Men Bedroom Design Ideas

Each person would have certain thing that they would save for themselves and of course they need a place to save it. Generally, people would save their private thing in the bedroom since it is the most safe place for them. Yeah, as you have known from some sources that bedroom is not only merely about the place for sleep, but it is also a place for relax your mind and body after long work days. Beside that, as being stated before that it is a place to save a secret. Because of that matter, you could not deny that this room is very important for you so that considering the nice design for this room is also important. This matter is about all people, not only about woman but also about men. In the previous articles, we have talked much about woman’s bedroom designs, now let’s talk about men bedroom design ideas that would be good choice for you.

Calm Men Bedroom DesignCalm Men Bedroom Design

From the previous picture, maybe we could think that men bedroom design idea is much simpler than woman’s deign idea. Yes, maybe it is right since men always love doing some work in a simple and practical way. In the picture, you could also see the color choice that is used. in this picture, the bedroom design is only designed by simple bedding design, simple bookshelf, also simple design of carpet. This bedroom design looks so classical with the soft brown color and it is suitable for having nice rest.

Blue Bedroom design IdeaBlue Bedroom design Idea

In this picture, the bedroom design is having brighter color and it might be suitable for the young boy. this room design is completed with  combination color of white and blue that is matched each other. The room design is dominated with blue color, while the furniture is dominated with the white color. This makes the room design feel comfort  and cheerful for a young boy.

ideas for boys bedroomsideas for boys bedrooms

Mens Bedroom IdeasMens Bedroom Ideas

Each person would have different style in choosing the decoration or the furniture being placed in the men bedroom design idea. As young boy, most of them would love to place some posters of the movie’s character in their room, although actually it is not limited to the young boy since sometimes adult person still love for having that kind of stuff. Beside that, there is also a darker interior design that is matched to the minimalist design.

Mens Bedroom Ideas , Men Bedroom Design Ideas In  Category
ideas for boys bedrooms , Men Bedroom Design Ideas In  Category
Blue Bedroom design Idea , Men Bedroom Design Ideas In  Category
Calm Men Bedroom Design , Men Bedroom Design Ideas In  Category

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  1. EmiliaPaloma

    job! The house looks beautiful. Although, call me crazy, but I would kept the kitchen sink/stove and incorporated them into the remodel. Call me crazy, but I vintage. I am currently in the process of remodeling an aged 1915 that looked a lot your BEFORE photos. Only the prior owners ruined the kitchen and threw out the fresh sink and stove. 🙁 Oh well.

  2. Isabel-Ashlynn

    We a queen size case bed that we love. It is extermely sturdy and heavy. One we had with our is that the grooves on the bottom of the steel legged version damaged our hardwood floors. Unless you carpeting, I would recommend purchasing some plastic floor protectors with this bed.

  3. Madyson

    I disagree, this is all to when considering to SF!! I your planning skills and I effect hope you there! I lived in SF for almost 6 years myself and the neighborhood you call can really or break you! Hayes Valley is a great area, but be prepared to pay for it appreciate any other of the city. You could also into * Hill for localized living and beautiful studios, Upper Haight is also great, North Beach! BEWARE of the “helping” hands of metro rent and citi apartments, you pay more and they only you with their rental properties which makes the prices sky rocket! Shop around…A LOT. No one has really addressed the of costs….I agree this will change in the upward direction, but be prepared for a “nice” studio to be around $1,200 + and 1 bdrms are going to be almost $2,000 in the neighborhoods that been suggested. If you can handle a grime, some areas of the mission and tender-* are do-able, but KNOW the area. You over one block and the world shifts. Also, NOT second hand shop for furniture….can you say bed bug land (also the Marina/cow hollow is infested with these boogers)!! luck!

  4. Camron

    After an sublet experience, my sister sublet her apartment the next time and specified that a weekly cleaning lady that she uses would be paid for by the subletter and would be coming in to each week. That her cleaning lady could care for plants, check on the apartment and if she saw any problems it to my sister and/or the landlord. Also she came to a desirable apartment.

  5. Kade Simeon

    Perhaps it may work for some people, but my baby girl is totally of the vacuum. She runs and hides whenever we accept it out. Personally, I believe the furminator is amazing. The dog loves it, it reduces pet hair on furniture and the floor by between 75-90% in my experience and it costs less than a Dyson plus the attachment.

  6. Sloane_Elsie_Baylee

    @heidizag well it certainly sounds you are doing the things. The next step may be a soil test kit for and a moisture probe as mentioned by others upthread. Personally I not to apart roots, unless they are extremely matted and even then I will it apart a dinky at the bottom but not really at the sides. Plants harmed and to release hormones for healing so you want to you are gentle with transplanting unless the instructions say otherwise. luck!

  7. Kieran-Messiah

    I “Modern Comfy” is a edifying description. I it shows some examples of what Ikea was meant to be: taste/low price. I can only imagine the young couple has already splurged everything they acquire into the money pit of gutting and rehab. I devour that they some quality items the Wegner chair and the bed. It upgrades the Ikea.Since this is written by a “trial applicant”, I would comment on the writing that I found it and concise, bask in the apartment itself, which is nice, given the space. I would be to how she would describe something “over the top” if she had the chance.

  8. Mckenzie.777

    Oooh… I the linoleum! it.Our house is entirely hardwood. We an rug in the living room for playtime, but the bedrooms are rug-free. No problems. I know some people the feel of carpet, but it’s not necessary.And I don’t understand the dog * comment. We acquire a dog… I don’t know why he would * on linoleum.

  9. Genevieve Addilynn

    Although a idea, I this is a dichotomy. What about Islamic or Asian garden style? They are extremely different from either French of English, and historical styles.

  10. Quinton Xzavier Sterling

    @Turquoise, thanks so much, I looked on ebay and man are they expensive. Guess I will to what you did and restore one myself :DIncidentally I had my foray into Kelly Green-world with this green and motif:

  11. Kaliyah_Rosie_Marianna

    My Dad has a garden his house for growing vegetables, tomatoes, zucchini, squash, etc. He uses coffee grounds and the remains of fish he gets at the grocery.This may sound but he works the fish heads into the dirt in his garden. 3 feet x 30 feet. His tomato plants grow as or taller than me in a matter of weeks and I am almost 6 feet tall. I tried it at as well and it works.There is no smell either!

  12. Brady

    for every day ease, we cook up ground turkey with a chopped onion and herbs and spices (which vary every time, but oregano, thyme, savory, marjoram, some chili powder) and freeze it in ziplock bags. From there it goes in everything from spaghetti sauce, with greens over rice, or on salads. I always found the protein was the longest of prepping a meal, so this is my approved short carve for busy nights and I conventional it since college.After that soup – chicken, carrot with white bean, squash, or beef/barley. Growing up my mom to compose frozen dinners out of the Thanksgiving left-overs and stuffing freezes well.

  13. Bryce_Scott_Porter

    @rubyr point, but one correction, that is the average effect throughout most of the bay area. It would bewitch a lot longer than 1 1/2 hours commute to a reasonable priced in an okish neighborhood. No dwelling on the peninsula and you to quite a bit inland, past Livermore before prices really fall.

  14. Conner Mateo Salvatore

    This is beautiful…I the stencil on the doors! I remember your honeycomb cabinet from last year and that was as well! The details you add to these pieces me smile 🙂

  15. Annie Wren Tori

    Paint/stain the nightstands to match the headboard.Then introduce a basket weave or something with texture to them. Either on top or on the drawer faces. Something grass cloth wall covering would work too.This, with your paint color, will give your room an island vibe.

  16. Carmen Francesca D.

    Well it depends on how light you want to let in and if you want translucent or opaque. samples! But with solar shades at night people will be able to eye in because the light on the inside will be greater than the light on the outside. Otherwise, these are the best bargain for opaque cellular shades I found:

  17. Summer 696

    @wordgrl Heck yeah, bibliophiles! What you on top are some lights I installed. When you the Billy bookshelves (and/or the extension units) it comes with L-brackets with which to the unit to the wall. Since you live in a where earthquakes are a concern, you might want to bolster the unit with a few more, heavier-duty brackets.

  18. SophiaAngieAislinn

    I grew up listening to vinyl. I remember the needle and crackly sound from broken-down out albums. Even from fresh albums. I none of that from CDs or even high quality digital files. I no desire ever going to vinyl. I do, however, analog amplifiers. Those seem to add a bit of warmth that digital amps are lacking- with instrument amplification.For photography, some B&W film and color film images, but digital is so easier and is always improving. Digital not only changes the you develop, but the you shoot- you can shoot to your hearts and then edit in camera or computer. You no longer to a bunch of film to and your best shots. I had to learn a to shoot, but one that awards you with higher quality pictures.

  19. Braedon Earl

    If you google canvas wardrobe storage you will many places offering a wheeled canvas wardrobe closet thing. This could be ideal if you the room and need to hang your clothes. Some acquire a variety of options for storage. You will these are either or disgusting depending on your sensibilities. I could them fitting in a fresh decor or a vintage shabby chic type of approach.

  20. Danny-Kole

    aj this is for you “and coveting things is okay?” I agree with the of collecting letters together and slowly, as his collection grows, add in your letter. I believe it is a of establishing yourselves as a couple. fun “living in sin” 🙂

  21. Jorden 99

    It will be celebration time if they to sell goods through their website!I remember visiting one of their Tokyo stores in 1996 and falling in with the combination of simple store fixtures (concrete, shelving) and understated goods.I hope I can my Muji notebook from then…

  22. Henry

    Yep – rid of the granny sofa and maintain the chair & loveseat, and getting a second chair – either a match to the chair you or a vintage coast chair to balance out the space.You also need tables, table lamps and a coffee table more than you need a rug.

  23. Ramiro Dario U.

    I know this is late, but collected wanted to comment. I wanted congratulate you on your apartment! I the spare furnishings, the well chosen furniture and the tension created between the Victorian detailing and furniture.I wish you luck in your kitchen remodel attempts. I hope you were able to accomplish your plans for the patio. My allotment would the fourth slide. To me, it demonstrates exactly what you out to do: natural elements with simplicity. This will be one thing I will copy at my home.

  24. Isai-1966

    So blissful i did (most of) this! Omgosh. My together was so amaxing Saturday. My friends and I laughed, cried, prayed, ate. It was one for the history books for sure. So i invited them to my

  25. Stephen33

    Too furniture for that room. one dresser in another dwelling or at the least, a for it inside the closet when you renovate. As far as lamps etc…with all the furniture you currently have, I would suggest wall mounted lamps next to the bed for reading/extra light. Additional nightstands will crowd the room further.

  26. Elvin@1993

    So beautiful! I too would to behold it at a different time BUT I also seeing it at the “autumn” of the day, with the lamps and shadows.Also the and floor lamp and the art next to the TV.

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