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Rather than going to the bar everyday, don’t you think that it would be better if you to have it in your home design? this home bars design are designed in many kinds of fashions and styles. Actually, why we should have this home bar design?Actually, there are many kinds of advantages that you could get by having home bar design, such as you could get the comfortable side in your home design and you could relax in your leisure time rather than having it in the bar. Then, another advantages for this design is that you do not need to have long journey when you want to drink. Beside that, you do not need to think the quantity and choice of the drinks you want to have.  You could also save the money of you to purchase the drinks and this kind of home bar design allow you to have very comfortable place.

Home Wooden Bar Designwooden bar design

Then, let’s talk about some features in designing the home bars designs. The first thing that you should consider is about the utility. You should think about how many times, or how often you would use this bar. Then, the next thing is about the location of the bar design. You could have it in the kitchen that is designed with the music system and LCD. Beside that, you could also have it in another place, such as in the basement or more private place for you.

Big home bar designBig home bar design

Home Bar Design LightingHome Bar Design Lighting

In designing the interior design, of course you always consider about the budget that you would spend in designing the home bars designs. If you have much budget, of course you could do anything you want, but if you have limited budget, you could have simple or home bar design that would not cost much.

Man Cave Bar IdeasMan Cave Bar Ideas

Nice Home Modular Bar BuffetNice Home Modular Bar Buffet

Small Home Bar Design with Wooden ShelvesSmall Home Bar Design with Wooden Shelves

Splendid Luxury Home Bar IdeasSplendid Luxury Home Bar Ideas

Unique Traditional Home Bar with Nautical ThemeUnique Traditional Home Bar with Nautical Theme

It has been talked much before that color is very important in making the decoration more beautiful. in designing the home bars design, you could have classical color or wooden color. Beside that, you could also have black or brown color. Attractive style could be your choice since it should be matched each other to the glass and bottles that you would place in that place.

In having home bar design, many advantages you could get by having another kinds of entertainment appliances, such as billiard board, musical instruments, LCD TV, and others since it would add your good mood in the room.

Big home bar design , Home Bars Designs In  Category
Home Bar Design Lighting , Home Bars Designs In  Category
Home Wooden Bar Design , Home Bars Designs In  Category
Man Cave Bar Ideas , Home Bars Designs In  Category
Nice Home Modular Bar Buffet , Home Bars Designs In  Category
Small Home Bar Design with Wooden Shelves , Home Bars Designs In  Category
Splendid Luxury Home Bar Ideas , Home Bars Designs In  Category
Unique Traditional Home Bar with Nautical Theme , Home Bars Designs In  Category
Modern Home Bar with LED , Home Bars Designs In  Category

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  3. Fredy 1984

    Oh wow. This is fantastic. That pink room would acquire been to as a child-teenager! The first photo – of the living room is incredible, I imagine having a day at work or having to out during a harsh Winter and then entering that colourful and all petty problems being automatically washed away by that colour attack!

  4. Ariana_Heidi

    Cleaning up the cords and losing the side drawers will indeed abet a lot. In the space, a loft architects office perhaps, this will explore and function well. Add an inexpensive rolling drawer unit (or castors on a drawer unit you already – mixing semi industrial looks would work well here) and you are set. I saw a kitchen redo on the hgtv website that tool boxes on castors as under cabinet drawer, looked intersting. I vote hot.

  5. Brinley Madalyn Addilynn P.

    This is so awesome! I was fair about to ask if this was formerly a shop. I a fantasy about living in a bookstore or something…Love the yellow, by the way.

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  10. BradenMarcoScott

    I I saw a hint on “eco-style”. Something along the lines of environmentally-sound articles/decor/design/advice/items et cetera. Could that be incorporated into a weekly article instead of devoting a whole to that? I would actually appreciate to learn more about earth/inhabitant-friendly, safe, organic, and healthy alternatives on this site. I believe alot of people would. impartial a suggestion. I guess one could call me a bit of a “greenie”.

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  12. Ruth.Kiara

    this apartment!! Lucky to floors. I would change nothing except its the perfect backdrop for doing flowering or non flowering plants. I would to some African Violets with green leaves and purple flowers in tarnished silver pots or white post on silver trays. a group of potted plants here and there.Or an purple glass bottle with white flowers or glass with purple flowers. This reminds me of Tine K Home- a at her Inspiration gallery and catalog-

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  15. Reagan

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  16. Leo Harry

    absorb you considered removing the doors from the top cabinets and having shelving up there? The bottom cabinets seem to be free of the scallop motif and they examine more modern. You could paper or paint the insides of the cabinets to brighten the or add a graphic pattern. Or replace the doors with glass doors.I agree with the ivy, window-thing and clutter on the countertop general suggestions. Some other plants would be nice, though, appreciate herbs in the kitchen. Mostly, though, that light fixture in the kitchen is bothering me. A series of hanging lamps of some sort, or something a more old-world would work.Your kitchen looks country, yeah. But you could steer it away from “blue geese in neckerchiefs” country and toward a thirties-deco industrial barn-chic thing. of country stuff that was extremely bare-bones and straight-lined.Or you could steer the geese-country into a grand, look. molding around the ceiling, consume copper hardware and lightswitch covers, hang a admire * rack in the middle of the kitchen, add some dead curtains in a fabric. Your curio, dining set, and chandelier all say, “formal,” so with it in the kitchen, too.And the is too harsh against the cabinets. Maybe paint the kitchen rust, chocolate, eggplant, dead black turqoise, goldenrod or dark charcoal, and leave the dining room red. You could divide the wall with some trim.Good luck!

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