Modern Home Pergola Design

You have known about many kinds of home designs in the previous articles, such as Victorian Home design, minimalist home design, also traditional home design. Those kinds of information would be your reference in decorating your home design. Beside of those home designs, of course there is some unique home designs and modern home pergola design could be one of those designs. This home design is very different and unique. Beside that, it is also having unique shape that is very suitable for home design, backyard, also the background. Then, the materials being used are also various, such as timber, aluminum, and vinyl. Then this home design also having various forms, such as rectangular, triangular, or spherical in the different size, whether it is big or small construction. Beside that, pergola has total open or roofed home design since it could be closed in the hot day.

Outdoor patio pergola design ideas

Outdoor patio pergola design ideas

Modern home pergola design also having various function. This design would add the comfort if you want to have beautiful view in your home. As being said before that pergola design could be placed in some place in your home and one of them is that in the garden. This pergola design is constructed in free standing and it is placed near the gate or railing that would get the attention. Usually, pergola garden design id designed in simple way that would be designed with some plants there.  Then, what about the materials used in this pergola design? timber, especially cedar or red wood could be great materials for your garden design since it would be matched each other and provides you with natural sense and it would be nice place for your relaxing time.

pool side pergola design idea

pool side pergola design idea

Luxury home pergola designLuxury home pergola design

Of course in designing the home design, you would need some furniture in making the interior good. Then, modern home pergola design also need some furniture, such as bed design also some chairs there since if this pergola design is built near the pool, it would be the place for you and your family to spend the time together. There, you could have wooden material with some combinations there. Of course in designing the pergola design, you could choose many kinds of color based on your taste.

Beach home pergola designBeach home pergola design

In this design, it seems like it is your interior living room is moved to the outside. The furniture used is made from the wooden material so that it has classical look. This design is added with the fireplace that would give warm sense to you. So, having modern pergola design would give you a new touch of the design in your home design.

modern design pergola ideas

modern design pergola ideas


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  6. Victor

    Jessica, my wife and I acquire a extremely similar in Toronto (built at the turn of the century, 1250 sq feet, in terms of electrical, plumbing and everything else). No one has done any work on this in years, so my wife and I are redoing each room again. I the blueprint yours turned out, especially the fireplace. We a mantle yours, so to know what the final product will turn out like. broad job in terms of colours and too, a inspiration for us now.

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  13. DelilahPhoenix

    So many ecletic (and highly successful) combinations. the industrial with the tufted sofa/chaise. Frames as art is always a plus. bedrooms are a classic – and with a chandelier. Charming. All in all, one of my (no pun intended) entries. (wish there was a pic of the cat animal, though).

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