Arranging Photos Around the Television

Photos are the best thing to save the memories of your happy time with the ones you love, whether it is with your family, children, lover, or others. There are a lot of people where you could place or hang you photos in your home interior design. Of course, you could place it in your bedroom, living room, family room, or others.  Then, if you place it in your living room, of course, you need the way to decorate the photos in that place by arranging photos around the television since it would often being used to place the photos of the family. Actually, what kind of design that would be suitable for you?

Photos arrangement designPhotos arrangement design

In this kind of design, you could see that this room is in the contemporary design since the color is identical to the contemporary design by having grey and white combination. Then, as you could see, there are many kinds of furniture there, and one of them is photos that are hanging on the wall. beside that, some pictures also placed in the shelf where the television is placed. Then, by arranging photos around the television this would make the view of the interior design looks great.

art gallery wall with TV erin Vart gallery wall with TV erin V

In the previous picture, you could see how the pictures are decorated very well in the well designed since it is decorating the empty wall that make the view of this room looks so great.  Beside that, the combination between big and small picture design in this room. Beside that, by having this big room, you could arrange some photos there so that the room does not look empty.

Small room design with photosSmall room design with photos

Emily Henson photos decorationEmily Henson photos decoration

In this room design, the room is not look so big and this room tends to have small room design. This room design looks so calm and classical. but still it is well designed by having a lot of photos and make this calm room more cheerful by having this kind of design. We also could have the unique design of photos by having big frame around the small photos.

Of course, the thing that is needed in arranging the photos is not about the big or small room, but we only need about the creativity that would lead us to the beautiful room design that make you remind the memories recorded from the photos in that room.

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  1. Jordan Alia Y.

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  2. Edwin_Erik

    The chairs in pic 7 are Cherner chairs; I remember this house from Sunset magazine a while back. If you to their website, you can probably photos of the whole house. The kitchen was unbelievably cool.

  3. Kamryn

    Am I the only person who thinks this fireplace is of fun?? I’m having hot toddy visions.My recommendations would be as follows:1 | Please please please rid of all that kitschy stuff on the floor, not to mention those paintings on the mantel.2 | I agree with Caitlin about changing the shared wall color.3 | I can’t the layout of the room, so this may not work, but I delight in the concept of adding some seating. oblong and square ottomans to accomplish a “nook,” then people can sit facing or turned away from the fire. And they’re movable.4 | Perhaps change out that chain-link enclosure (those things drive me nuts!) to something more fresh or clean.5 | As for the mantel, I would to behold it lower (not if that’s possible) with a of colorful, art. Seems from the soot that it gets fairly hot the few feet above the fireplace, however.6 | Repainting the mantel is also an option. My roommate and I did this with our brick mantel and it worked out really well. But we had a really and and light carpet, so we painted the mantel white. But I’m not entirely convinced that it would work with the camel colored carpet in your friend’s place.Good luck! And don’t abandon your friend in her hour of re-decorating need :-)- K

  4. Allyson-Remy

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  5. Princess@1988

    Yeah, unless you want to a substantially larger area, and want to more of the rug, you want either a carpet pad (a thick felt-like cushion) and/or a latex rug liner, to the alpaca from wandering.If you indeed want a rug for the look, anything neutral, solid, and low-pile… a wool Berber or something the texture of low-pile commercial carpet.

  6. NinaAlondra

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  7. Colette Aranza Y.

    I would definitely paint the railing, but I would also one step further. This may sound crazy, but I would every other spindle, flip them horizontally, then them to fit in between the remaining spindles, arranging them in whatever geometric pattern you wish. I that railing screams behind 70s and early 80s (not in way), and while painting them will with that, doing this extra step will really bring some contemporary fashion to the space. Add a lighting fixture (crystal or capiz shells chandelier, or whatever takes of the height of the over the staircase). center it over the staircase. The maybe add a of art on the wall adjacent to the door to the garage.

  8. Raphael.Dexter.Marquez

    thanks again for SUCH sweet comments. i you all!here are some answers to questions:@ Some Girl With a .Com: pico is a chihuahua / dachshund/terrier mix. there are a lot of these kinds of dogs stuck in shelters now, unfortunately. if you are in the la area, i volunteer for a dog rescue organization, and would be blissful to facilitate an adoption!@ brooklynbeetle: the bedspread is from fold bedding: http://foldbedding.comthe company is bound by some really really people.@ccatx : there are lots of similar paintings on ebay if you a search for “mid century paintings”…good luck!@ Danny & Carlos : i got the planter years ago from EQ3. i they bear since gone out of business, unfortunately. perhaps a diy project for you?@ swtvi65: the gold mirror above the bed is from pottery barn from a few years back@maurício : not what floor lamp you are referring to? the stove is a viking.@86753oh9 : the ‘social media’ art are posters. not of the source, unfortunately. they were a (very great) gift.@ AmandARose@: our dogs are definitely related!@ aharris92: the bathroom rug is from jonathan adler…they tons of colors & patterns to from.@ fourandtwenty : they are indeed 2 mirrors of the same style, from pottery barn. loved them too to pass up. i bid you, this is how my house looks…but usually a tad more messy!@ aprilheartsaaron: i scored the mirror from a yard sale in santa monica about 8 years ago. i paid $5 for it. sorry i can’t provide any more info about them. wish i had 10 more!

  9. Max.Gannon

    Doug-thanks for the woomba link – I someone previously alluded to this here. The resemblance of the dinky woomba to a roomba crossed with some feminine hygiene product is great. And the completely unpredictable racing around of the is probably more in the nature of what the cats are imagining.

  10. RaymondAlbertoZion

    If it helps, the C&B Nilsson pattern was either made by, or looks shockingly similar to, a Swedish company called Hoganas Keramik. Might not be available in all the same colors (they change periodically), especially here, but hopefully this helps you in your search!

  11. Donte Rocky

    I the is reasonable, given the custom made cube and all the plants. To the lawyer who complained about the price, it costs less than one hour of time for the average experienced lawyer! And it probably takes Jeff several hours to this!

  12. Kate@1967

    @Cabernet Sauvignon Nothing delight in having a growing Christmas Tree in the LIVING ROOM—ours was a last thing as we we were not going to be here for Christmas. The trees were—meh—and when our daughter saw a LIVE tree–about 4 feet tall!–on clearance–well who could say no? Of course we did not a hole dug for it and of course we now 8 or 9 feet of SNOW outside…so it is sitting on the chest in front of our East facing window! It must it as it is sprouting current light green frothy tips and things are growing on the soil. We it on a baking sheet and water when it gets somewhat dry—The this winter is going it may be August before it can outside! daughter keeps bringing in the chickens to “visit” in here and they been eyeing that tree! We had it decorated for Christmas now we moved on to Valentines Day and I suspect it will shortly become an Easter Tree!

  13. Liliana.Zainab

    Assuming I the whole $600, I am sending $450 to my credit card company, opening an Orange savings with $100 and spending $50 on whatever I want (something frivolous).

  14. Arianna-1986

    Jenny–I grew up in Massachusetts (Western Mass!). We had the kitchen cabinets made by a cabinetmaker we work with. They are simple Shaker style, with exposed hinges which gives them a more vinatge look. luck with your project!

  15. Athena-Melina

    i agree – a bit of clutter and a scattering of mementos really are what personalizes a and makes it cozy. without them, a is a house that any one could be living in! check out my clutter:

  16. Hadassah-Breanna

    Fantastic. I really that he has created and simple rooms in such a dinky space. A generous bed, tv and kitchen accomplish this appear liveable compared to many cramped homes. I live in a and found creating a comfortable spaces works grand better than trying to effect too much.

  17. Trent Jonas

    @Lucy (SF Bay Area) In addition to lowering your standards, try having a partner with higher standards. It works well. My one year has also recently started helping (with laundry, by throwing it all on the floor; with cooking, by pounding food with her fists; with pet care, by pounding the pets until they hide; etc…)

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  19. Pedro_Skylar

    Might be arresting if you jazz it up with some intense red, orange or fuschia accessories, paint the walls something a bit closer to white than color, and keep the rest the neutral that it is.

  20. Julie Kassidy

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  21. Payton Albert W.

    This is what *LOVE* would if it was a chair. My husband and I are newlyweds and decorating our apartment – what a allotment this would be to begin our life together. Please choose us!! xo

  22. Jaquan1976

    I would to a shelf-extension desktop the one pictured as of the Derrida library. Anyone know more about this? Are such things available for separate purchase, or perhaps special brackets can be had for ready money? Any info will be greatly appreciated!

  23. Lydia_Brooklynn

    the spout off one for a big container and the bottom off another for a top cover. There are some articles with suggestions if you Google it but your is the 2nd hit! Heh

  24. Arturo-Greyson

    I that same rug. I it indoors because I foster dogs and well….things happen. I can buy it outside, hose it down, let it dry in the sun, and it looks great. Plus, it feels underfoot (not plastic) and it was super-affordable.Here is the selection of outdoor rugs from AllModern:

  25. Payton Amira Mckinley X.

    Our television is in an antique Chinese cabinet and mounted at an angle on a pull-out shelf. It is off from the seating so that the concentrate of the living room is the fireplace. When we want to gape the television we the cabinet and pull out the shelf. It is perfectly angled for the sofa.

  26. JimenaMadalynnEvalyn

    HELP! My apartment livingroom windows overlook a parking lot. I acquire a room divider covering them. The room divider is simple blond wood with paper squares. I drapes covering each side and matching valances on the top. It looks during the day but at night it looks dull. How can I lite the from the back. I had of white christmas lites. Anybody any ideas?

  27. Jaylen Dallas

    Your is so looking! So cute.Also, there are some curious similarities in my apartment: an almost identical white leaf and single green vinyl chair setup with skateboard nearby. And the pull down map… and taste! We both taste 😉

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