Pink and Blue Bedroom Ideas

Once again, let’s talk again about bedroom design. you have known that there are so many kinds of bedroom designs that would be your choice for your privacy room. bedroom is always needed to be taken care since it would destroy your mood if you have mess bedroom. In this room, you would release all of your stress and tiredness. Then, in choosing the bedroom, you should always consider about the color of the room. Then, actually, what kind of color that would be suitable for you? Let’s see some ideas of pink and blue bedroom ideas that would be good choices for you, especially for you, woman since this kind of colors is are identical to the girls’ colors.

Pink And Blue Bedroom DesignPink And Blue Bedroom Design

In the previous picture, you could see the idea of nice color combination between pink and blue is very great. This room is dominated with soft blue. Beside that, it is completed with soft pink color in the bed design. Then, it is also added with ornaments, such as some photos that are hanging around the wall. The little touch of white color is also making this room looks very comfortable. Beside that, by adding the wooden design of flooring, it makes the room looks very great.

Bedroom With Pink Curtain DesignBedroom with Pink Curtain Design

In the current picture, you could see that the domination color is pink color. The wall design in this room is painted in pink color. beside that, for the blue color is added from the pillow. This room has nice view since you could see the outside view from the glass window. Then, the curtain makes this room looks great since it is added with pink color also. By having the sun light come through from the window, this room looks so bright.

Chic Shack Bedroom DesignChic Shack Bedroom Design

After seeing the bedroom design in the previous picture, what is your opinion about that picture? Of course, this room is very beautiful and very romantic since it is like princess bedroom design. Actually, this room is dominated with white color, but the touch of pink and light blue makes the room looks so beautiful. Then, the bedding design looks great since the bed is added with the pink curtain and makes it more beautiful.

Pink Blue Bedroom DecorationPink Blue Bedroom Decoration

This  Pink and Blue Bedroom ideas looks so big and wide and the color combination looks very nice. The blue curtain as the window cover looks so elegant and makes the  room so beautiful. Beside that, the bedding design also looks very nice with soft blue.

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  3. Sergio Clayton Kristopher

    This is the of room I would bear loved as a child. Instead, I had to endure a stereotypical, uber girly, hot pink bedroom, complete with a freaky, giant Barbie head. Sigh. Kudos to you for creating such a wonderful for your children.

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    I will add that you seem to be losing between the entertainment center and the corner and the sectional and the corner. Since the room is and the pieces are large, be to push them all the contrivance against the corners. I floor length curtains to be awkward with radiators. I would assume the curtains, the hardware, the existing blinds, and anything else cluttering up the windows and install simple, semi-sheer white blinds or shades that fit inside the window surrounds (if you feel you need anything at all in the windows). Regarding the mirror, try creating an of several mirrors in silvery frames to light. Finally, you really need the rug on top of the wall-to-wall? Because it is and creating more visual clutter. And remember to consume flat paint, which minimizes the imperfections in plaster walls.

  11. Harmony

    Personality is always interesting, and here in the comments it is, too. The Before shows a room without design, but bare color and emphasis on. A soft bed beside the lit window. The After photo has a decorated room with an upholstered headboard in the Ame color as the wooden headboard, a change in paint color, and many details added to the room to give in a setting and to it a setting, too. I the photo of the ocean above the bed, the books and vases, and the table–which may or may not been there previously. I assume that the After is an improvement without work resulting in a relaxing bed and a vibrant room. In the Before bedroom, the emphasis was sleep. In the Aafter bedroom, the emphasis is waking to a day.

  12. Deshawn

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