French Farmhouse Interior Design

French Farmhouse interior design characterized with the beautiful rustic nature and the elegant of old French farmhouse and country homes. Decorating the French farmhouse is very rich and has bold shades. The common color for French design is red, blue, yellow also green. Sometimes, there would be combination color such as blue and yellow or maybe red and yellow.  Beside that, you could also decorate this French house by having a stucco finish that would make the room looks great. Beside that, you could also use the plaster to achieve the classical look. Then, using faux wall could also be applied to achieve the stucco appearance and it would make you have great wall if you so not have the texture of the wall.

french farmhouse designfrench farmhouse design

In the previous picture, you could see that the design of the living room looks so classic and natural. the color choice make the room looks so great. beside that, the furniture design and arrangement make the room becoming more beautiful. In this living room, it is characterized by the fireplace also the big windows of the room. Beside that, by adding some photos and also some wall paper make the room more lively. Then, because of the flowers added in this room make the room looks so natural and beautiful.

Family room of French  FarmhouseFamily room of French  Farmhouse

Interior design of Farmhouse

Interior design of Farmhouse

From the look of the interior design of the family room, you could see that the design of the wall designed with the stones that would make the room so great. Beside that, the design of the light or lamp design is very unique since it is made from bamboo design and the furniture also made from the wood material. Then, for the interior design of the French Farmhouse interior design is also having unique style since it is made from the design.

Bathroom French FarmhouseBathroom French Farmhouse

Let’s see the bathroom design of  French Farmhouse Interior Design that has unique sense of the bathroom design. Beside that, the bathroom design also looks so great with the  darker blue color. Beside that, for the matter of flooring design, you would see that the flooring design looks matched each other with the cabinet and the bathtub of the bathroom design.

French farmhouse interior design provides you with the unique sense of the classical design, beside, it is always identical with the wooden material of the wooden material. Beside that, stones material looks so great also in this kind of design.

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