Murals for Girls Bedrooms Design

Do you have a daughter in your house? If it is so, maybe you have known that you need to prepare a lot of things for her, including her clothes, shoes, also her bedroom design. As you have learned and read in the previous articles, you could see that there are a lot of way in decorating girls bedroom and one of them is murals for girls bedroom design. This kind of design is very suitable for girls since it would make the room looks so romantic.There are many kinds of Murals for the bedroom design , such as tress, flowers, landscape, animals, butterflies, and others. Of course this kind of design would have various colors that make it more brighter. Then, if you have known what is your daughter’s favorite flower, you could place it as your daughter’s room design.

crown room pinkcrown room pink

In the previous picture, you could see that the bedroom design is dominated with pink color. As you have known before that most of girls would like pink color and they like princess life ideas. In the previous picture, you could see that the decoration, such as pink bed cover, pink Pegasus doll, also there is mural crown decoration. By having this design, it looks great and elegant.

Disney Princess Ariel Mural DesignDisney Princess Ariel Mural Design

Disney Snow White Mural DecorationDisney Snow White Mural Decoration

You have known that every girl would always have dream to live like princess that live in the castle. Beside that, they would love some princess characters in the fairy tale, such as Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Little Mermaid, or others. These characters would be good if you apply it for Murals for girls bedroom design and make it colorful with some combination color in your daughter bedroom. You could paint the room with calm color that would make you kid feel warm and comfortable.

Flower Girls Room DecorationFlower Girls Room Decoration

This room design is very suitable for your little baby since it has nice combination color between soft purple and white. Beside that the mural design is very great and suitable for baby since it resembles the garden design. Beside that, by adding the wooden flooring design makes it matched each other to the mural design of this room.

Tree paint ideas for girls roomTree paint ideas for girls room

This kind of mural for girls bedroom design also suitable for little girl since this room is very nice since it resembles to the zoo or forest design. The combination color between pink and brown color looks nice. Girls bedroom design always being important to be taken care since girls appearance is always important for girls.

crown room pink , Murals for Girls Bedrooms Design In  Category
Disney Princess Ariel Mural Design , Murals for Girls Bedrooms Design In  Category
Disney Snow White Mural Decoration , Murals for Girls Bedrooms Design In  Category
Flower Girls Room Decoration , Murals for Girls Bedrooms Design In  Category
Tree paint ideas for girls room , Murals for Girls Bedrooms Design In  Category

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  5. Jaydon X.

    Dear Will,You talent and taste. I too, admired the colours, the plaids, and the arrangements in both sets of photos.I especially the closet room with the beautiful curvy chair and the bathroom photos (from the first set). the flag flying!JLou (Canadian in York)

  6. Leonard@99

    So far in the entries, this is the only one that I been really inspired and impressed by. Compartmentalized, yes, but everything looks well out and done with intent- not simply placed. To me, a perfect example of the difference between and dorm.

  7. Margaret

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  8. Phoenix

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  9. Javier Sergio W.

    Seeing the comments, you obviously done a job at creating feel for a exiguous space. If you analyze the design, you can that it could work with 200 (or even 300) square feet less as well (smaller loft, smaller living room and smaller kitchen). It is all in the design (windows to kitchen and STAIRS! high ceilings, light colors, and glance the clever of mirrors!) – keeping the furnishings to a minimum, not many tschochkes, spare of art, lighting, consume of materials. My absolute favorite.

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  25. Fabian Gaige V.

    I agree with kathleen08 on this– making it subtle, and watercolor-y might tone down the cartoonish vibe you seem to want to avoid. A rainbow coming out of a window or door and down to the floor in washed out colors might be sweet and and enough to satisfy the rainbow craving! Also, another reviewer mentioned prisms– we one in a sunny room, and the rainbows on a sunny day float everywhere and are really magical 🙂

  26. Celine

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  29. Solomon Conor Isaias

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