPop Art Bedroom Design Idea

By having pop art bedroom design, it could become the ideal strategy to give some colors to the old contemporary design or maybe just plain minimalist design. Beside that, it could be fitted to the retro interior design. Don’t you think that it is great design since it could be fitted to the various interior designs? Of course all of you would have certain idol including singers, actors, actress, or other important persons. By having these persons’ pictures on your bedroom wall would become the easiest way for making it. In this case, you could make a contrast color for the wallpaper from the bedroom interior design

Pop Art Bedroom Design with Actor PicturePop Art Bedroom Design with Actor Picture

This picture is designed by Pop Artist Nelson De La Nuez idea. With some touch of many colors in the wallpaper would improve the sense and atmosphere of your bedroom design that would becoming more attractive and cheerful. Beside that, the shape being used in this bedroom design is also different so that by having these combinations would really give some effects there.

Pop Art Bedroom Design Idea Yellow WallPop Art Bedroom Design Idea Yellow Wall

In designing the pop art bedroom design, you could also consider your hobby or interest including your hobby for reading or making some poems. In this case, you could make it as the base for making pop art design in your bedroom You could write them down on your wall design. For giving the perfect sense, you could choose some kinds of pop art furniture so that they would be matched each other.

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  1. Samuel Bryson Shaun

    Jesus, some of these responses are a bit intense.We absorb one kid and a mix of ikea and vintage pieces. We advise our daughter to care of things and be careful, but things happen. Nothing in our house is so precious that I would compromise comfort for everyone in the home.

  2. Ahmed

    NOT anything from this company. I ordered blinds from them and had one of my worst experiences ever buying something online. They also customer service. I wish I had read all these comments before I ordered from them.

  3. Abdullah

    At the of 2013 I had a useless counter ripped out and a cabinet built. It now stores our microwave, toaster oven, toaster, many appliances we seldom use, crock pots (3), pots and pans, cookie sheets, other less often baking supplies, AND it has a cleaning closet built in, also stores our toilet paper and things that never before had a home. From a of counter that we almost never its become a major of the kitchen!

  4. AhmadAlexandro

    oh my goodness, I knew I would this when I saw those coloured plates in the glass fronted cupboard, I the pantry, the skylight drool, the aesthetic Millys Kitchen sigh…. the kitchen, so distinguished to see. I would to live there, apart from the fact that it would be too in Scotland to swap for my sunny Australia Queensland! Thank you so I acquire lots of inspiration.PS how it is a and I can imagine your family life happening here. Not staged and unwelcoming.

  5. Cassandra Adele Lina K.

    I moved into a studio apartment with the same initial intentions of building a dividing wall, or hang some canvas at the foot of my bed. Having different apartment priorities; setting up my kitchen and living room, the wall was forgotten. Having my bedroom on to my house guests as forced me to my “bedroom” made and tidy. Now only if i could my 15ft walls, my area would be complete….

  6. Leslie

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  7. Pearl

    My advice is to crawl for the tallest best quality cabinet/bookcase that you can find. it catty-corner in the least corner. Voila. Instant storage and style. Another option is to multiples of the same cabinet and them along one wall and it as one long credenza.

  8. Karson

    @Mel V. I the reaction is not really to this one article but the barrage of media delight in this we encounter everyday. This is especially for women who a an endless list of must be/must haves presented to them. However I attain agree that the best to combat the is to a area in yourself where you can or leave advice without taking it too personally. after reading this article you can maybe be inspired to a plant or you can honest be nah, not for me and on.

  9. Megan

    I EVERYTHING with marker and color-coded stickers for each room. First thing we at the house is matching stickers on each door frame so friends will know where stuff belongs.We (or I, at least) always the entire first day cleaning the house from top to bottom, sterilizing everything possible.About a week before the we pack up all the kitchenware (including dishes and glasses) and a package of paper plates and cups. On captivating day, they crawl with us in the first along with the * and boombox.I pack a “first night” box with bathing supplies, towels and clothes.As a side note, we a tradition of ordering chinese takeout and sleeping on the floor in the living room on our first night in a place. It feels camping! Then we wake up the next morning and play SEGA Genesis for a while before starting to unpack. hahaha

  10. Saige L.

    “Your operation is going to * in a website.”Wow, JMC, please let me you a drink and search your soul to out where all that came from.These are all suggestions and the accessibility of a few of them is extremely enticing. Going to check them all out and post one tomorrow….

  11. Jenna Aliya Ciara X.

    My two daughters are in their twenties. I been able to give them simple sturdy pieces that my father made. Turned wooden stools, a coffee table, a plant stand for example. I they will them … they are unique.

  12. Benjamin.Chance

    A studio apartment is one thing; a studio apartment with a spiral staircase leading up to a loft bedroom is something else entirely. Having your bed separate from your living makes all the difference.

  13. Miriam Charlee Kali

    Bedding is so transitory – Are you going to repaint the walls every time you a duvet???Choose your windowcoverings/fabric first, then paint the walls in the color you want to coordinate – and lastly bedding that will coordinate with all of the above.

  14. Santiago-Jovani

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  15. TravisQuinten

    Marm–where are the pics of your living room?The connection goes to your blog…can you give me a link to the flickr photos? Then I can leave comments there for you.

  16. Lilliana

    @dabneym The television market believes that only 20-something women decorate or money on furnishings and remodels. The shows are geared toward them, instead of the people that actually a lot of money on these things. As a designer, my clients are all over 45, taste, and lots of money.

  17. Ruben.Allan

    Shukaide, I NOT feel that ANYTHING you was constructive at ALL, merely a night rant that was to build others feel insignificant and YOU to feel superior.There was NO need to snarky over a PERFECTLY nice, edifying posting of comments. Congrats to ALL the websites and the artists that were showcased in this post.

  18. Patrick

    Because your chocolate leather couch already gives off a somewhat imposing “therapist” vibe, I would with something softer and more “cozy” for clients who need to feel more at home.I really the Ikea Ektorp chairs, and would suggest you grab one in a print (if available). Here are a couple links I grabbed:

  19. Ricky_Brooks

    not every room needs to be furnished w 100% mcm or painted in trendy colour. hanging drapes outside window does window larger. size rug does zone. lamps in three places are a a/t thing & here they are. not every pre-owned item needs a paint job. can mix colours & patterns w similar values. sofa (bed?) & rug can bump into room for desk/craft table as cashflow happens.this is furnished for & winter: drinks & pbs miniseries & games & knitting & pets. in time.

  20. GunnarJefferson

    in Belgium, when you a house, you need an electrical inspection. They will you what needs to be updated or changed. And it needs to be re-checked. I bought a 19th century house in Brussels, 5 levels, and had the electricity completely redone (the wiring was into the brick walls). I also on a roof. It was a row house, single glazing, no insulation, and it was warmer than my 1968 villa, the most double glazing, insulation, etc. In this house, I had the electricity completely redone too. I now risks! In my house, no straight wall, no straight floor 🙂 But I loved it. 3,67m ceilings. Fabulous! One working chimney with a wood stove. I so regret selling this house. I found cement tiles under 2 layers of linoleum and sticky glue in the kitchen/dining room. The corridor had a mosaic floor. Stained glass, beveled glass, etched glass, marble chimneys, moulded ceilings, so beautiful… with a wooden structure (in stead of the concrete I now) WiFi goes everywhere, 5 floors up! Here it barely gets out of the cellar. give me an house anytime. With electricity.

  21. Alexis

    The “before” version may not be chic or curated but it is how a lot of people live and I it to the “after” version. I he could bought a larger rug for the living room and described the couch as “shabby chic” for change.

  22. Emiliano 1994

    Does this “light and airy” partly because there is no rug in one space? I absorb a similar floorplan in my condo, one room with kitchen, dining dwelling and living space. I 3 rugs separating the dining area, living and media/books area. Should I out all the rugs and the hardwood this space? Will that the room bigger and contribute to the “light and airy” feel?

  23. Quentin_Jamison

    I know it may not be ideal, but you can probably do this the cheapest by buying an armoire from a thrift store or Ikea and getting exactly what you want look-wise using paint, mirrors, and crown/base molding or chair rails and ceiling medallions from area Depot or any other major hardware store.Ikea also has these ornate boudoir-style mirrors with plastic edges that you can cut/paint however you like.Woodworking also has a lot of options. I know it may be more of a time effort, but arrangement less cash.

  24. Itzel-Aubrielle-Lillianna

    appealing to a dorm is the first step on our * life, and therefore the decisions we are important. We can our room cozy and environmental conscious at the same time, here there are a few ideas in greening a dorm room:

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