Paper Lanterns Bedroom Design

Once again we have to take a look at the interior design of bedroom idea. As you have read in some articles about bedroom idea, there are many kinds of consideration that you should do in having nice interior design including the color of the room and the lighting of the room since it would make your rest well and increase your mood. Beside that, this room is place to save your privacy and the place to save the secret of you. Because of that matter, having the nice bedroom design is a must. In this case, by having paper lantern bedroom design would help you in having nice bedroom idea.

Orange paper lanternOrange paper lantern

in this bedroom, you could see that the bedroom has calm look by having color combination between grey and white combination. Then, by adding the nice paper lantern with brighter color is adding the cheerful of this room. Beside that, if you have this kind of color would give you a calm place so that you could rest well.

White Paper lanternWhite Paper lantern

In the previous picture, you could see that the room is dominated with white color and it is really suitable for you for having it. white is always identical to classical and modern look of the bedroom design. BY having white lantern, it is really matched to the bedroom interior design. Beside that, this white domination color is balance with the wooden color and material.

Green Lantern DesignGreen Lantern Design

If you are having white bedroom design, you could also have another color of lantern design, such as, you could have green lantern design that would make the great combination there. Beside that, you could also add some additional lamp that make the atmosphere of the room looks so calm.

Paper Lantern for Kids RoomPaper Lantern for Kids room

You have read before about the bedroom design idea that would always have bright and cheerful color of the interior design. As you could see in the previous picture, you could see that there are many kinds of ribbons with various colors. Beside that, this room also added with some paper lantern with various color also. By having this kind of design, it would make the room looks cheerful that would make your children feel comfort and feel happy in their own room.

 Paper Lanterns Bedroom Design always help you in making the good decoration, but aside from that matter, this paper lantern always help you to have good sleep and rest after your work.

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  11. Nala

    Wow, job!!! Those legs are incredible! I probably would bought some tapered MCM legs to * on, and called it a day, but tjis REALLY elevates above a run-of-the-mill retro to something almost museum-worthy!I appreciate the white and it sets off those legs fantastically. The only, *only* thing I would made this transformation even better would be if you had sanded down and restained 2 or 3 drawers (one per row, randomly?) to match the legs.

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