Amazing Chic Kitchen Design

As you have read in the previous articles about kitchen designs, of course you have learned a lot of things about kitchen designs, such as contemporary kitchen design, modern kitchen design, also minimalist kitchen design. Beside that, you have also learned a lot about small and wide kitchen design ideas. Amazing chic kitchen design  is always very great choice since it would be great help for you in choosing which design that would be suitable for you. By having chic kitchen design, it would make your kitchen design looks modern and having versatile look. Of course there are many kinds of designs of chic kitchen design that you could get from the various sources, such as magazine, web address, or others. Beside that, along with your preference, you could choose various furniture designs to decorate your kitchen.

Coastal Chic KitchenCoastal Chic Kitchen

Coastal kitchen design is always being amazing chic kitchen design since it is great combination between wooden flooring design and white kitchen furniture that makes great look in this kitchen design. This kitchen is having bright and wide look because of the lighting and color of the interior design. As being explain before that those two things is always having great influence in creating good look in the interior design.

Beautiful French Style Shabby Chic VintageBeautiful French Style Shabby Chic Vintage

Maybe you have read the article about French kitchen design that always attracts all people who see it. French interior design is always having luxurious look and classical look that would be great in your kitchen design. As you could see in the previous picture, you could see that the kitchen design is dominated with grey color and combined with some colorful colors in the curtain design and chair design. Beside that, this design is made from the wooden design.

Mint Green Vintage Chic KitchenMint Green Vintage Chic Kitchen

Bright kitchen design is always good in maintaining your home design. Then, amazing chic kitchen design could be designed in the bright color that would improve your mood in cooking the meals. As you could see in the previous picture, it is green kitchen design with various flower combination that makes the kitchen seems to be lovely and cheerful.

Shabby Chic Kitchen CabinetsShabby Chic Kitchen Cabinets

As being said before in the previous picture that bright kitchen design is always food since it would make your interior design to be brighter. Then, chic kitchen design should always have nice kitchen cabinet since kitchen cabinet is the main or focal point in the kitchen design.

Beautiful French Style Shabby Chic Vintage , Amazing Chic Kitchen Design In  Category
Coastal Chic Kitchen , Amazing Chic Kitchen Design In  Category
Kitchen With Green Ceiling And Plates On The Wall Around A Round Window , Amazing Chic Kitchen Design In  Category
Shabby Chic Kitchen Cabinets , Amazing Chic Kitchen Design In  Category
Mint Green Vintage Chic Kitchen , Amazing Chic Kitchen Design In  Category

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47 thoughts on “Amazing Chic Kitchen Design

  1. NikolasEugene

    comely place. The of is well planned. I agree with the plant or flowers comments made, I am all about color!!! But those can be added at any time and whenever you are in the mood. This dwelling should win!!!! It is amazing.

  2. Devin Jayson Hugh P.

    We actually these types of toilets at my workplace… a government building on fort huachuca. And as far as I know most bathrooms on post also been upgraded to these.

  3. Amara.Elora

    Thanks for the feedback guys. We found the mannequin at Goods. They acquire ones and smaller ones to for jewelry. You can discover all the details on this project, including the before photos, on my blog:

  4. Kamila

    I really our contractor/handyman, he owns Almac Hardware in Newkirk Plaza (Flatbush on B/Q train). His name is Javier (nickname Javi) and he runs a apt family business. You can by his patience and care that he likes what he does…a lot! He had a crew approach in to apartment sealing for us and we were extremely with the effect and the job done. Definitely cheaper than Park Slope/Heights location places. The number is 718 434 1736, and email You can declare him Tate from Sony sent you.

  5. Jackson_Danny_Coleman

    For once, I am actually ahead of the trend since I painted my living room in Simply White last year and I it.A tidbit of info: I had a hard time choosing a shade of white that would work for me. The room has southern exposure and an almost white leather sectional. It was hard to something that would not the sectional dingy. I looked at many of the highly recommended whites (in previous discussions here on AT) and I did not any of them – many read as too blueish or greenish to me. I was looking at the swatches in a Benjamin Moore outlet and one of the in-store decorators approached me asking me if she can help. I unburdened my onto her and she replied “Go with Simply White. I so many times and it always worked perfectly”. So I bought a tester of Simply White and a week later a gallon. I am extremely I took her advice.

  6. Janiyah Dana N.

    Ha! I recently smoking, & customary to really annoyed by people that would condescendingly lecture me on my smoking & then turn around & climb into their giant SUV with the air conditioning cranked, chock of lawn & garden poisons, toxic cleaners, and single processed foods. Glass houses.

  7. Steve-Johan-Brenton

    I wish people who say marble is easy to care of would to my house and why, even though it was sealed, the marble in my bathroom has marks from chemicals/acids from everyday products you would in the bathroom. Products like, contact lens solution. Or makeup. Or tub cleaner.In my next home, I may marble as a splash – but on a counter? Never again.

  8. Celine

    We took a tip from a friend and purchased a clear plastic floor from Ikea made for putting under office chairs. This helped us through living in a dining room with carpet with two children.

  9. Jude Clay L.

    Check with the company if they bear any crypton or nanotex treated fabrics. Crypton has a moisture barrier on the advantage of the fabric so you can scrub away on the surface and not bear to about water getting into the cushion. nanotex is similar but is a top coat that repels moisture – so spills will actually roll off the cushion if you to them quickly. lots of fabric companies bear their augury name of the treatments above too.

  10. Joey Orion Mike

    @judith z yeah, i believe the bed is actually against that wall. i had a setup this in an archaic apartment where my bed was up against a sort of built in bookcase. i loved it 🙂

  11. Lucas_Kaiden

    I acquire one in my office that has Holland cruise stickers on it. It stands and the drawers are to beget stationary, office supplies, and mementos. The other side has organizing pockets hanging from the hangers holding wrapping paper. It can be for something besides a table.

  12. Melody.Gwendolyn

    @Dogstargazer Agree! Recently on one of those house shows that are popping up weeds, there was literally a house that was smaller than a standard, NOT handicapped public bathroom stall. A on cloak pointed out that a cubicle is bigger. As if that was supposed to be a thing? I felt myself getting anxious imagining such a thing!

  13. Julian.Devan

    I lived in an HOA and they issues everyone a letter saying we couldnt shoot deer with potato guns off the decks!But really the parking thing of stinks (we could park two cars in our driveway and had an overnight pass for one visitor to park on the street). Plus you need permission for a lot of updates to exterior features of your home- you if you wanted to a deck. I also heard a of one HOA not allowing dogs to be walked on the property and some guy had to carry his * dog off the compound to it for a walk!I would ask a couple neighbours what their experiences are. Plus you will generally the book of rules with the certificate. build your offer contingent on reviewing that document so you can if the rules are reasonable

  14. Princess

    400! One of advice. I live in a cramped apartment but with size appliances. Because I live alone I don’t a tonne of groceries lying around. All of my food is now the fridge, I’ve invested in some stackable Tupperware and glass jars, and I reclaimed cupboard home that had looked devour a mess when all it held was torn-open bags and boxes. It makes a storage and contrast when the same shelves are now a for my best dishes and utensils.2 added benefits; 1. your fridge and freezer and more efficient when – points for frugality. 2. I my grains and flours etc. in bulk. I’m it’s happened to everyone but once I picked up a handful of these various plastic bags of stuff only to them crawling with insects, I couldn’t eat for days. Things feel safer in the refrigerator.

  15. GeraldTravon

    Thanks for the fuzzy slippers, I agree that the ottomans are not ideal or a but the t.j maxx was right! I they were $40.00 each and that was plenty and as as I would ever spend:)!!!Heather

  16. Teagan_Makenzie_Baylee

    I agree that the sideboard is your star piece. I would the rug to with it and the room around it.I affection the dark and white IKEA or crimson West Elm zig zag for a pop/modern look

  17. Jane Gracelynn

    Favorites this year:1. by Rebecca Winward (very AT-esque style)2. Perfect English Farmhouse by Ros Byam Shaw3. location Decorating by BH&G4. Strawbale by Paul Lacinski and Michael BergeronAnticipating next year:1. The English Country House by Mary Miers2. Perfect English Cottage by Ros Byam Shaw3. Subscriptions to The English Home, Gardens Illustrated, and Country Living (UK)I guess you can declare my fashion is eclectic, sustainable English farmhouse.

  18. Taylor

    OK, how did I miss the of this? I this! I impartial posted my “to-do list” a couple weeks ago and it is U-G-L-Y. Normally bloggers post all the attractive vignettes in their homes…never the yuck spaces. But I decided to it real. There are soooo many projects that I to complete, but deciding which one can be the hardest. Whether it is distractions, procrastination or life in general. Once it piles up, it is hard to concentrate because you want everything completed. Thanks for keeping me focused AT! – kyla @

  19. Thomas@2014

    My college roommates and I to regular arguments about TP. Two of us were pro the cheap stuff (not the elegant cheap stuff, but not all that expensive and we preferred recycled) and two were pro expensive stuff. Interestingly, the argument on both sides of the divide was “you wipe your * with it.” Apparently that statement has different meanings to different people.

  20. Samantha.Serenity

    Mice can squeeze through a hole the diameter of a pencil, so it is difficult to and all the entrance holes. I to live in a rural and got mice in the after the farmers harvested the fields next to my house. I once had a mouse die (apparently of natural causes) the toe kick of a bathroom vanity. My house started smelling bad, but it aloof took several weeks to pinpoint the source. When I was searching for the source, I found a few dried mouse skeletons and nests, but they were not enough to the smell. After that, I found more dried remains when we removed an broken-down bathtub, and several nests and more remains in my dryer vent. Point is, there may be more than you think, and they may be difficult to find. I decided I needed to be more aggressive at addressing the when a mouse ran across my kitchen floor while we were doing dishes after Thanksgiving dinner. I stepped on its tail and clubbed it with a Coke bottle. My baby sister, who was about 5 at the time, remembers that vividly.

  21. Andrea_Cheyenne

    Storage bins. I to organize and now that I moved to my first with tons of I’ve been buying so many more bins. Anything from food in my refrigerator, clothes in drawers to bins for my cats toy. something about buying storage supplies is therapeutic and I know one day I’ll be buying bins for my bins.

  22. Romina.777

    Joint compound over moldings… sounds my house!I strongly second the recommendations above re: keeping the historic character of your prewar apartment. Sheetrock, even with a flee coat over, is not the same.We are currently stripping all the woodwork from our 1900 Victorian condo. Its dead and tedious, but worth it in our minds. We are using the heat gun (+ face mask) method, and I also recommend PeelAway for harder spots. to the forums at… they a ton of info there re: stripping paint.As for your walls…. you might be able to away with some heavy sanding only. Its hard to what they behold with only one pic. If not, definitely spring for a professional plasterer and not a general contractor. A plasterer will be able to hold your walls and frankly a better and smoother job.

  23. Gabriel Garrison

    I am a fan of hardwood flooring and putting it everywhere. HOWEVER….in this case I would vote for carpet.1) you cant match the stain, or the wood. Unless it is from the same BATCH it wont match.2) or mismatched wood would out of place3) A bedroom should be warm, romantic, etc. Not cool..unless you live in floridaI would splurge for a high quality cream 100% wool Berber. desirable it professionally once a year; a fabric applied each time and it should last 20+ years.

  24. Calliope

    My husband likes pink! He wears it a lot, and with his crimson hair and blue eyes, it looks GREAT. Our bedroom is a warm pink with red, coral, salmon, and camel/caramel. I googled the same search string dwelling Body suggested, and those plaids really are lovely, masculine, and appropriate.You could also something with pigs, which incorporates pink, a mural, or art, or stick-on decals. Also, a graffiti or Keith Haring vibe can work with pink and another color cobalt blue or black. luck, and up the parenting! Your boy is – to honor it!!

  25. Elisabeth

    Beautiful! lazy_lurker, those plants are mostly native to the warm rainforests of the Americas or deserts around the world and are with hot roots. If tillandsias were indeed they would be taken out and watered by soaking anyways (they acquire no roots). Only flaw in the that I obviously gape is that copper is poisonous to many plants, including air plants.

  26. Clayton Ryker

    Years ago, when my dh and I were newlyweds, I would leap into home makeover mode every time my MIL and FIL were coming to to visit. At the time, it seemed stressful but it encouraged us to up appearances. Now that they both passed away, I really aid with fondness to those times. A exiguous extra motivation now and then can be a thing.

  27. Quinton

    Before you resign yourself to the carpet, ask around about remnants at a few carpet installers–you can collect really pieces of carpet at prices, and all of that mess over.

  28. Konner Cannon

    (The topic of Eames classification aside)I seen chairs similar to the one pictured up on Ebay on occasion (chairs with similar angle to the arms, upholstered aid and seat, wood legs)The latest that I came across is below

  29. Ivy Bristol D.

    @GlamGhetto Indeed.Also, as a landlord, let me mention the time our tenant decided to capture all the doors off the cabinetry and improperly stored the doors in a that they warped terribly after only about 10 months. We ended up having to redo the entire kitchen cabinets because it was cheaper to that doors made.

  30. Camryn 1968

    @GatoTravieso You can add a window film (non-adhesive; easily removed) to the bottom half of the window to let in light but obscure the view. I saw an herringbone patterned film on Amazon.

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