Alice in Wonderland Bedroom Decorations

Girls always love the princess stuff in the fairytale stories, such as Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping beauty, Little Mermaid, also Alice in Wonderland. Then, if you have a little daughter who loves that kind of stuff, don’t you think that you could make it as the theme of Alice in Wonderland Bedroom Decoration.  Then, actually what should you do in designing the bedroom decoration? Of course you need some ideas in designing the bedroom idea for your beloved daughter.

Nursery Room Alice in Wonderland Mural Wall ArtNursery Room Alice in Wonderland Mural Wall Art

In designing kids bedroom design with Alice in Wonderland bedroom decoration, You should prepare some appliances and accessories in designing it, such as big wallpaper of Alice in Wonderland picture. Beside that, you could also add some shelves with a lot of dolls decoration. Beside that, as you have known that in having the bedroom design, you should consider about the color. Kids always love pink color, since it is identical to the color of princess in the fairytale.

Purple Blanket and Pillow Alice in Wonderland ThemePurple Blanket and Pillow Alice in Wonderland Theme

In the bedroom design, bedding design is the center point in that room so that taking care of the design is very important thing since it would really give great influence in the decoration. Maybe you would think that pink design would be great think. Yes, it is, but you still could decorate the room by having good color combination. For example, if you have pink domination color, you could have light purple in the bedding design. Beside that, it would be better, if you choose the bed cover with the pattern of Alice in Wonderland picture.

Room Exterio DesignRoom Exterior Design

In the previous picture, you could see that the exterior design of the bedroom is designed with the painting of some cartoon characters. By having this kind of painting in the great look of the room would be in the interior and exterior and it is really suited to your kids’ bedroom design.

Dark Design of Alice in Wonderland DesignDark Design of Alice in Wonderland Design

Having Alice in Wonderland bedroom decoration does not mean it is always related to the pink color, but if this kind of bedroom design looks in the Gothic design. This bedroom design looks so great since the combination color and the furniture looks so unity. Beside that, some accessories, such as pillow also the picture of Alice at the top of the bed looks nice. Then, by adding the hanging plant on the bed, it adds the natural look to compromise withe the dark color of this design.

Nursery Room Alice in Wonderland Mural Wall Art , Alice in Wonderland Bedroom Decorations In  Category
Purple Blanket and Pillow Alice in Wonderland Theme , Alice in Wonderland Bedroom Decorations In  Category
Room Exterio Design , Alice in Wonderland Bedroom Decorations In  Category
Dark Design of Alice in Wonderland Design , Alice in Wonderland Bedroom Decorations In  Category

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