Amazing Italy Interior Decoration

In this world, there are many kinds of interior design that would be your reference in designing your home interior design. In the previous articles, you have received some information about some interior designs, whether it is Asian or European interior decoration. Along with that, Amazing Italy interior decoration also would be great design for you and you should consider it well for having this.Italian interior decoration has elegance look and would always invite persons to look at it. Beside that, you would feel comfort and stay long in the room, especially when you add some furniture and decoration that would make your interior design more lively.

Interior Design in ItalyInterior Design in Italy

In the Amazing Italy Interior Decoration, window design is always being considered and of course  you should consider it well before choosing the window design. From the look of the picture above, you could see that this room has very big window design. to make it more beautiful, you could decorate it with well, such as drapes, shades, shutters, or curtains, based on your private wants and preferences.

interior design Italyinterior design Italy

Considering about the color of Italy interior design, you could see that the classical color always being used and it would make you feel comfort and calm atmosphere. Beside that, you could also Some furniture also Majorica pottery are always being used. Beside that,usually Italian style that have rustic and have a certain accent in the room. This kind of atmosphere would make your family likes to stay in this interior design. Then, as you have learned before that, lighting design always having great influence in making the room more beautiful since they would spread out the light to the whole interior design.

Italian Bedroom DecorationItalian Bedroom Decoration

Amazing Italy Interior Decoration also includes bedroom design where you would spend your leisure time to take a rest. In this kind of design, you could see that the room is dominated with white color and it is added with some elegant decoration including hanging lamp, bedding design, bed cover, mirror, fireplace, window. As you know that Italian design is identical to the big window design. This window is beautified with beautiful curtain.

Italian kitchen Interior DesignItalian kitchen Interior Design

Kitchen is also important for you to take a look. In this kitchen design, you could see that minimalist design is used, but still the Italian identity such as big glass window is shown there. By having this window, the view of the outside could be seen from the interior. Beside that, this window allows you to have natural light in your kitchen interior.

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  1. Allie

    astronomical allotment with so potential. I agree with paint and fabric in the panels.You can a twin airbed instead of a regular mattress. They can be supremely comfortable and are easy to store and deploy. the springs with a paint tarp canvas or similar canvas fabric tied with tabs to the frame to protect the airbed from punctures. Airbeds need a thick or fleece blanket under the sheet or they (which is actually on hot summer nights!). This would work well for occasional or for younger guests.

  2. Charlie-Tomas-Dale

    I learned a lesson..white at the top and of the color contest entry did it correctly…glad I did not suggest otherwise. Why is the desk top raised..or should I ask how is it supported?The is nice, especially the light source.You got so many compliments from the writer,want to up with you. That said,I not figured how to to some of the sites. Guess I will bear to pad and pencil by to the listing. It is frustrating,since I am such a novice .

  3. JavonMoshe

    I devour the second characterize – a canopy or some mesh curtains around it would completely it. Most studios around here the alcove EastVillageAmy talks about for a bedroom.

  4. Amira696

    I really liked the first one but the others, not so much. I being able to where everything is, but then, maybe I am more of a stuff-person. I am currently experimenting with the kon mari arrangement and so far, I am finding myself a more person. but I definitely tend towards being more of a maxilist (is that a word?) than a minimalist and some of these honest leave me cold.

  5. Quentin-1966

    wow! what a place!ideas:- the glass divider = 2 artworks of the same size (bigger than the glass), achieve them to back, accumulate to the wall/ceiling, bottom = with slim shelves/ikea plastic shoe cabinets for extra storage- loving the fridge- some wall with bookshelves, textures with storage baskets/books- some wall with narrow shelves, install them and let broad posters/artworks stand on them, you can also extreme bookshelves- rugs- futon = with a fitted bedsheet, maybe something with retro pattern?all the best ^_^i live in hong kong and constantly struggling with and curtains “with a/c openings” from landlords ^_^

  6. Janelle Katalina Arden H.

    Aside from some of the art I believe this is really quite lovely. I especially the serenity of your outdoor space.A few months ago AT had a post and one of the art pieces was of a life-like dinky girl under glass. I found that disturbing too.I would not want to eat next to such a disturbing image as the one in this post or relax in my living room with a poster of skinheads or brush my teeth in front of a of a child with sores on his face.That said, your house your to whatever you want on its walls. I believe your response to the critics was gracious. And perhaps there is indeed a clear underlying meaning to the art and when you at it that is what you and not the aesthetics of the subject matter.Even though I not always them aesthetically I applaud AT for posting things that are thought-provoking and out of the ordinary. At the extremely least it got me signed up to post a comment for the first time!@Blandwagon: Perhaps if you had ever really experienced the word you can not seem to say you would not so free with it.

  7. Noel_Roland_Sidney

    Depending on how well the ceiling is ventilated, I would be careful about hanging a ceiling or attaching a ceiling to the existing. If the bathroom is poorly venitlated, the moisture will come by up there and you may be risking some grave mold… You might fix the existing ceiling.The comment above about the nightmares if someone had problems with the bathroom above you is also a key point.In other places in the house, you might to the isulation under the ceiling is well done… I believe one of my neighbors took her ceiling down and hung a tin ceiling, which looks great, but does nothing to muffle noise from above.Good luck and let us know and/or what you do!

  8. Kiara777

    Sigh. No one wants to entertain my problem. Perhaps I violated the – nobody reads past the first line – rule.try again.Are cotton/ velvet curtains at risk of fading / rotting? What can I to protect them? Are sheers of any help?Thanks!

  9. Arielle Maeve

    My biggest mistake, several years ago, was ordering a custom sofa in a paisley print. The RLauren look, I thought. It arrived while I was out of town and when I saw it in our house I nearly burst into tears. It looked a scab against the wall in our light-filled living room.I had to a lot more money to bring in other elements to it feel at home, and then, hallelulah, the fabric began to split when it was only 6-8 weeks old. The company gave me a fresh sofa and I ordered it in a pale taupe, with a white slipcover for summers. I tend to in admire with fabric and could a whole house over every time I enter a fabric store. That paisley sofa was a lesson in how to manage my fabric *.

  10. Quincy.Kylan

    I a Bernhardt sofa with down cushions on the and on the seating – does anyone know where in Chicago I can them restuffed? I my couch so and so many compliments but the pancake cushion is getting me quite frustrated.

  11. Phoenix_Bailey_Dexter

    I the dim ebony wood stained room is in its twilight, especiallly for West Elm. I if you carefully mix it in with other woods and it looks great, but to a whole room in all ebony stained wood is getting dated.

  12. Leo Ramon

    Ok, Ive been a rental landlord for 7 years and lived on where I worked with my husband for 17 years and we are living here. We manage in a total living of 640 sq ft 2 bed with 2 cats, and consume to live in some of the one beds here that were only 550sq ft!So with that being said, you can imagine I about advance up with anything for roomsavers, dwelling makers, makeover miricles, etc. (at least my family and friends and co-workers so)… To with, I would an “L-shaped” attached work starting under the staircase (since you cant stand up there anyways) and wrap it around to extinguish at the window wall so two of you can work, read, lap tops, facebook or whatever at same space. You can either dwelling something this yourself and to the wall with L brackets underneath or to local hardwares delight in depot and they could you out and it installed for you. Next, to add extra lighting in a exiguous that, I would hang a circle, Rectangle, or Oval shaped mirror for interest and reflection of light directly across from your window which would be over your office/reading area. On the wall of other work space, hang some type of shelving (but dont overwhelm space) or depending on how many things you both have, you could even corner shelves and storage spacing on the office desk corner and underneath as well, so no extra is wasted. Swivel thicker wooden chairs with fitted postures into them on coasterwheels are perfect for fitting this for one at each (see Diane Keatons white chair in her movie “As capable As it Gets” that she sat in when she was writing). place a few pictures on your walls there of one another maybe trips youve been on together, etc (print out in and white then frame in B&W… You can pull carpet off steps to commence up and for a more contemporary feel, and at hardware store again ask for a spray or coverage for steps (non-slip) to apply or some other alternative from them that is removable in future that is placed individually to steps. Next, the trick of running a longer wall curtain rod across the window wall to it appear your window is larger will the seem larger as well! Then, add extra panel to each side (preferrably lighter sheer neutrals or cream to white for a diffused gape is chic! If you really wanted to upgrade, pull hand railing off of wall that runs to the bottom of stairs and replace with a waist leveled arm rail maybe even in a metal of sometype, raught iron and the other rail also replace arm and supports with the same. (that would really up value to room) this brings advantageous to materials with wood and metals… In regards to lighting, dont be to experiment. do wall sconces, hanging features that even cords down wall and can be tacked in plot and also desk lighting with workspaces! Cant be totally certain what the rest of your is behind the lens, but you can also suspend flat tvs now as well from ceilings. So where it looks you absorb couch seating, you could hang a somewhat modest camouflage for viewing entertainment! a or two of furniture might absorb to fade upstairs to unclutter the and give you a for ideas. And lastly, if you need to store bikes there, you can bike clasps, mounts, and hangers or pulleys now so you can suspend them from the wall or ceilings. This also frees up more floor and can cool. (Suggestion, if bikes will be staying, painting the walls bikes are on the colors or color of bike or close to it! This really punches up the excitement factor of your then and it doesnt feel be pleased a garage detail any longer… Hope all of this helps you. You might bear already done the room, so if wish you well with design whatever you resolve and * Bless!Tracidreams

  13. TomasIbrahimAmare

    @JuliannG Straws are recommended to protect teeth from acidic drinks tea and coffee. I commend your parenting, a example as to how I hope to be some day! 🙂

  14. Bobby

    current- $1600 + Utillities, Bushwick, Brooklyn, 650sq ft. 2 sized bedrooms, kitchen/livingroom, building, hardwood floors, windows, with balcony, laundry and gym in the basment.2007-2010- $1400 Utilities Included, Bedford Styvesant, Brooklyn, 1,000 sq ft. 1 bedroom, plus dining room, living room and eat in kitchen (entire parlor level of a renovated brownstone with details intact) deck and backyard access.2005-2007 $1200 + Utilities, Concord Ma 1,500 sq ft. 1 bedroom in a loft apt. converted dance hall and day camp overlooking a private pond, access to canoe ice skating, hiking, fishing ect. & but not the neighborhood for 20-30 something artists.

  15. Brylee

    I care a lot about type with the photos. So far MyPublisher seems best in that regard. You can access most of the fonts on your computer with their software. You can also lay out pages in InDesign and export the pages as hi-res jpegs, then upload to MyPublisher as full-bleed photos. cute results so far, and their tech is (although the information they supply varies depending upon whom you talk to). I not Blurb yet, so I cannot compare these two. Shutterfly books been good, although some of their colors a bit weird, and fewer font choices.

  16. Layne 1980


  17. AdelineAmiraKaylie

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  18. SavannahRyanMyah

    Paid $125 plus fabric to 4 dining chair seats covered including edge piping. I did provide the seat and the foam. I quoted out a wingback chair and got 3 responses averaging $350 for labor plus 7 yards fabric. This is in Central PA though, so probably cheaper than Chicago.

  19. Alaya

    I adore the Cafe Lights, too, and want to some for my party THIS SATURDAY. Been trying to them for 2 weeks. EXPENSIVE. Online can only them with plastic globes. Anyone a source???

  20. Stella Reagan Madisyn

    people actually lounge in bed reading the paper this? it seems one of those romanticized activities that everyone claims to because it makes you sound and and town and country-ish, but no one actually does. why the bed? why not a couch? a table? really? you to up, cover-up, the paper, inside, then acquire breakfast. no doubt most people would also brush their teeth and care of other bathroom business as well. why, after doing all of that, would you want to into bed to read and eat?and is how you the teapot and cups from tipping over?!

  21. Cora_Carolina_Anabella

    My dad always wrapped the gifts the second he got home, then he wrote a number on them. The spreadsheet that what number was what gift and for who was in a password-protected file (later it was on his phone). he did this with even the gifts for our larger family and friends so we wouldnt dare one and caught

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