Narrow Dining Room Ideas

Once again, the matter of narrow room design would be discussed here. You have known that people always being stressed when they have small space of room design, especially when they have small kitchen design or small living room design. Then, what do you think when you are having narrow dining room design? Maybe you would feel stressed since you could not place many things there in the dining room. As you have read about designing small room ideas, narrow dining room ideas also has some ideas in making it more beautiful. Dining room is not only place to have a meal, but also  a place to have a family gathering when you have leisure time.

Electric Small Dining RoomElectric Small Dining Room

As being explained before that in maintaining the small space of the room, you should consider well about the color very well. Here, I suggest you to have a little bit brighter color since it help you to make the room looks wider and spacious. In the previous picture, you could see that the dining room design is having the combination color between red and white color. Beside that, by having the nice lighting of the room, it makes the room feels comfortable.

Beautiful Dining Room DesignBeautiful Dining Room Design

In the previous picture, it could be seen that the design of the room looks so bright and classic since the combination color between wooden flooring design and white wall color looks so great. Beside that, this dining room looks so spacious since it has glass window design that would allow the light com through to the inner side of dining room. Then, the adding of the wallpaper could make the interior room looks so great.

Classical Dining Room Design Unique Dining Space and Glass Cupboard Cabinets in White ColorClassical dining room design

Modern small dining roomModern small dining room

Then, beside having the classical look of the interior design of the narrow dining room ideas, you could also have more bright and cheerful color since it would increase the good mood of your dining room. Beside that, if you are having nice time with your family, you could stay long in this place since the interior room’s color is very nice.

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  1. Lucia.Jolie.Moriah

    The final product looks here, it truly does. But for anyone whose fireplace is out of commission and they want to eliminate the brick aesthetically, please assume using decorative molding, boards that can be tiled – anything *removable* in lieu of paint. You may be able to the same accomplish without making a rather permanent change to a historical home.- Sincerely, someone who had to a lot of paint from a 1920s brick fireplace

  2. Ashton_Joe_Rodolfo

    Hey veggiemar,I the SAME and automatically belief it was my fault. I am going to try some of the suggestions but personally I assume it is probably the design. You are not the only one!!:)

  3. Crystal-Jaliyah

    As far as storage, there is no reason to bookcases and storage pieces from ikea every time you move. I had modular storage–specifically the CUBITS storage system–for over 7 years and 3 different apartments, and in many different configurations. Something delight in cubits is flexible, easy to rearrange, and durable. I got a couple sets off ebay and couple off craigslist, but you can sets at and similar stuff at the container store.

  4. Adan I.

    photos of the before arrangements when you decorate for special occasions – assuming you liked and want to the previous arrangements/decor.Take pictures of things that you want to remember but not retain.I often room pictures and it is a in editing!

  5. Nicole.Kaia.Sutton

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  7. Carolina Thalia Aryana J.

    I had a chance to visit these before they were finished – the reason there are no interior shots is becuase the interiors are bare bones off the shelf materials – not that the architects had any choice. I assume HPD told them exactly what kinds of materials they had to use, and even how all the rooms had to be (down to the closet sizes). To the exteriors to the they did was an extrordinary acheivment in the crude cost York housing market – especially considering the typical cost housing unit in the neighborhood costs 15% less/sf and looks 100% worse.

  8. Jimena Liberty P.

    I recommend honeycomb shades. We archaic to acquire them on our bedroom window when we lived on a narrow airshaft, and they let in lots of light while providing privacy screening. You can then assign up floor to ceiling curtains if you want.

  9. Cesar Jalen Philip

    I the same with my tub (we rent), and the ONLY thing that works on un-enameled tubs/sinks/old counters are Magic Erasers (seriously), combined with some elbow grease – the above comment (laneh) states.Soak the shower head with a baggie of CLR or Lime Away to certain up the flow.Shower curtain liners with suction cups will be your BFF, too, or something these:

  10. Veda.33

    I adore reading all of these comments! When I was 19 or 20 I moved into a rear apartment that was attached to a broken-down house. So character, claw-foot tub (that I never really appreciated until I moved out), and a kitchen light that to the bejesus out of me. windows that opened in. I LOVED that place, that is when I met my future husband, now ex-husband. I only lived there for six months on my acquire and then we decided to in together (ahhh, life lessons) and we found a place, but nothing ever compared to my place.I lived there all that time and never had money for cable, so on day I decided to hook the wire into the assist of my TV, fair to what would happen. enough, cable was wired and working through the entire apartment!I been divorced for 3 years now, I an 11 year son and we now live in a medium sized, no character townhouse in-town. I long to absorb a all my absorb with as character as I life experience!

  11. Hadassah777

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  12. Karina Raina V.

    Also check out – they the same of vinyl letters – and they a really chilly applet that lets you build and preview online. They all kinds of other things and carry matte vinyl, so its another option for people looking to decorate their walls.

  13. Emilie

    Ha ha! Fiona is right….MY first apartment bedroom (a hundred and fifty years ago) had white walls and two twin foam mattresses thrown down side-by-side on the floor (filled up the whole width of the bedroom, too). bed was covered in pale blue sheets and a cream and blue flowered comforter. This first apt. bedroom wins hands down over mine! Heh.

  14. Kate Melany Alannah

    Hope everyone is ok and from Ike and its aftermath.Growing up on a barrier island in South Carolina, I had my of hurricanes and tropical storm threats and actually a couple that made landfall. Hugo in 1989 was the worst (a extremely physically and distinguished cat4), and afterwards, it took many years for the to truly bounce back. During that time, there were several storms that threatened to hit, we were told to evacuate, and nothing came of them. The local news stations would build a deal out of every storm from the it started swirling off the of Africa (this was in the 1990s, not if it has gotten better or more now). It became a boy-who-cried-wolf scenario from the residents perspective and we grew weary of the evacuations. It does become an intuitive thing, whether to or and it does to whether you can monetarily afford to flee.

  15. Craig August Carmine

    photos 1, 2, 3, 7, 8 because I need, want, crave slick lines. One thing I would seeing is similar kitchens that denote more access for a physically challenged or elderly owner. While staged photos showing begin shelving high up, those are useless to a physically challenged person or someone me who is 5ft 2in tall.

  16. Mason Grant K.

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  18. Jake M.

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  19. Jalen Maddox X.

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  20. Mallory Z.

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  21. Andreas

    discover if you can paint the stove and hood. My house had an avocado green stove and hood that the previous owner, thankfully, painted. I they had it professionally done, and you could not it was not the fresh finish.

  22. Jaydon

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  23. Matthew

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  25. Tyler Owen

    Oh! The first one! Check for tags! I to the books for a high-end interior decorator in Manhattan, and when we saw a leather chair on the curb, I stopped to check it out. Paul Smith! It was a $6,000 chair! It spent years in our living room before our kitten considerate of destroyed it. We gave it to Goodwill and they they would recover it. Most expensive allotment of furniture I ever “owned”!

  26. Ben Dale I.

    Would it be possible to (somewhat) the you originally wanted by getting some bohemian looking scarves and wrapping the seat in one, and draping another over the side – or making a pillow to on it, too? Try and play down the grandma-mauve color and play up the blues and greens. I the mauve color is the here.

  27. Abram

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  28. Ryan

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  30. Diego Brody Alonzo F.

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