Floating Stairway Ideas

We have talked much about the interior design that consist of many kind of furniture, color choices, also accessories, but we have not touched yet about the stairways design ideas in the interior matter although itΒ  is closely related with the interior design of your house. There are many kinds of stairway ides in making the room looks good and beautiful, but let;s specifically talk about floating stairway ideas since it would not only become the way in going to the upper floor, but it could add the luxury thing in your interior design.

Barker Floating Design IdeaBarker Floating Design Idea

Floating stairway idea provides you with a great look and magic look where the stairway stands in great way. As you could see from the stairs, it really suited the design of the home interior design. The stairs are made from the combination between wooden and steel combination that make great look of the stairs. By having this kind of combination, of modern and traditional sense looks so great.

White Floating StairsWhite Floating Stairs

Beside that, there are many kinds of floating stairways ideas, for example in the picture above, you could see that the shape of the stairs is purely made from the wooden material that would make you feel natural sense of the stairway.

Danny Cheng Minimalist Floating StaircaseDanny Cheng Minimalist Floating Staircase

Then, in designing the interior design with floating stairsway, you could have another colors beside from the wooden stairway design. For example, when you have white color domination, you could have black color stairs. Beside that, by having this kind of stairway, it would make the balance thing in this white interior design.

Classical Stairway DesignClassical Stairway Design

In this kind of stairway design, you could see that the color of this stairs look so classic and natural since the color is very calm. Then, by having this kind of stairs design, you could place another furniture under the stairs since it would save your room space. For example, you could place the the book shelves or the shelves for some small furniture or accessories. Beside that, this kind of stairs design would help you in maintaining the space of your room if you have small home design.

Unique Floating StairwayUnique floating stairway

After seeing the picture of stairs in the previous picture. What do you think of that design? I think it is very unique design since the combination between the home interior design and stairway design looks so great.

Unique Floating Stairway , Floating Stairway Ideas In  Category
Classical Stairway Design , Floating Stairway Ideas In  Category
Danny Cheng Minimalist Floating Staircase , Floating Stairway Ideas In  Category
White Floating Stairs , Floating Stairway Ideas In  Category
Barker Floating Design Idea , Floating Stairway Ideas In  Category

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  3. Joel Elliott Omari

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  4. Celeste.Frankie

    Well, my ideal would be a flat in the centre of the city, with wooden floors, radiators and seperate rooms, one for every purpose. To be fair all those clean houses and flats are not for me.

  5. Cash@777

    i this. and with the diminutive footprint, window, wood floor, and the finishes they chose i it aloof feels extremely warm. this is the considerate of minimalism i like, gotta bear some natural elements.

  6. Adelynn2013

    I agree, this is certainly eclectic. I love, love, adore the countertops in the kitchen. And, the tiles in the bathroom also a special in my heart. The apartment also appears to bear a lot of light which I appealing. I would also to an to ask if Caroline provides dental work here in NY for someone desperately in need with no financial resources to pay. If so, I would to contact her and some arrangements.

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  9. Andres-Edgar-Kale

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  10. Kristopher Matteo Giancarlo E.

    AT editors – please assume note: more House Tours bask in this one! apartment? Check. Rental? Check? Totally original, offbeat, and yet livable and relatable space? Check. Fewer perfectly curated homes and more and apartments this one, please!

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  23. Julia Brynlee Daphne N.

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  26. Cheyenne

    Hiya- I the floral is and that you made a choice. The upholstery was also clearly done well. My hint is give it time to to, and worse comes to worst, paint that wood white/cream. Honestly, patterns are beautiful, so you may as well rock a ton of different ones!

  27. Alyson

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  28. NathanialRoyce

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  29. Gwendolyn Paulina Y.

    I went there in October as well, and was disappointed to pay chubby augury and a shortened tour, because most of the interior of the house was under renovation. It is an allotment of residential architecture, but I would call and the renovations are finished before going.

  30. Chaz2001

    That looks appreciate the dormer attic with windows on each end in my renovation house. I had spray installed to maintain as head home as possible. Then I had an unexpected requirement to sheet rock the before I could the occupancy permit. The crew that did the sheetrock went at it they were in a marathon speed and tore up the insulation quite a bit. It was supposed to already be trimmed and ready for sheetrock, but they hacked out chunks. I to some rolls down in the floor under the eaves to compensate.

  31. Kobe Brodie Clay T.

    This totally reminds me of how Anthropology is decorated. There are always such crafty ways people approach up with to decorate that leave me floored. I know my students would to decorate the classroom, and I am going to try it . . . until the fire marshal comes to visit!

  32. Lukas

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