Cottage House Style

If you want to have cozy look of the home, having the cottage house style is the best choice for you. This kind of house is not difficult to be followed and this house is really warm. The style of this house could be small or large house, but still the size id not important since the important thing is about what you really like. Now, it is your turn to design your own to have the nice home room design.

In designing the cottage house style, you should of course consider about the furniture of the design. In choosing the furniture, you should make it get along each other so that the mood fit each other.In this design, you could have the informal look that actually you do not need to have the expensive one since the most important here is about the matter of fit each other. one of many choices to have the furniture is that by having furniture made from the oak wood that would enhance the room and the furniture so that it would combine and blend each other. Beside that, you could also have wrought-iron furniture that would have interesting ambiance. for making it more beautiful you could paint the furniture to match the color of the room.

Cottage house design

Then, the second thing is about the accessories. By having the accessories for the room, you could make the character of the room. Beside that, adding the flower arrangement would be great would touch the natural sense of the room. Then, vintage pieces could make the character as the modern cottage. Then, you could also add the chandeliers, framed mirrors, lamps, rugs that would unite to your home design. You could also match each other between candlesticks and framed mirror.

Modern Living Room cottage house

Modern Living Room cottage house

Then, let’s talk bout the window design. just choose the window design that would enhance the interior room of your cottage. If you have relaxed home design, you could have stripped or checked fabric. Then, if the design looks romantic, you could have softer  window. But here, the most important thing is about having the fabric design of the home.

For the last thing, let’s talk about the exterior design of the cottage house style. it has various styles from the stone accessories until the wood exterior design. Then, for the matter of exterior color is that blue, white, yellow, or pale green.

cottage style homes

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  2. Casey Terrence S.

    We replaced tile with board and batten wainscoting– all on the cheap. First we removed to the tile but left up the wallboard, since we were honest going to it. Then we sheets of plywood over the nastywalls, and then conventional strips of wood to the board and batten look. successful– definitley DIY and cheap! luck!

  3. Caroline Baylee Belen I.

    I the sousani suggests, my first if you are otherwise with the paint job was that you could play around with sponge or similar effects which would allow you to dip into with complementary colours around the same family. some yellow, some brown, even some gold to link it with the other room…. You could * up with something this

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  6. EliAydinAndreas

    I agree with a lot of the comments. I the most point to me is that the long wall across from the windows should be filled with narrow shelving for almost the whole length, and a narrow desk maybe in the center of that. Dulcibella has some examples. I also agree that a diminutive table on the kitchen side makes sense, and of the on the bedroom wall side for the living room section. I would absorb to in person how to actually arrange it, i be pleased the of 4 chairs and a coffee table, I also could discover a “apartment size” couch (depending on the length of the wall) and two chairs floating in the center. That would need to be anchored by a rug. I highly suggest for cheap but high quality rugs.

  7. Angela Lillie Jaelynn Y.

    I moved into an apartment with a breakfast bar and been searching high and for barstools that are both comfortable and looking with a hint of design. I really those in the last picture, any where they are from? Any reccomendations for similar looking barstools?

  8. Nina_Alani

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  9. Amiyah-Luz

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  13. Francisco Devon Karter

    It seems you could some ceiling height if you commence up into your attic space. Dana at House*Tweaking (link below) has a similar and utilized that space. I that you might need some collar ties (for structural purposes) but it might be worth the expense! I explore that some ducts might be running up there. You could a gable parallel with the front of your house that would keep some to speed your HVAC trunk lines down the middle of you house while gaining the ceiling height.

  14. Brennan-Tyrone

    Either stain or whitewash the cabinets – a heavy paint will it junk.If you the cash, you could swap out some of the cabinet doors with glass ones.Paint the walls a agreeable crisp color – a light green.Remove the curtains definitely and up ones that match your style.And of course if you removed about half the stuff off the countertops it would a lot better.

  15. Jayde Marina Q.

    I agree that the is not cohesive – a and stick to it. If you want to accommodate the fireplace, a light neutral in the grays and paint both walls rather than going for a dated “accent wall” effect.Curtain panels that are the length will – try a that fair touch the floor enough to and opt for a similar color to the wall to accomplish some openness in the room.Finally, a minimal number of accessories. A punch of color would be in a vase, a minimalist painting over the fireplace and a brushed brass grate without a lot of frills will give you a look.

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  18. Isabelle_Marley_Christine

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