Aqua Home Interior Design Idea

When you heard about aqua home interior design idea, you might think that it would always be related to the water. Yes. It is right. this kind of interior designย  would be related to the ocean color, that is light blue color that would make you feel refresh when you are staying in that room. Light blue is always being nice and cheerful color, beside that it also has romantic color in the room. This kind of design could be applied in all rooms in your home design, such as in the living for welcoming your guests, in the bedroom to release your tired, also in the kitchen, when you could prove your love to your family.


Blue Living Room HouseBlue Living Room House

In the previous picture, you could see the aqua home interior design idea in the living room where the design is very simple that is really suitable to the minimalist design. Then, as you could see that the light blue is dominated to the living room design. Beside that, the combination color between the light blue and the pink color adds the fresh look of living room where you would welcome the guests. Beside that, this blue living room looks very bright since the room is designed with the glass window that could make the light come through the living room.


Aqua Bedroom DesignAqua Bedroom Design

In the previous picture, you could also see the ย Aqua Home Interior Design Idea in the bedroom since as you could see, the fresh look but it has calm color would make your mind feel calm and very comfort for vanishing the tired and boredom of you. Beside that, the combination color of the bedding design and the blue wall painting that becomes the domination color looks nice and beautiful.


Aqua Kitchen DesignAqua Kitchen Design

In the previous picture, the kitchen design looks so fresh and it seems that you have kitchen design near the blue ocean. Beside that, the color combination between light blue and white design makes the room looks so fresh and calm. Then, in this design, the kitchen has an open kitchen since the kitchen is combined with the dining room. in this design, it looks like the design is very simple and very suitable for the minimalist home interior design. Beside that, by having the open kitchen, it would help you in saving the place of your house. Beside that, since the room has bright color as light blue, it makes the room looks so spacious.

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  1. BryantDarwinDaryl

    everyone, thanks for all the are some answers to some of the questions:Mid C Frank…I totally agree with you on the formica dining table being in the kitchen..but, the dining nook is too to fit in there. Vintage Formal teak dining sets are comely but so extremely costly.Improper Bostonian…Ana, my wife has exactly the same tastes in furnishings as I do. We usually it out together : )K2yhe…yes, I made the doors from some particle board, its thin and it was already painted white. I had some left over legs from an coffee table and installed them along with the pull handles from IKEA which they impartial discontinued. For the tracks, I some square shaped wood pieces. This allows for the sliding of the doors. I saw another posting on Therapy where someone did something extremely similar to what I did except they archaic tracks from a cabinet supply store. I thats a better idea.

  2. Natalie Malaysia Reina S.

    I admire your office space, Liz! I would not to employ metal shelving in the office, but it works wonderfully!Debbie

  3. Nia D.

    OK where can I instructions for the type of “Frottage” that is referenced here? All I can is a variation of ragging paper scrunched and applied to the wall and removed. It sounds nothing what is mentioned here.

  4. Ethen

    yup, @vlhaven said, the nightstands else wear you can even the bottom door off to of visually lighten up the allotment and paint it a fun color.if your handy (or know someone that is) why not upholster the head board something delight in this…..

  5. Briley66

    Does anyone any experience using one of the IKEA Klippan slipcovers on the leather version instead of the cloth one? I my kitties, and they to scratch. On that note, has anyone seen the almas yellow slipcover in person? Is it totally frightful or wacky-cute (I hope!)? Further, does anyone experience with Bemz slipcovers? They some really patterns for the Klippan – more expensive, of course.

  6. Fatima D.

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  8. Sienna

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  9. Quincy.Cale.Jovan

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  12. DarrylMaximo

    ๐Ÿ˜€ I adore things! And this sink is a winner for being so well designed and so small! I wish the augury reflectedt hat as well… ($400.00 plus shipping ($60.00 to the Eastern Coast)!)

  13. Edgar Khalil

    I a second bedroom/office that is of boxes from my in July. I desperately need organizing a workspace for two computers and tons of office/art supplies. This would be great!

  14. EmberMonicaEmory

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  15. Quinton_Semaj

    I found all of your comments extremely helpful. I am also looking for an sofa with chaise and the of a removable cushion. I need a size (90sh x 70sh overall) and found a few options online, but not want to anything until I sit on it and a feel for it. Where would you recommend going?And has anyone owned an armless couch as the one in:

  16. Brendon F.

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