Paper Lanterns Bedroom Design

Once again we have to take a look at the interior design of bedroom idea. As you have read in some articles about bedroom idea, there are many kinds of consideration that you should do in having nice interior design including the color of the room and the lighting of the room since it would make your rest well and increase your mood. Beside that, this room is place to save your privacy and the place to save the secret of you. Because of that matter, having the nice bedroom design is a must. In this case, by having paper lantern bedroom design would help you in having nice bedroom idea.

Orange paper lanternOrange paper lantern

in this bedroom, you could see that the bedroom has calm look by having color combination between grey and white combination. Then, by adding the nice paper lantern with brighter color is adding the cheerful of this room. Beside that, if you have this kind of color would give you a calm place so that you could rest well.

White Paper lanternWhite Paper lantern

In the previous picture, you could see that the room is dominated with white color and it is really suitable for you for having it. white is always identical to classical and modern look of the bedroom design. BY having white lantern, it is really matched to the bedroom interior design. Beside that, this white domination color is balance with the wooden color and material.

Green Lantern DesignGreen Lantern Design

If you are having white bedroom design, you could also have another color of lantern design, such as, you could have green lantern design that would make the great combination there. Beside that, you could also add some additional lamp that make the atmosphere of the room looks so calm.

Paper Lantern for Kids RoomPaper Lantern for Kids room

You have read before about the bedroom design idea that would always have bright and cheerful color of the interior design. As you could see in the previous picture, you could see that there are many kinds of ribbons with various colors. Beside that, this room also added with some paper lantern with various color also. By having this kind of design, it would make the room looks cheerful that would make your children feel comfort and feel happy in their own room.

 Paper Lanterns Bedroom Design always help you in making the good decoration, but aside from that matter, this paper lantern always help you to have good sleep and rest after your work.

Orange paper lantern , Paper Lanterns Bedroom Design In  Category
White Paper lantern , Paper Lanterns Bedroom Design In  Category
Green Lantern Design , Paper Lanterns Bedroom Design In  Category
Paper Lantern for Kids Room , Paper Lanterns Bedroom Design In  Category

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48 thoughts on “Paper Lanterns Bedroom Design

  1. Rivka C.

    Wow….um…I didnt really this entry to with. I there was a lot of stuff going on, and not all of it came together in the ways. Lots of clashes in textures, colors, etc. Seeing the slideshow (I cant the video at work) I it even less. Its visually pretty, but the slideshow is almost entirely vignettes, none of which (besides the bookcase & closet shots) on home solutions/creativity/unusual porblem solving.Given some of the East Coast/West entries I this entry as having an uphill battle.

  2. Lily-Henley

    I am in the process of having polished concrete floors added to my condo througout. They poured a slab topping and are dying that to give it an acid stained look. Dyes are more environmentally and as durable. However, they accomplish in the sun if not sealed. I disagree with some comments here that diamond polished floors require no sealing. That is not accurate. You attain need to seal them to protect from oils and moisture seeping into the concrete. Mine are being dyed, sealed with a penetrating sealer and then polished to 3000 grit, which is the highest shine. You need to seal, but the sealer will last 5-7 years and can be reeapplied easily. It is maintenance and looks great. But, the dye will be taken up unevenly over cracks, etc. It is not totally uniform – that is the charm of a dyed concrete floor. Any concrete will some imperfections and cracks, so be you are ready for a more damage look…some are worse than others. But, it is waterproof and friendly. All you need to is wipe regulary with a swiffer and buff/polish every six months – reseal every 5-7 years.

  3. Kaitlyn_Virginia_Kaya

    I not broken-down that tool but I ancient the wallsaver linked below for only $3.95 and to compose the online seem worthwhile I picked up the roller saver and I admire that even more but the wallsaver totally works.

  4. Liliana

    @Rcsd15 I remember those shows! You actually learned how to carry out stuff on them.On Trading Spaces there was an episode where one homeowner was adamant about no oriental theme. The designer for that was adamant on an Oriental theme, over the objections of the family doing the work. The on the faces of the parties alive to ran the gamut: pride on the designers face, sadness and guilt on the builder family and shock and on the homeowners. I hope things got patched up between the neighbors!

  5. Rodrigo66

    I actually went the round table route and paired it with a round couch (banquette) and three chairs. I chose the leather Bottega chairs from DWR and I actually found the rounded couch at the door store of all places. I am so I did not the formal dining room route, and instead a extremely comfortable dining that we employ a deal of time at. Bonus is my can sit next to me as I eat, downside is my dog sits next to me as I eat (read: drool). The round sofa is not on the door store website, if you are really in the conception I can a tonight of ours. Let me know. They several fabrics to from, some kinda retro and cool.

  6. Sophia_Heaven

    I conventional to feel totally overwhelmed by house chores. I felt I was cleaning all the time and my house was a mess. I couldn’t a handle on it. Then I saw the “how to your house in 20 minutes” post on AT (someone linked it above) and I conventional it to beget my cleaning schedule. Now I really do for 20 minutes or less, maybe 30 minutes on Saturday morning. I consume a free website called Remember the Milk to repeating lists of weekly, monthly, and seasonal chores. There are only a couple of things not on the lists – mostly doing dishes and picking up bits of clutter. But once my house was clean, and I was less stressed, it was really easy to around and desirable a bit. If you are starting with a mess, it might not away, but start. Within a month your house will examine really and within three months even the insides of your cabinets will be again and you will acquire your weekends back. I even found that I was able to my list lighter over time, as I realized I didn’t need to clear chores so often.

  7. CynthiaErika

    I turned out extremely nice. I left my windows (when I had them replaced in my previous house) at the curb hoping somebody would capture them for another project (the installation crew would normally them and dispose of them -> meaning they would to the dump) and they all disappeared. Later that year, I held a yard sale and a young couple told me that had picked up two of the windows and that they now a second lease on life as coffee tables.

  8. Jade-Alejandra-Kairi

    to a not “staged” for the photo shoot. A where “real” people live, cook and their neighbors company over the fence. We had better learn to grow our food again as the agricultural land of this country is being gobbled up by developers, and road systems. These folks will be fed, will you?

  9. Johnathon

    maxwell that is so i to try this too. since i dumped all my books in cure 2 you told us to i acquire lots of time to bewitch off all my labels. i am starting with all my meds. they so now in white bottles with no labels.

  10. Ava

    I agree with the answers above about sorting and putting “like” clothes together. I I scarves in there and those could be taken accurate out of the closet by utilizing over the door hooks on your bedroom door. If that is a rod in front of the shelving, I would hang as many shirts up as possible and the shelving for pants, sweaters, and other things. leave enough room on the rod to shirts easily to to the shelving.

  11. Eleanor 1984

    @LissaCantrell In Ireland “sorry” is in of “excuse me” or “pardon me” as well as an apololgy, so we all say it approximately ten thousand times a day. I once dared a visiting American friend (who had been making fun of this extremely thing) to budge one hour without saying “sorry”. He was surprised to accept he felt coarse and that people gave him looks, as if he was abrupt and lacking in manners. He then actually upped his “sorry quotient”. I suspect the same may be for your English wait staff.

  12. JohnStefanMarcel

    @Spyarchive Combining several ideas from AT, I am installing deep ledges. This allows me to demonstrate some pieces and then swap out with others that I maintain stored in a closet. I some photos that are all the same size so I can even the same frame which makes storage easier as well.This is allowing me to pieces I admire but a simpler explore overall and I can leave some wall empty.

  13. Ean 1999

    Agree with Marcellah. Was finally starting to this store. They really needed the to on the path. Should listened to the creative and people they had hired. It was they gave up on their winning strategy within six months. It was a niche. They should stayed with it.

  14. Leona

    to explore this – I was listening to a on NPR the other day about people in the Depression, and how many were encouraged to shop at local stores. Towns even had murals painted praising buying from your local shopkeepers.

  15. Carly

    Rebecca – thanks for clarification on locale. The fact that it is here in NYC in a building brings up anothe question: does she permission from the landlord/coop board to change the radiator?The other to — less aesthetically pleasing, I know — is a radiator cover.

  16. Ruby_Sawyer_Kailey

    After years of renting, we bought our first house literally one year ago. And we bought the first house we visited. It was perfect! I knew the I walked in. It met all of our criteria: big dwelling approach running trails, townhouse with brick facade, within our range, grand storage, 2 bed/2 bath, hardwood floors throughout, updated kitchen and bathrooms, dinky patio out back, finished basement with for an office. The only “drawback” is a 15-minute longer commute via public transportation but it was something I was willing to accept.The house was listed on a Wednesday, we went to it three days later, my boyfriend also went to the Sunday house, we in an offer Sunday night. Ours was one of three offers. On Monday, I got the news that we got the house. All within less than a week!

  17. Lucas@88

    I personally graffiti. Its those loser taggers that I can not stand. The sidewalk outside my is always getting tagged by the High School Kids. I wish I had nothing better to than wait around and every one of them in the act and them arrested.If I lived downtown in a warehouse or the and was constantly being tagged I believe I might invite a few graffiti artist something awazing and deter kids from tagging their name. Or creat my graphic on teh building that home in another post, i it was japan.

  18. Lorelei-Braelyn

    LOL at the mullet house idea. The is, I would never date a man with a mullet, but I might date a man with a mullet house.I definitely bound for the English style. Even when I capture asian plants and/or succulents, they manage to extremely english. Probably because I employ tea boxes as planters quite often.I agree though, Asian gardens should certainly be included- they are crisp without being contrived French gardens. Islamic gardens are interesting, though I doubt it is as recognizable as other styles. Mexican and tropical seem to me to be similar to english in the more natural and untamed sense.

  19. Damien Justice T.

    A few years ago, I found recycling bins comely enough to be attach approach the entryway and in my office and never looked back. If I ever stage my house for selling it, I I will let them where they are! LOL

  20. Raul Rylan Vincenzo Z.

    I appreciate both looks, but acquire the “before” (I would simply laid a sheet of marble or frosted glass or mirror on top of the to the stains). I do, however, feel this was a bait and switch article: the result is virtually identical to paint (and probably more difficult to do) and paint would been more reversible if regrets ever kick in.

  21. Romeo Santos Seamus P.

    @Cyclokitty I the “pretzel nap” description! I am lucky enough to two cats who that! They are not litter mates but they were young, neutered male cats who seemed to hit it off. I assume one reason for success is that First Cat loves everyone and everything.

  22. Kali

    Truly wonderful. So creativity and pride of ownership. And of course the bookshelf is to die for.Thomas, I hope you your for many years to come, and thank you for responding to comments.

  23. Judith

    The Danes an unmatched, and deserved, reputation for appreciating design. The American Institute of Architects hosted a Danish in Washington DC in 1981. I was hired to assemble the displays, and I earned so more than money. So many details — such as rounding off the corners of tables because nobody puts a plate or glass there — contribute to a examine that combines beauty and function in both and daily use.

  24. RylandJosh

    Thank you for urging people to not the usual shot photos. These folks drive me crazy – snapping pictures of postcard shots that the professionals carry out better AND getting underfoot. My approved photographers are those who are taking pictures of their companions (helps me hold my fantasy of the lives of others).

  25. Tristin@1973

    Their website is appalling, but the products are AMAZING. And for what they are, the prices are not either- actually better than a lot of the mass-produced * peddled these days [cough-bo-concept-cough]. I wonder what the cost of shipping from Hong Kong must be like… Sigh, wish they had an outpost in NYC…

  26. Lamar

    @HookahGuruThen it would be no more useful than the iPad and perhaps even less so. With Windows 7 you can any software made for windows. I contemplate this thing being big for graphic artists. Photoshop digitizer? Absolutely. Pro photographers taking this out on shoots and loading up Lightroom in the field? Absolutely.Put a light, mobile OS on it and it become diminutive more than a storefront for digital media devour the ipad. a OS on it and it aged for creation AND consumption of digital media.

  27. Adelyn

    the of the chair is and the wood looks beautiful, definitely woth saving. although arms on before are looking a bit worn, that is a expensive to this chair from classic-ish to not. the nailheads are overkill, six cats had a party on the back, and fuchsia is best left on plants. if “clothes the man,” twain would a field day with this.

  28. Maliyah.696

    Annie, down-wrap over foam core is a totally different thing! I down-wrap over foam on my sofa and it is great. extremely comfortable and always looks good. It is 100% down you want to steer far from!

  29. Jalen-Bennett-Kody

    draped, folded at the foot of the bed. The thing about living in Europe is that we tend to not top sheets. So, all I to carry out in the morning is fluff the duvet a bit and fold! A clean, made bed in 30 seconds!

  30. Allison Hailey Emmalyn X.

    I also a long and narrow living room. It is visually divided into two areas, the first, a library and plant area, the second the “living” of the living room, with couch, entertainment center, and table in the corner. Each has its bear rug. The rugs are laid out in different directions, which also helps delineate the areas. A grouping (a stool, plant, and basket) stands at the junction of the two areas and helps ease the from one to the other. My house was on favorable Therapy a few years ago, so you can explore what I am talking about at:

  31. RonnieDarryl

    When we bought our house every room was covered in some variation of customary mustard colored wallpaper. We since learned that there are at least 2 other layers under that one eventually arriving at horse-hair plaster. I become somewhat of an expert having completed the dining room, living room, bathroom and kitchen which are all now down to the plaster. Initially we tried a chemical remover which we sprayed on and then scraped but if you multiple layers this ends up being more than it is worth. Once it dries it makes the under layers doubley to off. I read of lots of different methods – vinegar, fabric softner, (neither of which I tried) etc. – but the best tool that I found, that there are more layers underneath, is the steamer – steam the allotment until it is saturated and then employ a wide putty knife to dilemma up and underneath the paper – at the bottom (otherwise you up kneeling in the soggy sticky paper that you absorb already scraped at the top) and up as you – this makes a difference. If I can i try to the chunks of paper that I off directly into the trash bag. It might it a slower but it makes the so grand better because you already taken care of most of it.i the floor with a disposable plastic cloth (which I will reuse until all of the walls are done and then dispose of) and some bath towels to any of the extra drips from the steamer – i chuck them in the washer when i finished a astronomical or a room and again with them.I could on and on and actually ended up with some apt short stories inspired by the wallpaper insanity that we gone through over the past couple of years.Good luck!

  32. Jay Jaylon Cruz A.

    I was thinking the same thing — that expensive appliances this are a pipe dream for most people now — but on one of my other approved sites, people are aloof merrily debating the merits of appliances from Wolf, Subzero, Lacanche, Viking, DCS, BlueStar, etc.

  33. Gilbert

    Annie,You a dwelling but a place. I’m gonna throw out some wild * suggestions based on what I would and what takes into some of your interests.1) move your bed into the main the windows – you can beget a murphy bed on the side with the fireplace or abut against the wall. 2) Create a curtain for either one side or for two sides of the bed – this can be with a track that hangs off of the ceiling. You might want to two layers of curtain – one shear and one solid for different effects/moods. 3) Get rid of the overly plants – I imagine you them but there absorb to be some more vertically oriented alternatives. 4) Build a descend ceiling over the kitchen to match the height of the loft/bathroom? Ceiling – can slightly higher if you – include 2 – 3 canned halogen downlights to give a sparkly light to this now space. At the edge next to the wall, a recessed light cove – you can either incandescents or halogens for this. Paint the kitchen wall this side a color that you – beget it a light color – the is small. The light cove will be to wash this wall with light and emphasize it. 5) The storage unit? Next to the fireplace has to go. Instead you will in a dinky banquette/pew-like seating and can a exiguous table here. Hang a lighting fixture over the table from either the ceiling or from an arm you extend out from the loft/kit ceiling area. If you are hurting for storage, some of the stuff in the newly created loft space. It’s a crazy * concept but you could a pull down storage unit over of your kitchen – roughly 2 x 2 x 3 ft – require a cabinet maker or architecture student to figure out the details. 6) Make your loft into a reading/xtra bedroom/storage area. At the edge of the loft acquire some extremely shelves for books/display (facing the main space). Emphasize the horizontals of the shelves by not pulling the vertical supports to be flush with them. these the entire length of the room and them a foot/9 inches short of the ceiling so that the ceiling floats above them. the entry where you it or disappear it to one or the other of the space. Your ladder will absorb to be rebuilt, narrower and attached on a rail that runs the width of the room. It will be a library ladder, allowing you up at any point along the wall. Note: I didn’t mention it but the wall on the room side of the loft should be down to the floor so that you can a wall of shelves – 3 feet/plus or minus. To light your shelves/display area, you can a series of gooseneck lamps peering over the side placed at distances along the top of the shelves or, one of these cold wire based halogen tracks from IKEA and the width of the room, impartial a bit beyond the shelves. 7) You mentioned Paris Café but you should brasserie. Why? Because brasseries always mirrors so that patrons can examine one another from around the space. Mirrors can a seem big/grand. about a freestanding plate mirror within the room. Also believe about some reflective surfaces in objects be pleased glass, nambe, etc….8) The fireplace wall is perfect for doing an accent color. it, please. 9) Replace the panel door on the bathroom with a flat one. bear someone give it a high gloss (like the sliding closet doors next to it) paint – will require a spray gun. 10) Think about hanging some estimable ferms in the space. You high ceilings – it makes sense to hang things. You can wall brakets to hang them if you like. 11) The comment made earlier about a larger rug is correct. Also, sisal/coir rugs in spaces this. They a historic flavor yet are also extremely contemporary. 12) Try to some consistency in the types/color of wood in the furnishings you select. Can give a sense of cohesiveness. Also, with such a floor and fireplace, your wood furnishings will bear a tough time competing – don’t them. 13) You acquire a wall/table of plants now. I would suggest a vertical glass shelved unit – not too deep on rollers that can almost fit between the windows. At night it in that position. During the day (when you aren’t home), roll it in front of one of the windows. It will advantage the plants and down on the heat fetch of the room. 14) Get a few more chairs. Give yourself more options for whatever you are in the mood for in terms of seating arrangements. 15) Glass over your posters helps – you don’t to an expensive frame (and yes, they are crazy expensive) – you can clips and a foamcore backing. The glass makes them behold classier, sparkly and ads some reflective hard surfaces to the space.OK…I’m about done. I hope these suggestions don’t seem too offputting. You can manage most of this stuff yourself…would some work though.As I said, you a space, but with some effort, you can lots of it.

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