Eye-Catching Japanese Curtains Design

Of course you have read a lot of information and articles about Japanese interior design. Japanese interior design is always being related to the wooden material and bamboo decoration since it  would provide you with the classical look of the interior design. Then, as you have known that there are some kinds of thing that would becoming your appliances in designing the Japanese interior design. In the interior design, there would be  windows and door design there since door is the entry way for you and window is providing you with the air circulation that makes you fell refresh in your home. Then, sometimes, you door and window are needed to be beautified  with the decoration and the best decoration of window is by adding the curtain design on it. As you have read in the previous articles that there are many kinds of curtain designs that could be applied. One of the curtain design is  Eye-Catching Japanese Curtains Design that would make your room becomes more beautiful.

Japanese two decorated color curtainJapanese two decorated color curtain

Classic Japanese Cutain DesignClassic Japanese Curtain Design

After seeing the first picture above, you could think that Japanese curtain design becoming more improved along with the time. This curtain design give you modern and unique sense in your room interior design. This kind of curtain design with two stripes colors is actually designed to some rooms and it would be very suitable for them. It could be applied into modern bedroom interior design, minimalist design, modern kitchen design also for the book shelves also.

White Japanese Curtain DesignWhite Japanese Curtain Design

Romantic Japanese CurtainRomantic Japanese Curtain

as you could see in the current picture that Eye-Catching Japanese Curtains Design could also be functioned as the window’s blind that would maintain the light that come through from  your window design. This kind of curtain design seems to be simple, but it has nice and modern look. Beside that, with combination between white interior design and white curtain design makes the room matched each other and looks beautiful.

doraemon curtain design

Eye-Catching Japanese Curtains Design

Eye-Catching Japanese Curtains Design is greatly improved with the additional picture there. Maybe you have known that in the Japanese, there is a cartoon character named Doraemon that is very popular for kids. It would be great choice if you have it and apply this curtain in your kids bedroom design so that it would make them feel happier and comfortable in their bedroom.

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  9. Kamden@ZZZ

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  11. Kamari-1974

    the cabinets are ok compared to the floor, then the curtains, then the hardware, then the scallop @ the window. a black/white checkerboard, barest ivory, or even crimson floor tile (slightly speckled or every bit of dirt will be an offense) would be retro/modern. the tiles can be marmoleum or vinyl. no one would miss the existing curtains. change the hardware before painting the cabinets & you may they may not need painting. a really scrub w/ imitation tsp (real tsp not being for anyone) is advisable regardless.

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