Decorating a Long Skinny Room

In some previous articles, you have learnt about some tips in designing the small room in your home. It is very stressful for you if you have  small room in your home design. Then, the new problem is that about how the decorating a long skinny room. If you have a long room design but it is quite small, don’t you think this is also challenging chance for you in decorating this kind of room. Of course this kind of long skinny room could be in the place for you to have fun. Maybe this kind of phenomena could be happened to the long skinny living room or bedroom.

Long Living Room Design

Long Living Room Design

you have heard a lot that color is always having great impact to the design of the room. It is definitely right and it is also same with the decorating a long skinny room. in having this kind of design, just trying to have various colors for the room design. Then, you could have dark color on your wall, beside you could also add the mirror that would make your room design seem to be larger. In placing the mirror, you could also consider about the right place, such as you could place it in the opposite direction of the window so that the lighting would be reflected and it would make the room looks bigger. Beside that, if we talk about the matter of bedding design, you should also take care of it.

Long Living Room DecorationLong Living Room Decoration

long narrow living room

long narrow living room

Then, as being said before that actually having the narrow space of the room is not problem but the only thing is about the matter of creativity. in the previous paragraph, we have learn about some design so it is the time to talk about the flooring design. you could place different color in designing the flooring design. Beside that, you should also consider about the placing of the chairs and others. Beside that, you could also place the curtain to make a separator so that the long room could be divided. Beside that, the curtain could always make up the atmosphere of the room and makes it look very elegant.

master bedroom long narrow

master bedroom long narrow

White long narrow bedroom

White long narrow bedroom

Having decorating a long skinny room is not a problem but it is challenging chance for you to decorate you own room since you could dig more about your creativity and the great result would be yours after your long work of the decoration.

master bedroom long narrow , Decorating a Long Skinny Room In  Category
White long narrow bedroom , Decorating a Long Skinny Room In  Category
long narrow living room , Decorating a Long Skinny Room In  Category
Long Living Room Decoration , Decorating a Long Skinny Room In  Category
Long Living Room Design , Decorating a Long Skinny Room In  Category

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49 thoughts on “Decorating a Long Skinny Room

  1. Anthony

    I this idea! From what I can by the houses in my neighborhood, I am clear most a similar layout. I would secretly admire to in all my neighbors houses impartial to how they designed the space. I want more posts these!

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  7. Amia

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  10. Ariel 99

    My boyfriend, who I moved in with, has this same problem, although it was a matter of a cluttered and outdated entertainment center that was holding his tv with the fresh flat sitting on ANOTHER table in front! boy.We did honest what was recommended, putting the new, 48 flat on a long, stand. It was actully a that had been mine, similar to the Expando and Zen shelves, purchased on CL (

  11. Amarion.1988

    Your home is absolutely and I it. Some of a few things that appealed to me was the pink Buddha, the Cream poster, and the butterfly wallpaper…outstanding!!! I included two links from one of my artists on Etsy. Julie Chappell, from the UK, makes dragonflies, butterflies, and many more insects using aged computer and electronic parts. I hope you a at her blooming pieces.

  12. Cassidy Jaylynn Aadhya J.

    Crypton “Super Fabrics” has a astronomical online shopping site. You can swatches before committing to anything. Not exactly “cheap” but extremely durable and stain/mildew/odor/etc-resistant so if it will last longer, even with pets/kids.

  13. Janessa-2006

    Maybe a couch under the window, a single chair on the wall with the pictures, and a central round/oval coffee table? Alternatively skip the single chair and employ that wall for wine rack and a cabinet of glasses, if you are into wine?

  14. Collins

    The stripe walls are quirky and fun – with a couple of adjustments you could work with them for a 21st century retro-chic vibe, no problem. Anthropologie has several bedding sets that would complement both the walls and the bed itself (see below). Depending on what you pick, then you could accept a accent table, a larger lamp, and some considerate of window treatment, and voila, a funky, room with heritage & continuity 🙂 luck!

  15. Paislee Shelby I.

    thoughts: the dining table where the desk is, the desk where the nook is (in the first picture, wall closest to the dog bed), the sofa up against the window, and assign the bookshelf where the dining table is. rid of the dog bed in lieu of letting your sleep on the couch, a smaller desk, and replace the table lamp the couch for a taller floor lamp.

  16. Ulises_Keon

    Linens – agree! I a hand-woven dish towel. Before kids, I would weave dish towels for everyone on my list. This year, I bought dish towels during my travels through Europe – and these will be gifts for all my loved ones.For me, woven-in designs trumps a printed towel any day.

  17. Juliette.Marley.Annie

    Oh my goodness! Thank you, everyone, for all your words! This is all so amazing, I am so touched that people admire my diminutive as as I do. To some questions:-lexinchicago, I was wearing black, suede toe booties with a rosette on the side :)-icarus5 & terrafaith, The rug and side lamp in the “living area” are both from ikea! The milk glass and turquoise lamps are vintage.-Lady J, I affection the of painting the arch pink! I never to that!- citipearl & Lady J, I needed the dresser in the kitchen to store all my pots and pans, and I need the fridge because I’m Italian and cook only in mass quantities 🙂 Thank you for the fridge suggestion, though!- Other Caroline from DC, I’d to decorate with you.- omoriala, The bedding is from Target a year or more ago.-Remy, I got the fabric from Jo Ann’s in August. I’ve been looking through the website and can’t accept it. I’m going to try to the receipt and the name. If I do, I will let you know!- mydoggoose, The coffee table is from Luckett’s (

  18. IsaiahReilly

    @AnnamalSF–as long as any person is sleeping inside the too-small enclosed without a window, it is against multiple codes for health & safety reasons. better to the sleeping person into a room with windows & consume the closet better as a closet. landlord does a case to evict for failure to follow code, advisable here.

  19. Violet_Alena_Yareli

    I really enjoyed this! I bear a cabin with an outhouse, glenwood cookstove, solar panels and solar water hot water heater.Do the pine piers concrete footings? I anguish about stability, insect and rot. Generally, you want to prevent the wood on your from contacting the soil. Termites, carpenter ants and the wet soft wood.Not to be the safety police, but the comment about the lack of a railing is and the grill should not be so to the house.

  20. Haven.Skyla.Rayne

    THANK YOU everybody for advices!I actually went ahead and contacted Chris from Antiques and and we agree that he will cure my table! As for all suggested products, I certain will need them for my next project – reviving my latest craigslist – mid century dining chairs. 🙂

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  24. Christopher.Collin.Romeo

    The biggest one that was left off the list: Being house poor. Far too many people homes thinking they will be a better investment than renting. But, they for granted all of the unknown costs of repairs and upkeep, not to mention forgetting to factor in insurance, property taxes, closing costs, the scope of utilities as a owner. I know too many friends who become slaves to the costs of their homes. Renting is not always a second choice. It should often be the first. Financial stress is a depraved regret.

  25. Jack Dante Jan V.

    Gene & Heidi, you created a home that showcases an art collection. I your creativity and style.And for those who the dining room chairs, you ever sat in a Panton chair?! They are ridiculously comfortable.Whether or not readers agree with your aesthetic, it is apparent you high standards and taste. Well done!

  26. Evelyn_Eve_Aliya

    When I visited Boston I made the to up early and the advise up to Salem for the morning – I loved it – a town and beautifully composed first thing before all the shops opened – its one of my favourite memories of that

  27. Madeline_Leia_Armani

    Please us where you got the kitchen shelving from!I your apartment. I it is warm and fun and I would to be there for one of those wonderful-sounding Sunday brunches.Thank you for sharing.

  28. Timothy-Caiden

    Pull up the artificial turf yourself and if you to down some soil Then, accumulate a pro to hydromulch the backyard. This will limit the type of grass you can seed, but it takes root extremely and is less expensive than buying and laying down sod yourself. Also, rid of all the rocks in the beds and in a two or three level system of plants. Bushes nearest the house. I bulbs in the backyard — irises and tulips for color — and they year after year. estimable luck

  29. Maren

    I absorb no advice, in fact, I essentially the same for MY space.Can anyone recommend a reasonably priced lighting designer who knows her/his around an NYC apartment where one serves many functions?

  30. Jackson

    I am doing the same thing for my friends wedding, we this long narrow glass thing from ikea that we found in the vases section, its a rectangle with rounded corners. its white glass, not wood, but it looks great. unfortunately, I cant catch it on their website to post a link but we also found a lot of other stuff there for wedding supplies that were cheaper then the wedding supply shops.

  31. Melanie

    We moved our mattresses to the floor for crawling-baby safety and I adore it. The room looks bigger, the bed is quieter, and its rolling into a marshmallow pudding at night. We are taking extra steps to air the mattresses out regularly, though. It makes me wonder what other normal items of furniture we could without.

  32. Vincent.Alfred

    My husband has grave issues with me buying furniture or any decorative item when we without other things we need SOOOO I to rely on giveaways to my house explore cool. Oh and did I mention we honest bought a house and in 2 weeks? I need stuff!!!

  33. Harlow-Stevie

    oh – i of the messy wiring…very raw/industrial with a * vibe. the floors with the white walls and butcher block counter tops are superb. i am extremely inspired by your kitchen and wish i had your outside patio space..

  34. Melanie Emersyn Q.

    The shelves with all the collectibles really weights down the left side of the room and looks more a store display. Also, the wallpaper fades into the background. And the bust atop the pedestal is an accident waiting to happen with toddlers no matter how you them to things.

  35. Isaiah Gavin Eli

    Living on the 3rd floor with laundry on 1st, a rolling hamper is for me – bonus if it can be presorted. After a massive hunt for a reasonably priced one, I highly recommend this from Bed, Bath & Beyond – fair $40! Plus, it tucks away perfectly in my closet.

  36. Raelyn Greta N.

    i can this is from one of my buildings at EPFL, (a science/tech uni in switzerland)! I was thinking of taking some photos of the chilly furniture in this building to send it to you guys. They a lot of other seats 😀

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