Under Stair Storage Design Ideas

In this article, once again we would see about the room with a little space that is needed to get more storage room to store some appliances and furniture. In taking care of the appliance, maybe you have prepared some storage room in your house, but here, in making the storage more effective and efficient, there are a lot of unique idea for having the storage room and one of them is that under stair storage design ideas. This kind of idea would become the unique thing for saving the space in your small home interior room. Then, this kind of storage could not only be a storage room, but also could be used as the small room, having book shelves, or others that would be specifically discussed in the next paragraph. Beside that, you could also use this small space under the stair to place it for the media room, games room, or others. If you could design it in good way, it would not only about the matter of the storage room, but also could make the small room of you becomes more beautiful.

Under Stair Storage IdeaUnder Stair storage Idea

In the previous picture, you could see that under the stairs, the small space is designed into the cupboard so that the remaining small space could be functioned well. Beside that, it is decorated with the table design with some ceramics furniture so that the cupboard is not being seen.

Home Office Under Stairs StorageHome Office Under Stairs Storage

In the previous picture, you could see that under stair storage design ides is combined with the small office design so that the small space of the room looks so effective and efficient. Beside that, the color combination between the storage and the room design looks matched with the classical look of the wooden material.

White Home Office DesignWhite Home Office Design

In the previous picture, another design of small office room with the storage design. This kind of design looks so great with the touch of white color. Beside that, the design is combined with the book shelves under the stairs.

Storage Ideas Under Stairs in HallwayStorage Ideas Under Stairs in Hallway

Aside for being the cupboard and small office, this under stair storage design ideas could also be used as a place for placing some appliances of you, including your shoes, bag, balls, slippers, or others. This kind of storage would allow you to breath in free way after thinking about how to decorate the small space of you.

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81 thoughts on “Under Stair Storage Design Ideas

  1. Jane_Tenley_Jaylene

    Sean and Ben,Yeah… everyone told me not to out the cabinet sink… that I would miss the storage.Honestly. What you need in the Bathroom? TP is hanging next to the stool. Towels are and they hang on rods. Soap, shampoo – already in the shower. Everything I on a daily basis is either in the shower or med cabinet. Hair tools on a shelf or hanging from hooks (when company comes I toss them in the hall closet.) A bulk package of TP is on my bedroom closet floor because it takes up the most space.Far better to an uncramped, uncluttered bathroom than to suffer with a cabinet because you can.

  2. John Nickolas C.

    We fair want to say thank you for all the encouragement and comments everyone sent our – you gave words to vibes we been shooting for and made it a sweet experience to fraction our place. THANK YOU!- aja + ben

  3. Blakely_Elin

    I to CHANGING ROOMS years ago in UK and loved it….! it gave me so many ideas and got me really started on getting into Decor…..! I live in Australia now but I hope we the fresh too… as we usually all the UK and US shows eventually….. 🙂

  4. CooperLane

    That is a light filled dwelling in the photo and your tips are for the average person. Useful, wise.The next level in garage wisdom for most people is to “enjoy” it instead of merely endure it.It can be a to and for actually doing things such as supporting most any of the projects on this site. A workspace.Aside from probably holding the car and bikes etc, and leaving all forms and varieties of garbage out of the garage – in some other dedicated space, one wants a workbench and tool storage and supply storage.For inspiration hop over to the garage journal. Its car intensive but you can what I mean there.Enjoy!

  5. Greyson-Sterling

    I liked the feel of the space, the table inline with the window is nice. The only discordant was the TV on the roller box. Toss that sucker out of the window, but check for pedestrian traffic first.

  6. Bryleigh

    Haha – you believe they did that to if anyone was paying attention?Having finally completed a chalkboard calendar (took me 2 months, plus…), I now not know how we ever lived without it.

  7. Tori_Kristina

    sandra – on the clutter vs no clutter and the stuff/nostuff issue…Fort me,the key to keeping stuff is CONSOLIDATION (with an storage solution). In other words, Books are stored in ONE home – not 5 bookcases scattered throughout the house.If you gape at the smallest/coolest contestants…the ones with books and stuff tend to bear them CONSOLIDATED into one area.And, I personally storage pieces with doors. I believe closed storage lends visual calm (even with glass doors).

  8. Lawrence Roger Nick B.

    comic how some folks who would askance at knock-off Rolex watches, MontBlanc pens and Prada bags, would never dream of purchasing a Chinese car that looks alot a BMW – and might even downright and post scathing reviews on if they were in a restaurant that served them a Crab Salad made with Surimi, found out that their “Scallops” were made from Stingray and that their “Veal Scallopini” was made from a pounded Round Steak…
    …would no whatsoever with purchasing cheap knock-off furniture.You come by what you pay for.

  9. Peyton-Colette-Lacey

    If they are stained they probably carry out not a accomplish on them, many of the older installations typically are not sealed/finished with some sort of urethane or wax. news if they are not sealed or finished you can stain them with a water based stain and then seal them. If you are not a flooring dealer that has does maintenance or refinishing and at them.

  10. Lila-Marianna-Karlie

    one of the best tips I is to not allow your savings to be connected to your checking. meaning when you log on to your online banking if the two accounts are linked you may be tempted to transferring money into your checking from your savings. by not having the two accounts “linked” when you need extra cash you to physically into the bank to acquire money out of your savings account. by the time you having time to attain that hopefully whatever you wanted to left you…

  11. Hunter Jameson Aedan F.

    I envy all of you who can actually afford to something in NYC! Would so in a heartbeat if I was able to.So my advice – the plot you own, it your and live happily ever after!

  12. Vivian

    Well – the rug is in a classic style, the sofa is looking vintage leather so a rug would work great. My advice – if you were my customer and you would acquire showed me the would be the following: a rug with light background since there is not light in this corner. A rug with a border looks better here than a all over design. Since the room is rather neutral you can a persian rug. I picked a persian semi antique Qum rug, hand knotted with wool and some silk highlights to bring a light to the brown sofa and photoshoped it into the given image.

  13. Grayson.Micheal

    I bought a blue velvet dining chair (chloe chair) from World Market not too long ago… it was on sale for $99 and I it as a computer chair. I it! bask in chevron stripes, I a diminutive velvet goes a long way.. although I of dig the gaudy and would totally conclude a giant sofa in it.@ The Nesting Game: I agre with nycagnes- Royal Blue. Definitely not eggplant (eggplant is more berry colored to me) but probably not navy, either.

  14. Derek Ronan Ross

    Evan,The TV cables under the bed and advance up between the bed and the room divider. The TV swivels 180 degrees max.- so with a on the cables it all seems to work fine. I am not an electronics * so I only two cords coming into it (the power cord and the cable). I bet if you all your cables into one sleeve I believe it should work for you.

  15. ClaireJadeTatum

    I antiques so to me, this would be the perfect chance to a armoir. I them on Craigslist all the time, or at antique stores and flea markets. A estimable dresser would also be a boon, no doubt.

  16. Teagan.Kara

    I wonder about advertising posters of c. 1900 that discover as if they had honest off the press. Surely some of them are reproductions. I the same doubts about fruit carton labels.

  17. Leona Dulce D.

    Living in a studio, my bedroom is also my entire living room (except restroom and kitchen). I can complete everything on this list, but am least looking forward to the bed flipping as I live alone! I imagine it would be quite hilarious for any onlookers. Will be cleaning out my overstuffed closet and working on my project this weekend as well. Ambitious intentions!

  18. Bethany-Henley-Elaine

    Perfect shade choices for these colors because they perfect when viewed together in the first picture. I I remember this from Flickr and I it. luck!

  19. Bradley Lorenzo R.

    We compromise on vs convenience. We a customary Baldwin keyed lock on our front door. And we something devour #2 on our abet door (just the deadbolt, not the handle). We one code for the door, cleaner has another, baby sitter has a third, etc. It is fantastic.

  20. Miriam.Ramona

    I grew up in the country in central Washington state. We always called the midday meal “lunch”, and the evening meal was either “dinner” or “supper” depending on how and awesome you wanted to sound to others. “Supper” was considered informal and a slightly redneck word to use, while “dinner” was decidedly more refined and upscale. We often had “supper” when it was the family gathered around the table, but it was “dinner” when friends were invited to join us.

  21. Oscar.Jakob

    First rid of the chimney cap, it overwhelms your roof line and confuses the house style. Otherwise you a ranch fashion home. Options include painting windows white and the door a color so they can be seen and work with the existing white trim. Cheapest fix. Or paint the whole house a darker color concept that goes with the windows. Faux stone facing on chimney would be bright and appropriate to both ranch and craftsman . Garden is easier. It is off balance. Add a crape myrtle to the left of the door and a shrub or column shaped tree at the corner of the house. Also suggest a shrub or two around the tree in the front lawn.

  22. Simon-Elliot-Justus

    For doorknobs–Ye Olde Goode Things (one on 23rd st., one in w. village, one in brooklyn) has a broad selection of antique-y ones. not cheap but for a prewar apartment.

  23. Kinley Nathalia Marleigh

    Wendy:Wendy:Swimming against the tide here but all of my DIY plumbing experiences absorb resulted either a weekend of no water or an after-hours plumbering fee. I had the “pulling the string” experience. One example, the shut offs at the sink would not work and when finally loosened, the packing in the valves was compromised… leading, eventually, to the galvanized/copper issue. I shudder to assume of it.I’m not unhandy, I can wire a light or in an outlet (if I must), but plumbing escapes me. I’m not trying to discourage you here – I believe you should it if you you can. And you can. wanted to let you know it doesn’t always without a hitch for everyone. In addition to all the advice above, you the number of a first-rate plumber and work when he or she can without an after hours fee.Good luck! I know you can it!

  24. Ian-Armani

    The governmental health department in the Netherlands explicitly warns AGAINST anti bacterial sprays. They actually will build the germ population in your house MORE dangerous. impartial warm water and soap the job better and that is a scientific fact. Not to mention the fact that the latter is considerable cheaper. And the paper shredder is bid nonsense too. Most countries the option not to receive junk mail- you can unsubscribe for that – and the mail that will your identity is easily shredded by hand. In my case (no business, impartial household paperwork) it constitutes of maybe one sheet a week. It does not sense to another appliance for that. just something more to buy, to dust and to maintain. honest handle your post and paperwork preferably on a daily basis. On a weekly basis at most.

  25. Carly.Lorelei

    I work the Chelsea store, and through 5 times a week, to between 17th and 18th Streets. And since the store opened here I seen the product, visuals, and catalog into a something that can commence to rival stores Crate and Barrel.

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