Asiatic Style Interior Design

In the previous articles, we have learned about some interior design of Western designs and we have also learn about one of the design in Asia, that is Japanese interior design. Now, it is the time for you know about the Asiatic style interior design. interior design is always reflecting the culture of of the country. Beside that, it is also the reflection of the owner of the room. Beside that, interior room design is always being important since you would stay there in your leisure time, whether for yourself or having a nice time with your whole family so that having the right design would be great thing for you.

Contemporary and Asian Elegance Interior DesignContemporary and Asian Elegance Interior Design

In the previous picture, you could see that the design is Japanese interior design. In this design, the furniture looks so natural since the wooden material are dominated this room. Beside that, the accessories that is used such as the Japanese letter character looks so great since it is stamped in the big size that would add the sense of the Japanese style. Beside that, you also see from the seating design, that it is reflection of the Japanese culture. Then, the combination color looks so natural that reflect this culture since you have also read that the Japanese style has its own value from the furniture and design.

Asian Living Room DesignAsian Living Room Design

Japanese Bedroom Decor IdeasJapanese Bedroom Decor Ideas

Then, nowadays, Asian style interior design also has combined into western contemporary design. As you can see in the previous picture that there is eastern or Chinese design touch that would match you to the taste. Beside that, the color combination and color domination are red and jade green that would be combined into fresh and light look of the room. Then, as you can see in the picture, you could also see that there is a big Buddha sculpture in the middle of the room that it is reflection of the Chinese culture. Then, actually there are some characteristic of Asia style, they are fresh, light and elegant. Beside that, in the previous picture, Chinese art is closely related to the nature since it is made from the ceramics, stone, or others that suit to the style of Asian design.

Chinese Style Asian Kitchen Interior DesignChinese Style Asian Kitchen Interior Design

Balinese Bathroom Open Space Asian Style DesignBalinese Bathroom Open Space Asian Style Design

In this Asian style interior design you could see about how great the classical sense of the room design. Beside that, the combination between wooden material and great look of modern furniture.

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  1. Bryce-Weston

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  2. ReaganZZZ

    You are such an person to want to tred lightly and lovingly. I would definitely with a rug (hockey not so much), all photos from walls and group his “man photos into one (or to another room or garage if one is available, add in art that you both assume out, family photos into a gallery wall. Some curtains, a pillow or two and possibly a fresh coffee table and lamps and you are well on your way! Always a bit of greenery for softness. A friend of mine went through the same thing and it took awhile, but he is now weaned off the mancave living room and lives quite normally now! lol luck!

  3. Charles Alexis Pedro L.

    My first thought, others, is to frost the front door windows, allowing the light to in, but you your privacy. You obviously bask in since that is what you planned. I the table with object as well. You could even a tray on it with a covered box or dish for a key/phone, etc. landing *, but keeping it simple and neat. You could also ample potted plants under the side windows, but that would block your light unless you plenty from elsewhere not seen in these photos. These are all inexpensive options since you can film for the windows at area Depot in different designs and chop to fit.

  4. Anne

    I agree with realknitfreak – flank your windows by hanging one panel in each corner on the fireplace wall and one panel on each side of the longer window in the living room and dining room. hang the curtain rod higher than the window frame and wider than the window frame. a soft light color or white. It will awesome!

  5. Sheldon R.

    it a theme! People can dress up characters or the time period of the movie and you can food and decorate accordingly as well. Makes it all the more fun if you affection themes as distinguished as i do! We did a “Stand By Me” night and served campfire fashion food (hotdogs etc) and took a to a “pie eating contest” (really people eating blueberry pie).Also before buying a projector (theyre expensive) if any friends bear one that you can borrow.This is such a fun thing to on summer nights!

  6. BenjaminLaneTitus

    @verygoodone1 Oh and I forgot to mention for stains I Woolite, it works well, especially with this contraption combo that I picked up *-knows-where years ago…It combines the Woolite spray can with a wide brush plastic that has a clip in extended handle. You achieve the can in upside down into the plastic and then when you apply pressure on the carpet it sprays into the brush bristles and you can scrub into the carpets – its wonderful! (Always remember to test on your carpet somewhere inconspicuous first of course!)

  7. Austin

    I’ve lived in only four homes since I left my parent’s nest as I moving. The shortest time period I’ve ever spent in any location is 1 year. Residing for one year was not my intent, it simply happened. I took a lease on a house 100 yards from my first apartment of 16 years, with an option to purchase. The owner, one of my neighbors, seemed a person and was suddenly to Washington DC after his wife received a lucrative job offer there. The house seemed to fulfill all my needs at that time, hence it appeared to be a match. I would lease the house and eventually buy it, they could their two-house problem. day came and the first of many controversies over a crazy year occurred with the owner’s resentful * daughter’s attempts to disrupt the move. Revelations of hidden neglect and in the house soon became evident. Nevertheless, I drew up renovation plans and tenaciously held onto the dream of eventually owning this house and remaining on the street with the people I knew for so many years. Finally, reality burst the bubble when the house inspection and two contractor quotes revealed that the house had profound issues and renovation costs would equal the home’s $150K asking price. Three months before the lease expired, I began looking for a current place, this time, 60 miles away in the country and dramatically closer to my job. I learned a lot from that experience which today I refer to as my homeowner test period. In the I concluded that sometimes you need a stepping stone home, to acquire the you really want.

  8. Leila Marie Laylah

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  9. BaileyBriceTeagan

    alex,i had my tub reglazed. it cost $250 (for straight-up white) and it looks fantastic. the that did it also reglazes tile (they all do) and that costs between $3-$4/square foot depending on which dwelling you with.

  10. Reginald Davian Prince M.

    Maybe catch two white square pedestals with decorative molding that matches the fireplace and them on either side of the heater? At least then it may a diminutive more integrated, an electric fireplace or something. If not that, maybe impartial building a white box that surrounds its sides and top (leaving area between as needed) If its starts at the fireplace and is deep enough to encase the heater, you might be a better off. Its the stupidity of having the heater floating in front of the fireplace that makes this worse. Anchoring it will aid a bit.

  11. FinleyColette

    @cakowalik – Guess I should rubbing dirt on my furniture now.Really, really hoping no one ran outside to some inspiration-dirt to rub on their chair legs…

  12. Diego Braedon Cason T.

    Having grown up in a country where majority homes had a separate WC (no sink though) I found it really when I moved to Canada that toilets are integrated into the bathroom. Now, after 2 decades, I would never switch back. The conception of having to several doors to to the sink (after I the toilet) would drive me nuts, and I am NOT particularly germophobic.Also, as a woman, I would not want to bear to change a * if a sink was not close by (sorry if TMI).

  13. Ana

    I hope that in a few years you will outgrown decorating with wine bottles and gape some more colors. Of course, I panted the inside of my first pepto-pink and accessorized with plates, so I really should my mouth shut.

  14. Drake-Cortez

    We the same dinky tikes bounce house too, got it for our sons 2nd year birthday- hes now 4 and its been one of our best purchases to date! in the summer we can it outside… its a hit for partys/play-dates! In the months (we live in WI) we can bring it into the den, theres enough space, and the kids can burn off energy!

  15. Makayla Nancy T.

    Thanks for all of the comments, guys! The seems to be DECLUTTER, which I totally agree with. That is a reason for us starting the AT. We both a bit of pack rat in us and it shows. We both need to learn that more is less.I also agree with the wall art comments. When we moved in we basically threw up the frames without thought. We actually existing nails and holes where ever they were.Somone commented about painting the table. Would you suggest just the legs or the top as well?Andre, lots of ideas there, thanks. I admire the concept of an inventory map. I actually created an excel workbook that would inventory all of our storage so that it was easily searchable and sortable. I impartial never it into use. :(This week is kitchen week for me. We need to and reorganize the kitchen for maximum efficiency. Myabe some shopping this weekend.Thanks again for all of the comments!

  16. MiaGuadalupe

    Wow…. I can understand where the need to consume the word visceral comes in to play here. It was exactly my reaction when I began to through the images….Strong sense of personal fashion aside, crown molding has no in a mid-century building. NONE. The whole point of Manhattan House is the celebrate the modern, and to live in a world free of the bondage of over-design. This area misses that essence completely. Gordon Bunshaft would likely rolling over in his grave if he knew this is what was being done to his masterpieces.

  17. Wilson_Reagan

    I agree with Lemonadefish, check with the landlord before you add anything to the cabinets. The at the bottom should not be a when adding knobs. I would suggest you a long vertical pull (the where you several fingers around it to the cabinet, does that sense?) instead of a * and install them above the piece. But if you really want to add some color to the kitchen, some fun, colorful accessories on the top of the cabinets (no landlord issues there)!

  18. Salvatore.99

    holy *. that looks awesome. I wood, and I slate, and I natural ceiling beams, but the was not working. The remodel looks the died and went to heaven. Ethereal.

  19. Katie Emilee X.

    I really would not painted anything… You you had some retro magacines? Are the theme 50 century?I would a shower-curtain with theme from the 50 century, adding some green plastic-plants under the ceiling, and some other things with the color of red, black and white. From the picture, I can this bathroom absorb a bit of glossy Hollywood in it. Thats what you should bring up.And because you rent this place, I wouldnt so distinguished money on painting it.

  20. Sadie_Aislinn

    I like. My only beef is with the light fixture that would prevent me from looking out the window and which my head would bump into every time I stood at the sink.This is not related to this post but I absorb to ask – am I the only person in the world who does not to a bar every night? I am rather surprised how frequently the proximity to bars and restaurants is quoted as a major factor for choosing a specific area (not only here but also on House Hunters etc.).Bars + restaurants = noise -> I noise.

  21. Samantha-Jaylah-Elora

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  22. Maurice U.

    Those who dare remodel an Eichler receive the brunt of ire and derision of the Eichler fanboys and fangirls.Will those who dare to include Eichler elements in the remodel of a non-Eichler home receive the same?

  23. Chris Jerome

    we a capacity whirlpool washer/dryer stack unit.we affection it. we moved it to three different locations and it aloof works a charm. the dryer went out once and the washer continued to work. it is quite cumbersome to bound but takes up extremely and is affordable.

  24. Sawyer Kamila

    This is lovely, what a broad location to live and work! I especially appreciate the books arranged by size to discover sculptural and the graphite scribbles.

  25. Fiona Georgia Myla U.

    @jlwmid Hi,what considerate of a filter is it? We acquire water and most households a water softener. I it, because you to feed it the salt pellets and then you drinking water in those broad plastic jugs from a water depot. (As if water has not been expensive enough as it, there was another increase this year, fairly substantial).Would the filter de-salinate the water?

  26. Aniya

    Bathroom junk drawer, with all kinds of stuff jumbled together. I threw out many lipsticks – painful – and three dried up half-pairs of contacts (what?!). My husband joined in and did a drawer in the laundry room! If this keeps up, I might actually this time. Thanks, AT!

  27. Justice

    Heidi by Joannah Spyri is a anecdote for everyone, The house on the prairie series are (I can remember Pa Wilder telling his girls “beauty is as beauty does”) The lorax by Dr Seuss is a cautionary about how greed can destroy. I am looking forward to my daughter reading me the Ramona books by Beverly Cleary.

  28. Julianna Gemma Guadalupe

    How about paint it a really lustrous and crazy color, apply some funky stencils, then paint over it in a more sedate color, the stencils and viola! You something fantastic! In fact, there is a website that sells fair such treasures for an exorbitant amount of money.

  29. Ava.Mikaela.Laney

    I inherited my sweet tooth, my messiness, and my habit of starting to elegant one thing and transitioning to six other things in turn (such as vacuuming, then going into the bathroom and noticing the toilet needs to be scrubbed, then toddling into the kitchen and wiping down the counters) before returning to the first. Drives my mother batty.

  30. Selah Lara

    Curtains you can usually anywhere, just they are floor to ceiling, if possible. Ikea has panel curtains, although I am no how long they are, but check Target and Bed, Bath and Beyond as well. They tend to be inexpensive. I would recede for a slightly darker color, more along the lines of an espresso for the windows as well.For the rug, something patterned, check the Zig Zag rug at West Elm or similar styles, in the brown/falx combo, or even the Alhambra rug. You may a a bit more on a quality rug, but Target has expedient rugs too available online you might want to check out. If you a more to spend, check out the Martha Stewart rugs, such as this

  31. Tyrese.Elmer

    @Anatinea AT chose poorly in terms of the photos. The blog (link provided at the end) shows more. I agree that the privacy aspect is a future goal (after plants grow), but this sounds a homeowner who is trying to slowly improve the yard on a budget.

  32. Amanda.Alondra.Kassidy

    @hydrozoan why? Americans work more than 40-48 hours a week. In Canada a typical work week is 35 hours. In Sweden they gone to a 4 day work week. Americans are really obsessed with working and tangible goods rather than lifestyle. It is considerable for parents to time with children, to time to care for aging parents, to acquire vacation, it is a value system. Some countries simply adopt different norms. We also pay for these privileges. Taxes are high but it affords us opportunities paid leave.

  33. Kassandra@1964

    @Mike_in_Hawaii Same here. South Tampa is a mix of 1960s houses that often been expanded once and never been taken care of and boxes that are all extremely similar and no style. of where fashion comes from, of course, is employ by various occupants over the years. And of course where to the refuse is an content for the county. So unfortunate!

  34. Harper-Celine-Collins

    I say paint yourself some wainscoting! Painting your walls up to chair rail height would give your room some cohesiveness and, I think, tie in well with the modern/baroque feel.

  35. Dane-Blaise

    it is possible that everyone was concentrating on a/t office & got spread too thin, but this is second post of a victorian with broad proportions, potential, half-done results. a/t raised our expectations of what can be done with time, cramped budget, resources (in this case, the sponsoring company), landlord limits & we explore forward to that. appreciating that the spaces believe their high victorian charm, not destroyed by make-ver.

  36. Kristopher_Julien_Zack

    I actually absorb the same console from CB2. I also purchased the matching bookcases. Together the three pieces (bookcases flanking console) a extremely arrangement. The bookcases are available from the Crate and Barrel Outlet

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