Shingle Homes Interior Design

There are a lot of kinds of home interior designs in this world. Although we have learned so many kinds of interior design, there are still many kinds of interior design that should be learned. Aside from Traditional interior design, African interior design, Japanese interior design, also Victorian design. This time let’s talk about Shingle Homes Interior Design. From the look of home exterior design of this house, you looks so natural by its stone wall material. Beside that, the outside design of this house is completed with the wide are with some plants that representing the countryard design. How nice and beautiful of this home design. Beside that, if you have nice choice in lighting design, you would get very amazing and beautiful look from the outside.

Shingle Home Outdoor DesignShingle Home Outdoor Design

As being said before that the exterior house of this home looks great with the classical look of the stone wall design, beside it is also combined with the wooden material of the house.

Bedroom Design of Shingle HomeBedroom Design of Shingle Home

In the previous picture, you could see that bedroom looks so simple by having white color domination, including the ceiling design, flooring design, also bedding design. Beside that, the little touch of the calm lighting makes this room looks great and having classical sense.  Beside that, since the room is not too wide, it is designed with sliding door that would help you in saving and maintaining the room space. Then, adding the sliding door with white curtain makes the room matched each other and looks unity.

White Bedroom Design of Shingle HomeWhite Bedroom Design of Shingle Home

Bathroom would not be left in the arrangement of interior design since it is the privacy room of someone. Then, in the current picture, you could see that the bathroom design looks matched each other between the bedroom and bathroom since they are not separated in one room design.

Interior Design at Shingle Style House DesignInterior Design at Shingle Style House Design

In the previous picture, you could see another classical color of the  Shingle Homes Interior Design that has wooden color that is very calm. Beside that, the combination color between the interior color with some furniture looks so classical. Beside that, adding the curtain design is always being great in the interior design. As being explained before in some articles about interior design, lighting design is always important since it gives the great look and increasing teh good mood of the interior design. Then, the wooden material also adding the natural look of the design makes it more natural and having oriental look.

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    Mary–The guys at Daniel Cooney Art also consignment/resale (as many galleries do). I believe they employ an online service called iGavel…per their website:”We are always accepting consignments for upcoming auctions. If you something you would to sell at auction please contact us by e-mail with an image attached if possible. We will promptly with an estimate and reserve. Please not send a work of art to us without prior notification.”Their website is

  2. Kaleb.Maximiliano.German

    Carpet sounds gross… I things blueprint too often to trust a carpet covered fridge to clean! This sounds a gimmick to me. If they were looking to be environmentally friendly, there are other materials out there that could been recommended before carpet.

  3. HopeJolene

    If casters are on a chair, it seems to me a measure equaling the height of the caster needs to be removed from each chair leg. It also seems to me that the logistics of a trend are not necessarily considered when implementing a change, ie. the height of a chair PLUS the caster, a bookshelf that is not designed to be lifted off the floor, tripping on a caster that projects into the room, etc. Some of these ideas are not well thought-out, and there are possible consequences to using these designs.

  4. Olive_Elisa

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  6. Adalyn Amy Elaine O.

    This is curious to me too. The of my 32″ LCD is about 34″ off the ground so the center of the television is in the range craigt suggests. It is the height for viewing from the couch. Why would you want your television to be up so high? I can only imagine doing it higher if the tv were in an room and was for viewing while on a treadmill.

  7. Kenia

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  9. Gemma-Adrienne

    After relying on my friends and family to me every couple of years (I moved around a lot while in college), all the while acquiring more and more (heavy) stuff (namely MCM furniture, books and vinyl – my collection is now about 6,000), about 8 years ago I started hiring movers. I cannot stress this enough: if you absorb more than will fit in a mini-van – HIRING MOVERS IS SO WORTH IT. Rather than sweating and straining and lifting and cursing, you to stand and direct, and the entire process is usually finished in an hour or so (depending on the distance, of course). I moved again last weekend and it was a no-brainer. If at all possible, hiring movers is the to go.

  10. Adriana999

    Grace- Your location has a lot of personality. I tired of the functional designer, yuppie sterile that I behold so of. At least your is interesting. I dig how you thrift shop and live simply. I delight in your style!

  11. Luis_Roger

    I am similar to you, I always cozy spaces but yet to cozy work for me. I always feel too grand is laying around but when everything is away, it feels bare. I am finding what works for me but for now I am playing around with combining different patterns for a cozy effect.

  12. KiaraAriya

    For people looking for more rural homes we shot another historic rural farmhouse (also in NH) with a extremely different last summerif you missed it the first time a look…

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  14. SawyerMuhammad

    I am so to found this post. I been redecorating since I was little. I live in a 280 square foot that is driving me mad. There is one long wall and one short wall. The room is is narrow. I try to angle everything every couple of weeks. I work from and it is so easy to fair re-arrange on a whim. Sometimes I am up in the evening changing things. I spent a fortune of pillows and accessories through the years. Thank goodness my daughter has a now and I give her things. He is with all the extra stuff from my homes. I I could had a whole other house several times over. The thing is I never miss the stuff. I wish I had storage so when I in the mood I could to my warehouse of stuff and switch out. I leave things on neighbors doors and decorated the hallways with tables and lamps in my apartment building. I wish I could cessation but I actually it. It was better when I had a house as i could switch things from room to room. spaces are the hardest. So thank you everyone for making me feel less insane.

  15. AllenClintonElvis

    @Michelle @ And Then We TriedTry pillows done in pink and green dip dyed linen or Rag Quilted patchwork pillows in the same fabric? (Pinterest has loads of instructions on Rag Quilting).Would a few pieces of Jadite work well in your room? Its a green opaque milk glass that was accepted in mid-century design. (Look for them in antique stores and thrift shops). A bowl of Jadite with pink flowers in them on your table helps spread your chosen colors into the room. Perhaps the bowl with something unexpected: spools of thread in various shades of pink or the colors in your rug.

  16. Olivia Fernanda Raven

    @Fairfax Avenue you ever seen this article? Pittsburgh really was disgusting. When people talk about reducing EPA regulations, I want to them this.

  17. Devin-Javon-Jordon

    wally3, adding 2 horizontal inches to the counters deeper from the wall did not affect the pricing in a way.What did affect the pricing was the need to the counters up with plywood to them taller, to accommodate a sink with more depth (toward the floor). We had to converse a 2″ a custom edge on the front of the counters to this work, and that did add some cost (probably around $500, if I remember correctly, because it precludes you from ordering counters with standard edges from box stores–you to proceed to a boutique stone vendor). Hope that makes sense.

  18. Darrell

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  19. Jayden

    My suggestions:* Change the to a warm white.* Re-hang the art. There are plenty of instructions and ideas for layouts online.* a smaller rug, or Kid-Friendly Flor tiles in a neutral color.* Bring in pillows and accessories in yellows, blues, whites, and grays.

  20. Jerry.Barrett

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