Italian Inspired Kitchens

As being explained before in the previous articles, maybe you have known how important kitchen design in your home interior design since it would become multifunction room where it is not only about the matter of cooking place but also about having leisure time and spend it with your family. Some kinds of kitchen design you known known about it well, such as Victorian kitchen design, Minimalist kitchen design, modern kitchen design. You have known about those kitchen’s benefits for you. Now, it is time for you to know more about the amazing design of Italian interior design, especially Italian inspired kitchens that would be good information for you to decorate your kitchen design. This Italian kitchen design has warm color, nice texture, also having aesthetic touch that would make you want to stay long in the room. Beside that, you could also add some accessories that would be great for your kitchen.

Thomas Oppelt italian style kitchenThomas Oppelt italian style kitchen

In decorating the Italian Inspired kitchen, you should consider about the architectural element of this kitchen design. Maybe the first thing that you should consider is that about the design of the door and the window design since it would affect the the interior design. Beside that, you should also consider about the lighting design in the kitchen since it would affect the whole room kitchen.

Italian classic designItalian classic design

Modern Italian kitchenModern Italian kitchen

Then, let’s talk about the flooring design and wall design of the Italian inspired kitchen. Maybe in some articles, most of the home, tend to have white color since it would have neutral color of the room. But now, it is very different since Italian kitchen does not suit to this color, but you could choose to have golden yellow or bold terracotta. Here, the matter is about having natural sense of the kitchen. Then, you could also add stone wall, marble tile, or rustic wood for the kitchen room theme. Then, if you want to have wooden flooring design, juts make it natural and let them not to be paint. Then, if you want to have more modern look of the kitchen design, you could have sleeker finishes in tiles, glass and marble.

grove tuscan kitchen backsplashgrove tuscan kitchen backsplash

italian interior styleItalian interior style

Then, what about the accessories? Furniture and accessories are always important in decorating the kitchen. Here, you should consider about the countertop and you could choose stone like design of that countertop. Then, having kitchen table with rustic wood and sea would be great for you since the natural look would be great. Beside that, do not foget to take care of the cabinet design with wooden material of the cabinet.

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