Entertainment Room Ideas

Home is always being place to spend the leisure time with all of families. Along to the many kinds of rooms in the house, of course every room could become the place to have chat with the family whether it is dining room, living room, or kitchen. Some family also design the entertainment room for the family to spend the time at that time. Then, for you still have not that kind of room, how to manage it actually? After reading some kinds of interior room ideas, now it is the time to discuss about the entertainment room ideas.

living room as Entertainment room designliving room as Entertainment room design

In the previous design, it could be seen that the room is living room design that becomes the entertainment design room since the look of the room very beautiful look because of the big glass window design so that you could see the beautiful city could be seen from that room. Beside that, the chosen furniture that have classical look are very nice and matched each other with the design of this interior room. Beside that, the additional touch of some plants in the room makes the room feel refresh and natural look. Beside that, by covering the flooring design with the soft carpet is adding the elegant sense of the room.

basement ideas entertainment roombasement ideas entertainment room

In the previous picture, you could see the nice and cheerful room by having many kinds of color combination and some patterns of the furniture of the room. Although the domination color of the room is dark color, that is grey, the additional color such as white and red make the room seems lovely and cheerful.

home theater design ideashome theater design ideas

By seeing the picture, thisΒ Β Entertainment Room Ideas is designed like karaoke room since it is completed with the projector and it is very nice room to be used as family room and watch the movie together in the room. Beside that, if we talk about the design color, this room has very nice color by having brown color for the wall and sofa decoration. Along with that, it also has some abstract paintings hang on the wall that make the wall not to be very plain.

home theater design ideas2home theater design ideas2

In the previous picture is the Β Entertainment Room Ideas that represent the home theater room. This room could be used as the place for celebrating some important moment, such as birthday party or if you want to watch the movie with all of your family.

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  1. Sutton.Avalynn

    I this thread. I long been a fan of IKEA, for their accessibility and ability to translate high designs into an affordable solution.While I personally shunned the POANG (I had forbidden an roommate from allowing it in the living room, I acquire the same thoughts about papasans,) I agree that each dwelling is different and should be a personal thing.My current is furnished with a lot of IKEA and people are always fearful when they learn the truth. As mentioned, be to mix things up. An IKEA sofa with a vintage chair. Billy bookcases (which better with the glass door options) filled with and books alike.One thing I NEVER from broad box stores, however, is artwork. I feel that artwork should be a personal touch, whether self created, picked up at a local art blooming or even a collage of things you enjoy.

  2. Denzel

    Someone else posted about Ann Lovejoy–her books were really my guide to learning to understand gardening when we lived in WA (Bellingham) and then OR (Eugene). The thing about the PNW is that about anything grows (which of course is why things devour English ivy are invasive out there). I personally herbs so did a lot of herb beds, for both and for aesthetics.In addition to walking neighborhoods to ideas, be to check out some public gardens–Bellevue Botanical Gardens are nice, and the UW campus has both some formal gardens and plantings. Every I live (now in Milwaukee) I visit botanical gardens several times over the course of the year, so I can plants in all their seasons–it really helps in planning, especially in some Seattle where you really bear four seasons to for (unlike Milwaukee where we a for the winter–well, most winters).Have fun!

  3. Carlos Ezra L.

    Squeeeeee!I been needing this for a year! I an etsy shop that sells all sorts of goods… napkins, runners, dishtowels, and market bags. Now I can actually someone print my designs; zomg. FABULOUS!(literati.etsy.com) it will work for me?

  4. Siena.1999

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  5. Cooper Albert Kade J.

    I love, love, your home(3x for emphasis)! It looks devour you had a well-lived life. I can all the years throughout the home. So many things to love. In particular, I the placement of the nail polishes, the light above the kitchen cabinets with the various cooking pots, glass shelving in the bathroom, (I hope you a tub!) , the globe collection, and the “feel” of coziness that exudes from the photos. AT needs to justice and provide a tour or location video of your place. Also, it should be the prize winner. You a “home”, not a showcase or model as submitted by so many others. I proclaim you dwelling the winner by a mile. Contest over!

  6. YaretziAliana

    I simplicity and tidiness, but this house left me wanting so more. It feels so uninviting and every room is “off.” I adore some of the colors but other than that, it looks a staged to me. To each his bear though!Beautiful family!

  7. Lewis

    What about the clean on the top of the building? I chose #1 it looks elegant, yet contemporary for this time. A blend of two times. The others absorb no pop, they are arrangement too light and washes out in the sun. is always a to color, for pop, on a store front. The highest stores this to frame out their windows, they were a picture. For the door, which is awesome, I would black contemporary hardware and tjust the inside of the window with paint to give it depth.For the paint, budge with nothing other than “Fine Paints of Europe” and their Hollandlac High Gloss Rembrandt Red.on the door. It is similar to the color chosen by architech one. This paint will * everyone away that sees it. The door will glass. No other paint even comes gloss to this. NONE. a at a restored door here: houzz.com/projects/85476/oh-la-la-fine-paints-of-europe-high-gloss-red-doorGoogle images for Hollandlac High Gloss Rembrandt and ready to be WOWED! I my door done this and people to ask me all the time what is that!?? You can the same paint in a different sheen for the trim. This is no ordinary paint or ordinary color, it is all made by hand and will last and last for years. No paint company I seen is even in the same ballpark as Paints of Europe. Of course, you will pay extra, but to your storefront WOW people is the point right? You want to contrivance attention to it in a way. I flip houses and commercial properties and the high gloss for all store fronts and even on interior walls for an accent and on front desks facades. I the high gloss on a ceiling in a historic property. It reflects a mirror. It is the most loved room in the entire building. And of course, I consume it on all the front doors and even it on kitchen cabinets.Btw, you can the same colors mentioned by the architechs. beautiful Paints of Europe custom tint it. finepaintsofeurope.comBe to post photos of the finished product! πŸ™‚

  8. Juan

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  9. Chloe Alyson D.

    I work in an office that has been “decorated” with plants. They are EVERYWHERE. On top of every flat surface, stuffed into every corner. I managed to the ones from my (stuffed them all in the conference room)The temperature constantly fluctuates…..so I need ideas for LIVE plants that can handle hot, then cold, then in between temps!

  10. Scarlett_Kiara_Rory

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  11. Alessia

    the paint job is great. they clean and more modern. im confused by the cushion. you are skilled, but i dont the reason it…unless you a baby. then changing table πŸ™‚

  12. Nataly-Frankie-Ayana

    this is awesome and useful. i wish my two roommates had known about this before they fair sold EVERY of furniture they because they were upstate and only cars.

  13. ValentinaCourtney

    Are you kidding? The quality is not what they say. Did you from them or online. asking. Not a gargantuan experience and I would rather capture local on LES. You can contemplate it in person and know what you are getting. Zarin has the best of the lot. Lower than 1/2 of ABC for same stuff and 10x bigger than the other stores down there. They say free parking on website. Worth going for that right? I thier ads in NY Magazine..fresh.

  14. GracieGwen

    The last hardware cloth I bought was magnetic. I cleave it to fit an empty frame (glass removed), with scrapbook paper behind. It makes an bright magnet board. Less college dorm looking than a painted cookie sheet. I made it for my mom and her fashion is sort of meets antique country. Worked out well.

  15. CarsonJaxonTodd

    If you cannot enough of PR, you might want to check out the Television without pity website which has forums with threads devoted to each designer and hilarious and snarky comments!

  16. Gerald777

    YES! My friend painted his ancient kitchen cabinets a high gloss white and replaced ALL of the hardware (hinges, etc., but without taking them off the wall). They came out amazing.He even took his stove outside and spray painted it gloss white and surprisingly that turned out too. Then he went with two shades of tomato/terracotta on the walls. The whole kitchen was revitalized and updated.I agree that the lines are really nice. Those cabinets are keepers!

  17. Jaelynn.Jolie.Estelle

    In the course of my work, I acquire across a few cases of near-extreme hoarders ( the fact that they called in a feng shui expert showed that they were at least conscious that they had a and they were calling out for help). The energy surrounding these pack rats is sad. One lady had carved pathways through newspapers that were stacked from floor to ceiling to to her bathroom which had practically a shrine to prescription drugs in it. (A table jammed with every of pill bottle imaginable. Living in disorganized clutter and being a hoarder are two different things and the energy feels different, too.Katyhttp://fengshuibyfishgirl.com

  18. SofiaLexiMaleah

    I assume there are actually two data sets for each market. The interactive blueprint at the bottom allows you to filter by origin and destination. So, of all the searches originating in Boston (set Origination: Boston, Destination: All), 91.6% of them were for Boston-area homes. But if you Origination: All and Destination: Boston, it shows that 92.5% of those searches came from within Boston, and then it breaks down where the rest of them came from (New York being the most out-of-town origin for a Boston-area search within that scant 7.5%).

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