Blue Room Ideas

People always said that color choices always represents the personality, especially when you are choosing the color for your bedroom interior design color. Since bedroom is the most private room in your home and you would spend a lot of time to take a rest there, the chosen color is very important since it would affect your mood, emotion, also your behavior. Of course there would be a lot of choices that would be suitable for your bedroom and one of them is having blue color to decorate the bedroom design. Nowadays, blue is preferred whether it is for men or women. Beside that, this color is having calm sense and it is very peaceful, tranquil, secure and other kinds of feeling for your bedroom design. This design is suited for that thing. There are many kinds of blue room ideas that would be great for your references.

Blue Turquoise Room DesignBlue Turquoise Room Design

In the previous picture, you could see how good the combination between soft blue, dark blue, also white color combined each other here. This blue room idea provides a warm atmosphere and also romantic sense here. As we could see that in blue bedding design, the four pillars of the bedding design looks so luxurious. Beside that, this blue room idea is also added with nice hanging lamp design since the lamp is very luxurious also.

Light Blue Wall Paint Stars Moon Ceiling Wooden Floor Modern StyleLight Blue Wall Paint Stars Moon Ceiling Wooden Floor Modern Style

Light Blue Bedroom Walls With Contemporary DecorLight Blue Bedroom Walls With Contemporary Decor

As being explained before that having some plants or flowers would make your room feel refresh and natural sense would touch your mind. Beside that, if you want to make your room brighter, you could add the glass window in your room interior design. Beside that, you could also add the curtain to make it more beautiful and it could maintain the intensity of the light in this room. Beside that, considering the furniture is a must since it would also affect the design. just choose the same light blue color or white color as good combination.

Blue Bedroom with hanging curtainBlue Bedroom with hanging curtain

People always said that the color theme that has romantic taste is pink or red, but after seeing the bedroom design above, don’t you think that blue room idea has romantic atmosphere there. Beside that, in room design looks so romantic since it is decorated with hanging white curtain around the bedding design. Beside that, the nice window design also some additional flower design makes the room looks so comfortable and very romantic.

Light Blue Wall Paint Stars Moon Ceiling Wooden Floor Modern Style , Blue Room Ideas In  Category
Blue Bedroom with hanging curtain , Blue Room Ideas In  Category
Blue Turquoise Room Design , Blue Room Ideas In  Category
Light Blue Bedroom Walls With Contemporary Decor , Blue Room Ideas In  Category

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  19. Juliette

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  26. Danielle.Lilian.Jaylynn

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  27. Hector-Harrison-Nelson

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  35. Noa Chana Estella

    This is amazing, and so visionary. I usually feel in spaces, but this is really whimsical.One thing I may never understand, however, is why people books/plants/vases/candles on the stairs?! Guaranteed, I would kick those things over every time.

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