Hollywood House Interior Design

Around the world, there are many kinds of house interior design as you have learned before. Between the Asian, European or African interior design, there would be some features that makes them very unique. In the previous articles, some features of home interior design had been explained. For example, Victorian interior design that is always identical to the classical, calm, also luxurious atmosphere. Beside that, the history of the Victorian era is closely related to this interior design. Beside that, you have also learned about some Asian interior design, such as Japanese interior design is closely related to the value and culture of Japanese people. Then, as you have known that nowadays, in the recent days, many kinds of lifestyle is identical to the Hollywood style and it is also happening to the home design that imitates the Hollywood house interior design. This Hollywood House Interior Design might be identical to the lifestyle of the Hollywood star that becomes the favorite this time.

Hollywood Bedroom DesignHollywood Bedroom Design

As you could see in the previous picture that the bedroom design in the Hollywood house interior design is representing the elegant look and luxurious design. As you could see that the combination of the modern and classical design is clearly seen there. In the picture, you could see the nice combination color between light green and classical white that makes it comfortable for taking rest.

Hollywood Living Room DesignHollywood Living Room Design

In this living room design, you could see that the great design could be seen in the combination of the brown and brighter color, that is white color combination design. As you have known that living room design is always very important since it is the place for welcoming your precious guests. Then, here you could see that the interior is designed with some interesting furniture and it has nice lighting there.Beside that, adding luxurious carpet would make this room feel nicer and comfortable.

Lobby Design of Hollywood HouseLobby Design of Hollywood House

Family Room Interior DesignFamily Room Interior Design

Then, let’s move to the family room in the Hollywood house interior design. You could not deny the importance of the family room since it would be great place for spending the precious moment with your family. In this room design, you design the room with the touch of wide glass window that would allow you to have great look of the exterior design. Actually, by having some references of home interior design, it would add your knowledge and it is not merely about the lifestyle, but also about the comfortable house where you would spend your time there.

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