Grey and White Kitchen Design

Maybe you have read some articles about some kitchen designs since kitchen design is important for you as woman. It is becoming the place for showing your love to your whole family and children. Some kitchen designs are becoming popular today, such as minimalist or contemporary kitchen design although some of you would also love about having traditional or having country kitchen design. Then, if we talk about having minimalist or contemporary kitchen design, it would always identical to the neutral color, such as grey, white or maybe black. Besides that, there would be combination between grey and white kitchen design. As you have read in the some articles, colors take a great part in the interior design including the kitchen design. By having this grey and white kitchen design, it would make the design looks great and luxurious.

Tile kitchen designTile kitchen design

Grey and White Kitchen Design is great idea in designing your home design, especially in the minimalist kitchen design. In the picture above, you could see that the kitchen is having nice flooring and tile design. Since the kitchen design is dominated with grey color, you could have  grey tile and flooring design. Beside that it would be better if you combine those two colors so that the combination between dark and white kitchen design.

Home Design KitchenHome Design Kitchen

Grey and White Kitchen Design is always identical to the modern or minimalist kitchen design. As you could see in the previous picture that the combination between those two colors are great. In this kitchen design, the white color dominates the kitchen design. Beside that, the furniture is colored with grey color so that the combination looks nice. Beside that, you could also add some other furniture such as flower pot that would add the natural sense in your kitchen.

Modern Kitchen Design WhiteModern Kitchen Design

Then, if you have this kind of kitchen design, Having nice lighting would have big influence there. Then, If it is in the daybreak, you could have the light from the sun light so that you should add the glass window design so that the light would come through the window.

Modern Tile Kitchen DesignTile Kitchen Design

white and grey kitchen designwhite and grey kitchen design

Then, As being said before that tile design is always having much influence in the interior design. In the previous picture, you could also see that it makes the kitchen design looks luxurious and modern. Beside that, as being said before in some articles before that kitchen cabinet is having big influence so that you should take care of that matter.

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91 thoughts on “Grey and White Kitchen Design

  1. Ronan Rhys T.

    I am too influenced by the names of paint! French country blue is so grand more than sweet baby boy. For people of more literary bent, maybe it is best to assume the colors without the names. This is why I am tempted to employ a fortune on Farrow and Ball paint….their marketing hits me where it hurts.

  2. Violet-Annie-Anniston

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  4. Ayana

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  5. Keanu

    JR – we also would to add a few pieces of furniture. we a lot into storage when undergoing the remodel and it is to bring that older stuff in to the and improved space! we bear blinds in both the bedroom and living space, it is to from the pics because they are pulled up. although, from time to time our neighbors more than they bargained for! thanks for the comments – kelly & gregory

  6. Payton-Mariam-Abril

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  7. London-Savanna-Paloma

    this space! I a complete sense if who the occupant is. I, also, to be surrounded by all the items that inspire me. Some call it “clutter”, I to of it a “curated”. Well done.

  8. Markell

    affection it! Has such a feel to it.The birdhouses great, but personally feel the busy curtains assume attention away from it.Love the lil blue suitcases with the car ontop. Pic.My most favourite allotment has to be the couch in the sittig room. Gorgeous. I want.Well done! Made me Smile.

  9. Aurora_Remi

    five years ago I was putting Paul Pierce and Muhammed Ali on my walls (with thumb tacks no less) and sleeping on Walmart sandpaper in a bag.Now I am always poking into Homegoods and similar stores looking for deals on a backup to my 700tc white sheets. My friends who are girls all say they are envious of my “bed scape”.My guy friends say something extremely different but they are jealous cuz their probably sleeping on Walmarts sandpaper. I will admit that one of my throw pillows does “walk the line” hahaha.

  10. Colin-Mauricio-Markell

    I forgot to mention how for a while, we heard the sound of rodents (scratching/scraping) in the walls. One of our landlords ignored our mention of it and our one told us to let him know if we spotted anything. We our feral cats may taken care of the for us, so far so good.:)

  11. AshlynnTiffanyAnn

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  12. Graham

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  13. ScottRoy

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  14. Avianna

    I this house is adorable but wish you could us where it is located. If you are going to the house and live in it, your first consideration should be any structural issues. It appears that there could be a structural with the roof on the left side of the photograph. That should be your first concern, why does the roof seem to slope and you need to attain anything about it? Next, depending on the where you live, you need gutters and downspouts? They can be in prolonging the life of the roof and keeping water out from underneath the house and out of the basement. This advice is coming to you from someone who lives in an inherited house and has had both problems. Next, yes, you need more landscaping and native plants would be great. One free source of plants might be the side and abet yards of the house? you any that could be transplanted to the front? Also, you might be able to “starts” of plants from friends and some County Soil and Water Conservation services absorb extremely cost trees that they sell annually as does the Arbor Day Foundation. You should believe the water requirements for any plants before you plant them if you are in an where water is a or expensive. This could be the cutest house in the block and will improve a deal when the weather warms up. Please “after” photos.

  15. Jacob Jaydin M.

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  17. Aria-Maddison

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  20. Lilyana-911

    Any recommendations on a house cleaner or cleaning service in Manhattan?I called Zen Cleaners and Immaculean (from the services category) and they are not available this weekend.

  21. Spencer Asher Elvis

    I remember the house tour which I liked a lot but wow you some talent as an artist! I your work and absorbing where are most of the landscapes from, so familiar.I absorb a Thomas Hart Benton art book which to me your work has some of the feel of his work and reminds me of another artist I adore James Michalopoulos a Orleans based artist.Here is his work-

  22. Lucas-Bruce-Jarrett

    We a plasma mounted over our fireplace in our family room. I would loved to assign it somewhere else but there was literally no other choice. I had one long wall for a couch, the other wall had a wet bar (go 1970!), the other wall has french doors. The seating is far enough away to avoid a neck.It is not art, it is TV.

  23. Kelly Jayden

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  24. Kylie-Adalynn-Itzel

    I recommend painting the wall the door a deep chocolate brown, then the rest of the room around a 20% gray. Because of the exiguous size of your room I believe the darker color may actually recess the wall – if natural light is an in your room, stick to lighter tones.Stay away from painting brilliant or accent colors because I that would attention away from your cute view. You can then incorporate color into the room with other accent pieces artwork on the wall or a hanging light fixture. I highly recommend bringing in a light fixture to bring the up and play up on the vertical area you have.

  25. Kiara.Cassandra.Jemma

    Great, job working with that color and finding other things to coordinate with it. I carry out the blue-it pops and is not the “traditional” baby blue you in some nurseries.

  26. Ian

    This after compared to what it was before. But I am annoyed this is even called DIY, or even affordable. Not everyone has a welder friend on hand. It also looks professionally painted. So DIY and affordable, if you talented friends who will work for pizza and *. Otherwise to this, I would to pay a welder and a professional spray paint hours of labor. In which case, I would the money on a pendant.

  27. Kristian_Jadyn_Roderick

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  28. Gemma Mikayla

    I assume you are off to a begin by mixing your shapes and furniture styles, that is a to things fresh. You may want to at the architectural details that you love, and gape how you can accent them- i.e. ceilings- chandelier that draws your up, hang window treatments below the ceiling line and a vertical stripe pattern, or hang art in a linear way. If you ample wall molding or door details you can hang a mirror antonym to the view. Finding power pieces- that instant attention will it feel more modern.I absorb found Suzanne Kasler, although at first to be traditional, she has many attractive ideas that would work well- she always does a neutral background, but has some ideas on mixing shapes, and upholstery in a current way.I would to discover more photos of your home, it sounds amazing.

  29. Cassandra_Jaycee_Amaris

    perspectives on this post. Every financial institution is going to be different, but as a soon to be CPA, we are taught to announce 30% of income towards mortgage and utilities.I followed Apartment Therapy via Google Reader for a long time, and this post finally made me register (mainly because of the picture).I this home, and need it in my life. Does anyone any information about it?

  30. Keenan_Layton_Kanye

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  31. Estevan

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  32. Sariah I.

    Oh my. Ive been on both sides if this and my heart is breaking for you. Where is the landlord in all of this? It sounds the basement apartment is not really for tenants. Not because if your noise level but because the house simply cant the noise between the floors. If you havent contacted the landlord yet, so immediately. You are probably not the first if main floor tenants to to deal w this. You are doing what is considered normal living. the harrassing texts to your landlord. I effect it should be a one family house.

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