Minimalist Bathroom Design

There are a lot of bathroom designs that you have read in the previous articles, for example grey bathroom design, small bathroom design, also some other bathroom designs. As you have learned that bathroom could be the important room for you since it is included in the privacy and relaxing room for you. Nowadays, minimalist interior design is arising its popularity and minimalist bathroom design is also spreading its wings. Because this room is very important based functional or practical function since it is used to clean your body and it is a place to dress up and get dressed. Then, as being said before that interior also includes in bathroom design and in this case it would be suitable for you for having minimalist bathroom design if you have minimalist interior design. If you have nice bathroom design, you could feel how comfortable when the water fall in and flow to your body. Beside that, don’t you think that by having this design would also reflect your taste as a modern people since minimalist design is preferable for people who live in the big city.

'Minimalist Bathroom Design‘Minimalist  Bathroom Design

As being said before that usually minimalist interior design is identical to the neutral or a little bit darker color, such as grey, whether it is soft or dark grey and it is the same to the minimalist bathroom design. As you could see that the bathroom design above, the color design is the combination between dark grey, soft grey, also white color as the balance color. Beside that, if it is related to the design, it is consisted to the simple thing since it is just chair, small table, also mirror.

Magdalena Minimalist Bathroom DesignMagdalena Minimalist Bathroom Design

minimalist bathroom design ideasminimalist bathroom design ideas

scoop modern bathroomscoop modern bathroom

In this minimalist bathroom design, the design is characterized with neutral color as being said before. Beside that, the additional touch of natural appliances, such as stone wall design and planting design is also very important. These additional things make the bathroom design feel comfort, warm also natural. Beside that, in this design, there is bathroom’s window design looks great since it could make the light come to your bathroom.

modern minimalist bathroom designmodern minimalist bathroom design

If the previous design is providing you with little dark minimalist design, now it also has white minimalist design, but still it is combined with black furniture. This room provides you with bright color and make your mind becomes more cheerful. Beside that, still minimalist design is usually provides you with natural sense by having some plants there.

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  1. Lydia.Kelsey.Lennox

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  2. Declan.Clay.Ethen

    This is the post I was looking for! We currently rent an apartment and our landlord is honest incredible, but I waited over a year to paint our LR. Now, after reading this post, I we are going to it painted; however, my is this: Because we live in Spain, should we simply paint the walls white (we lots of colored pottery and paintings hanging, so I not want to deter from that) or should we with another color? Currently, our LR is basically gray and white, with touches of and red. I am concerned that a color that appeals to Americans may not be as to our Spanish landlord. Does anyone any suggestions?

  3. Christian Issac Allan

    Agree with almost all comments above – first steps might be to replace TV with flatscreen, and replace the rug.One easily-solvable is that the relative proportions of things seem out of whack. sofa, lamps & artwork eye too diminutive in relationship to them. So, ironically in a room – if you are going to be living with the sofas for a while – go bigger with some decorative elements: group pictures into a gallery wall above one of the sofas, or larger or a wall hanging. Larger table lamp, and/or vase or potted plant on the corner table. Curtains might absorb a similar balancing effect.Go slow, be gentle, decisions together – he might up liking the final result better than what he has now!

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  5. Ellie_Audrina

    Not my usual fare at ALL. Too precious for my taste. But dang, those measuring cups are ADORABLE. And those plates..they border on “too much”, but to me they juuust barely manage to from going over. stuff.

  6. Landen Dwayne X.

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  10. Gracelynn_Kenley_Alannah

    Lindsay, I the color – and the of a settee at the table. extremely cool. I did 2 things extremely distracting. The framed chevron pieces were odd…and kept my concentrate away from the art or the furniture. If the chevron is to you, it for curtains or tableware (or both) I also recommend taking the artwork and arranging it to be more of a collection. These changes would the room from extremely expedient to super!

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