Chinese Style Home Decoration

So many home interior designs had been explained before in the previous articles, including the western interior design, such as Italian interior deign, Victorian interior design, and others. Beside that, you had also read about eastern design of home interior, such as Japanese home decoration. As you have learned before that Japanese home design always having some values behind each part of the interior design. Then, there is another reference for you to have eastern look of home interior design, that is by having Chinese style home decoration. This home interior design represents the beautiful and exotic side of its simplicity. This  home style creates a peace atmosphere and you would not be bored in the room. Beside that, Chinese decoration could be achieved by having color combination, fabrics, furnishing and it  would be combined together into sophisticated room design.

Red Room DecorationRed Room Decoration

Chinese style home decoration is featured with a simple and strong dramatic color that make the room being strong and unity. This kind of style has minimalist style that throw away the messing furniture. Beside that, each furniture chosen in this room have a balance and harmony that would make your room being more beautiful.In the previous article, you have known that color always take a part in making the decoration more beautiful. Having neutral and natural color, such as cream, muted grayish and red would make the room becoming great art work that would become the focal point of the room. Beside that, it would be good if you add the yellow lantern and some artwork furniture of the mythological creature.

Chinese style decorationChinese style decoration

From the previous picture, you could see that the Chinese style home decoration that the decoration is mostly use wooden material, including the home decor and the furniture of the interior design. Beside that, you could see there that some plants are added in this room design. Beside that, you could see that there is paper lantern in this room that is always identical to the Chinese style home decoration.

Asian decorating styleAsian decorating style

oriental Chinese Decoration

oriental Chinese Decoration

Chinese letters character is always good in having it as the decoration of home interior design since it is the reflection of the Chinese people’s character. Beside that, from the look of the decoration, you could see how the combination between modern and traditional design of the room looks so great and elegant. Beside that, with the touch of nice flooring design, it would make you feel comfort and relax in this room.

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