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Having best home theaters design in your home interior design is important enough. In your leisure time, of course you need place to relax or having some entertainment place to spend by yourself or with your family. In designing the the home room theater, there are some tips and considerations that you could do in making the home theater. The first thing that should be considered is that about having nice sound quality. at least you should have five speakers, including two speakers in the front, two other in the surrounding, one speaker in the front and one sub woofer. Beside that, since the sound of the speaker is very loud and you could use curtain in maintaining that. Beside that, having curtain should be applied in the windows, floors, also walls. Of course if you want to have home theater design, of course you need wide and spacious room. for example you use big TV that has 3 x 4 meters. If it is becoming your choice, at least you should have 4 x 6 meter of the room.

home theatre design ideashome theater design ideas

Beside that, as being explained before that lighting design is always having big influence and it is also the same with theater room so that the display would be good in this room. Of course in the design, there are many seats and pillows that would make you feel comfortable. Then, considering the color of the room is also good idea in making the room seems beautiful. In that room, the lighting design is very nice since some hanging lamps are placed in that room that make the room feel comfort there.

home theatre design ideashome theater design ideas

Then, there are some others designs of theater design As you could see in the previous picture that the design is dominated with black color that make the theater room looks so elegant. Beside that, it is combined with wooden material in the ceiling that becomes great combination there. Beside that, the lighting design there is very bright since it is becoming the balance point to the darker interior design.

home theater Ideahome theater Idea

As being said before that color combination is very good. In the current picture, you could see that the combination color between black, red  also dark grey are balance there. The flooring design is dominated with red color. Beside that, the furniture and curtain designed are having black and grey color. This is very great combination, I think.

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  1. Rhea H.

    I not know if this is as it is not a cost estimate, but I moved across the country (both directions/multiple times) and this is my method. It is also the one I found to be most cost effective. I rent my apartment in my location. I bear ABF freight bellow packing “cubes” (like PODS) to my that I am leaving. Depending upon the of my life, I can pack my stuff in either 1 or 2 containers and I to pack my containers myself. I can acquire containers, by myself, in 1 to 3 hours or I hired movers on CraigsList for a nominal fee to whip this work out faster than I ever could. ABF will up these cubes immediately and drive them to your destination. I arrange to my cubes delivered to my apartment the day before I in town. I then the at my apartment to unlock my door for the guys (again hired from CraigsList) to unload my cube contents into my apartment (takes less than an hour). And ABF hauls the cubes away. I coast out the next day with my and begin unpacking.

  2. AidanAddison

    @bzimster paperthinks, which I to all of these, uses recycled/discarded leather. You can read about their process on their website. leather, but supposedly environmentally given that the materials they employ would otherwise to entirely. Beautiful, colorful, notebooks in a variety of sizes too.

  3. AlbertoKristian

    Renegades!!!!!!!!!!!!!How will people ask you to descend the names and pedegrees of your furnishings?Errr. Your kitchen is a bit too dogmatic. Unless you never prepare food – then you can leave it as a politicsal statement.I once lived in a half abandonned housing project. My flat came furnished with 2 steel cots, 2 school desks, 3 stools, and one school chair. The spare bed in the spare bedroom was my wardrobe.My only was a scratchy handwoven rug from Egypt (about $10) but the flat became one of the warmest and most places that I ever lived. The town was so elderly and poor, that there was nothing to scavange on the streets, but inginuity and Mother Nature took took the of “objets trouves”

  4. Miguel_Charlie_Brenton

    How about a holder for extra broad platters, trays or cookbooks in the kitchen area? Looks it would be deep enough to and organize sheet cake or bread pans. Depending on the size you could roll mats or table linens and corral them in your bin. Rackets or bats for outside games, fishing poles, music books, or board games would all fit well.

  5. Brian.Jeffery.Clay

    you maybe you guys could an article about larger houseplants that are not toxic to cats and dogs? Every time a fresh article this comes up I but they never seem to be pet-safe. I realize not everyone has pets, but I would really it. Thanks.

  6. Ariana.River.Dahlia

    nearest ikea is more than 6 hours away… nearest target is 2.5 hours.. i not live in a town but a town that thinks its historic roots are more critical than they are, because they glossed over the good, or let it to rot.. i long for a you live in.. i grew up in a town.. and while at times, i would the city.. there is a lot to be for the sense of community that existed in my town..

  7. Jolene.2011

    The same dependable experience happened to me. Merrily walking down the compost pile and then “what’s that noise” “what is that” “AAHHHH”. I ran in the house devastated I actually went as far to call a local composting expert at a gardening center nearby. He basically said, not a deal at all. I was relieved, to say the least! He replied I could them out and give them to someone with chickens, but I decided that would be a to grand for me. I concept it was going to be over run, but there ended up being only a few.

  8. RileyLilia

    Art said, a lot, but not all, depends on how it is anchored to the wall. However, if you call (or visit) IKEA customer sevice, their computer system should provide a weight limit for each shelf.

  9. GiaDallas

    Drawers and cabinets on the sides of stairs, no problem, grand concept for unused space. Drawers under the stair treads? Totally violates International Residential and Building Code and potentially dangerous.

  10. Ariel

    If there is anything that can provide continuity for your son, try to on that. If he has a blanket, or toy, or whatever, try to bring it along.In terms of settling into a home – the basics in – something comfortable to sit on, something to sleep on, and all the cheap resources people mentioned to add what you need for comfort.It may be a to up your feet, or a bowl to potato chips in. What ever makes you feel you a where you and your son can relax for a bit.

  11. BraidenAugustus

    Sounds appreciate a big adventure. I hope it works out well. I of bought a house unseen. I signed papers etc, but then, before the final closing I chickened and flew out to examine at it. It was better than I anticipated in every way.Assuming you is (or can be made) functional – the fridge works and the toilet flushes etc.- I this sounds fun. I always capture creative solutions to problems to perfection. Plus, I would bag living in such a remote setting to be absolutely amazing and worth a lot of compromises.Good luck.

  12. Levi Reid Justus W.

    @LadyWithAnOldHouse I completely agree with you.When a now ex-bf and I to visit his hometown, we spent the visit primarily with his family. In my hometown, we spent it with mine. We aside time to other things that family was not eager in, but the point of being there was to family. If we wanted a romantic getaway, we went elsewhere.

  13. Delilah Z.

    Coat closet:Repurpose for in-season grab and itemsget hanging shoe pocket organizer and larger hanging organizer for hats, gloves, scarves, cloth shopping bags and other stuffNo more stuff on the floor!!Bedroom closet:Have already purgedget shoe and other item hanging organizers so I can everything (no more holes or stuff on floor!)Bedroom:Move TV to a where I can actually what is happening on the screenRelocate IKEA revolving storage thingie to the antonym cornerLast but not least, the horrifying storage room:Bag ALL “if I lose 15 pounds, I can wear this” clothes. I lost 15 pounds but I am no longer 30 and those clothes not fit. *sigh*Make a written inventory of total # of bags, all furniture, decor and other stuff, arrange for Goodwill to and this stuff for once and for allIt feels to write this down. luck to us all!!!

  14. Mary Zariah

    There are some “modern” homes in SF (mine is one)but not many on this side of twin peaks. The victorian era core of this house would had to be completely refabricated (just to bring it up to code) and that is extremely expensive and not necessarily a layout that works well with lifestyles. The only of most of these era homes that can be preserved is the facade and it looks they took favorable care of that. I give this 5 stars 😉

  15. Danielle_Ariadne

    One surprising thing I did to brighten up a rental kitchen was to bring in an outdoor rug! My mom I was nuts when I bought it at the store, but as soon as I slapped it down in front of the kitchen sink we were both surprised at how distinguished it turned the “kitchen” into a a well-composed Room (with a capital R.)It does the occasional drip of food or liquid on it, but it was cheap enough that when I recede out in a year or two I can toss it in the garbage… Or a one!

  16. Erin

    My neighbours up the street always smell wonderful, they seem to be totally soaked in fragrance. This is because the mom has whatever-is-thingy-called – the candle holder that above the candle a dinky basin for oils and I guess it it in every day, all evening. Even their dog, a border collie with one blue and the other one brown, who frequently camps in my house when her humans are out of town, comes smelling irresistably. I often joke that she is my walking room freshener (I can literally smell it for days after she arrives).I commented on it so often that they gave me a similar candle holder for Christmas and since then, I accumulated a number of different oils. I the zesty (citrusy) ones, ecalyptus, mint, rosemary, lemon grass and grapefruit. But I also lavender which I often in the evening, prior to going to bed.

  17. Kelton

    @olderworker You are right, location, location, location. A agent can you made the choice. I sold him the area and he is selling it through me. Buying another and I will beget he buys a that he will resell at a profit.

  18. Dominik.Davian.

    I my West Elm Parsons desk! I work from and sit at it for 8+ hours every day. I frequently through spells of Sell Everything!! but the desk is one of the few things I would keep–along with my leather C&B Petrie Chair! 🙂 Gotta their floor sample sales! Seriously-less than half price. Best capture ever.

  19. Brooklynn-Clarissa-Aiyana

    I aged to really Restoration Hardware, but in the last year or so I decided that I am just over them. Their stuff is truly overpriced, its totally ridiculous charging $5000 for a sofa or whatever and then charging a delivery too. Their website is often not updated resulting in dissapointment for me when I was trying to some chairs that were on sale. And now the ruined books? I saw them in the latest catalog and they were a allotment of the not actually on sale!

  20. Kaia

    i also broken-down HOSPITAL TRACK for my floor to ceiling windows and to off my closet/changing area. it works really well and looks industrial chic. definitely sturdy enough to hang heavy fabric — i bought thick, inexpensive canvas drop cloth and it looks great. (also, didnt need to using a sewing machine. had it to the lengths, and hung from track system with the industrial hooks).best luck!

  21. Oswaldo Atticus T.

    @gui95–NR had some technical & statement moments. There also was this: Stockbridge, MA, July 10, 2012—Norman Rockwell Museum will the lecture, “Thomas Kinkade, Norman Rockwell, and the of Legacy,” on Saturday, July 21, starting at 5:30 p.m.Who knew?

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