How to Decorate a Room With Butterflies

Nowadays, there are many kinds of kids’ room decoration that would be nice for your kids bedroom design. One of those designs is the decoration by using butterfly as the background object. Of course you could make it by yourself or you just buy it and install it by yourself. Then, actually how to decorate a room with butterflies? of course there are some steps that you should do in decorating the room design with butterflies.


Butterfly Wall Stickerbutterfly wall sticker

As being said before that there are many ways in decorating the room with butterflies and one of them is by using some sticker made by your own hands. Since girls always like pink color, the butterflies as the decoration of their bedroom would be better in pink color and of course it is combined with pink wall decoration.

decorating kids room with butterfliesdecorating kids room with butterflies

In decorating the bedroom with the theme of butterflies decoration, the thing that is very important is that about bedding design. Here you could choose your kid’s favorite color since it would be her room. Beside that,you should also consider about the bed cover. Choose the bed cover with butterflies pattern, also pillow shams, window curtain, lamp shade, wall hanging. Those things should have butterflies pattern with pink color that would be good for your kids bedroom.

Butterflies and tree bedroom decorationButterflies and tree bedroom decoration

Although the decoration color of kid’s bedroom is usually identical to the pink color, but here, if you your kid has another color choice, it is also good if you choose light blue color as the background of the room. In the picture, you could see that the wall is painted with light blue and then, some pictures are added there  also including the flowers, tress, also the butterflies.

Purple Butterflies Girls Bedrooom DecorationPurple Butterflies Girls Bedrooom Decoration

Beside having pink color, you could also have a soft purple of bedroom decoration with some butterflies there. In that picture, you could see that the room is full of purple butterflies decoration from the curtain, bed cover, pillow cover, also some decoration placed on the small cupboard and tables. Beside that, by having white background of the bedroom’s wall also bright light of the natural light makes this bedroom design seem to be brighter and larger.

little girl room decorating ideaslittle girl room decorating ideas

Beside having some decoration that are stamped to the wall or some furniture, you could also have hanging butterflies decoration in the bedroom design. This would be nice since you could have many decoration ideas in your kid’s bedroom design.

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