Luxury California Home Interior Design

Some interior deigns have been explained before in some articles, such as Victorian interior design, African interior design, and other. Of course you have learn about many things about interior design. Another amazing idea about interior design is that luxury California home interior design. Luxury, and stylish, also having celebrity style is the main feature of this luxury California home interior design.Of course by having this kind of interior design would reflect your personality of you.  Some celebrities that become the trend setters of the home interior design is that Kobe Bryant, Carlon Boozer, Prince, Al Harrington, Reggie Bush, Jermaine O Neal and Jonathan Bender.

Luxury Bedroom DesignLuxury Bedroom Design

In the previous picture, you could see that this bedroom allows you to have luxurious and romantic sense of the home room design. In this design, the color being chosen is that identical to the modern look since it has darker design of the room. Beside that, you could see that the design of the door and windows have great look since it is made from the modern frame and glass panels. This glass windows and doors allow you to see the beautiful night and the nice view of the night. Beside that, this room also combined with another room, that is reading room.

Luxury Exterior California DesignLuxury Exterior California Design

Master Bedroom Luxury California homeMaster Bedroom Luxury California home

In some of the previous picture, you could see that having luxury California Home interior Design does not always mean that you use the modern material of the home interior. In this case, you could see that wooden material would become very luxurious. Then, when it is added with the nice and classical lamp, it would add the beautiful side of the room.

Then, Luxury California home interior design that it always has big windows and big doors with glass panel that would allow you to have beautiful and nice view. Beside that, you could also add some natural look in your home interior design by adding some plants there. Beside that, if you want to touch a little more about the exterior, just have a set of the table and chairs or sofas.

  Modern Home Interior Design  32 inch bathroom vanity modern batModern Living room and Kitchen

Hilltop California Luxury HomeHilltop California Luxury Home

In the two previous picture, one of them shows that there is combination home room design, that is combination between kitchen and living room. This kind of combination is always could be looked from some of the modern look of house. So, by having luxury California home interior design would have great benefit for you.

Luxury Bedroom Design , Luxury California Home Interior Design In  Category
Luxury Exterior California Design , Luxury California Home Interior Design In  Category
Master Bedroom Luxury California home , Luxury California Home Interior Design In  Category
Modern Home Interior Design  32 inch bathroom vanity modern bat , Luxury California Home Interior Design In  Category
Hilltop California Luxury Home , Luxury California Home Interior Design In  Category

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45 thoughts on “Luxury California Home Interior Design

  1. Frederick.Rex

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  2. Stella_Cara_Ayana

    gorgeous. I the solidness of the dining table, the stairs (reminded me of those at the Damien Hirst gallery shop in London), the industrial yet warm bathroom tiles and the puppy mop rug (what a cutie!). Can I ask what you coated the concrete floor with? Thx.

  3. Tobias33

    We got a dwelling of nifty stamps (letters and monograms, small) from the art supply and permanent ink that will augury most surfaces. We our collectibles with a monogram from the set.

  4. Antoine Eugene Baby

    blooming beautiful. congratulations on a that blends together with such ease and with a out aesthetic. it is and personal. i would admire to this one in person. i only one suggestion, maybe some, even one fraction of art, nothing or insignificant but something that further complements your taste.

  5. Josue Ricky Adriel

    What would really bother me is the in sizes on the left side cabinets. The 36″ sink has 2 smaller cabinets above it that not total 36″. And then top cabinet at the pony wall stops out further than the bottom one. That would drive me batty. I would not want my stove to be directly at the pony wall either for grease and dirt issues. The initial layout has a bit of counter at the end, I would kept that and then done a waterfall edge to the counter there to bring the kitchen out into the extended so the fridge was not so alone. I saw that they could not accumulate rid of the wall between the fridge and the kitchen due to the intercom. That seems odd. Wonder if they could not also achieve away wit the soffit the breaks the space? If the wall between the fridge and cabinets had to tay I might looked at tiling it or painting it gray be pleased the cabinets to visually link the 2 spaces.I they let the contractor some stuff here, basically.

  6. Luis

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  7. DamianPhilip

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  8. Hayden U.

    I assign a USB hub inside a cute box and a hole in the for the cord. We can charge both our phones, an iPad and a Kindle without having to at a tangle of cords or anything remotely resembling a phone charging dock.

  9. Brielle Amira Kehlani

    @discerning they may not be able to give you that. Customer usage information is considered private, at least by my company. They should be able to give you average usage for similarly sized homes in the area, though. It might even be on their website. If all else fails, examine up their rates and some math. The tariffs can be considerate of a * to interpret, but it should give you a rough idea.

  10. Monica.Moriah

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  11. JamesJayceMaximilian

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  12. Katherine Gabriela H.

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  13. Timothy-Joey-Rey

    Before the internet offered dozens of websites, in Manhattan there was the NY Times Sunday edition. I tipped a corner newstand guy to the classifieds early (he had to a bundle open). After three weekends in a row, I landed a dinky studio on E. 47th. Not but my first NY apt.

  14. Alana Kiara Maliyah

    The inexpensive fix that will give more room isGet an lg 24inch wide refrigerator that is tall. The freezer is on the bottom with 3 thru drawers. It holds a ton of stuff. The fridge is frost free. white. It is the cheapest.Install a Hot point gas range 20 inches. If you all white appliances and cabinets, you can always paint the wall any color you like. Paint color is easy to change.For the floor 12 by 12 vinyl self stick tiles.Get a solid black tile and a solid white.You can checkerboard or turn the tile at a 45 degree angle and acquire a diamond shape. You will need extra tiles for the cutting to the shape.

  15. Arturo.Beau.Davion

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  16. Ben_Ethen

    What a home! Turquoise is my color too. I bask in to joke that I finally hit the grown up level of construct when I faced the fact that my house was more and when I of my color to accent pieces and surprising pops (we a turquoise couch, a light turquoise chase, a stool, kitchenaid, art and tons of pillows and odds and ends. Oh and one of my daughters has a turquoise bed!) instead of painting my WALLS in that color. I affection that you did the same. And your tile is divine.

  17. Katelyn-Ansley-Alessia

    lighting choices in photos aside, this contrivance shows what has been trending in Traditional: brass, arabesque in location rug, grey blue paint, pops of boho in accessories, without letting accelerate of chesterfield sofa or ginger jar lamps or hung-too-high botanical print. cherry shaker-style armoire & wall-to-wall no longer needed, jewel tones & mission pieces are off-trend for now. except for still-poor choice of curtains (too & capri pants of curtains when a work-length skirt is better choice), this room maintains its classic preppy roots. shaker, jewel tones, mission will be back, wall-to-wall was a bow to trend & will not be back.

  18. Rolando

    @Theceltichorse I too laminate floors and admire them. Ive tried vinegar and water and Bona but they left streaks. Steam cleaning is not recommended because it could warp the laminate. The best cleaner I acquire found is Parker & Bailey for wood floors.I bought it at Marshalls, Gome Goods, Container Store and online. spray on and over the floor with a microfiber mop. No streaks!

  19. Ezekiel Caiden Jaylan

    I this too–the geranium one from the scandinavian center. 2 things:1) It peels off easily; and2) After painstakingly vanquishing all the air bubbles and trying to it perfectly straight, we saw a where they applied film this lightning-fast: with soapy water (a amount of soap), and then squeegy it out the bootm when your placement is perfect.

  20. Hunter_Reece_Keshawn

    I bask in the this post has made me about my place. While I my location this made me concentrate on the things. sheet day makes going to bed that night heavenly. My cats know and even head to bed the same time as me. Having lived in a 100 year broken-down victorian and now I live in newer construction, I how considerable cleaner my stays. The systems are more efficient, the drywall not horsehair plaster walls not dust etc. now there is a bird that has made a nest in my side yard tree. It has brought me joy to behold life evolve.

  21. Adaline Ayleen G.

    The on some of the wood is a water based spar varnish that is environmentally and for food service areas. It is for table tops as well. The steel brackets are finished with wax, the found vintage Depression glass plates are adhered to tempered glass with a 3M product for commercial and public spaces that is utilized by most glass artists for cold-fusion. No epoxy was in the entire but it might gape it!The tables are all made of douglas fir salvaged from the river, giving it a beautiful grey mineralized grain unlike most fir.Everything is sourced from the local and made by hand, including the hand stitched pendant lights and banquettes.

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  23. Dylon

    provides a crisp architectural line that is to the and a counterpoint to the landscaping. Maybe one of those house programs that let you “paint” on a photograph would you decide.But I green/gray with is a and welcoming color combination.

  24. Elaina Amira

    My SO desperately wanted to an ultra energy efficiency home, but in the destroy we decided it would be best for the environment to an existing and retrofit it for efficiency. The roof, windows, insulation, fireplace, programmable thermostat, and window coverings were all chosen for energy efficiency. Those and a few efforts such as maximizing solar through the windows during the day carve our energy bills (and those of future owners of this house) by more than half.

  25. Trinity

    Rule 1: Never under any circumstances an Eames Lounge Chair, Noguchi Coffee Table, Panton Chair and Saarinen Tulip Side Table in the same room!Rule 2: a copy of a DWR catalog [any of them will do] and NOT reproduce the rooms.Rule 3: Avoid filling rooms entirely with “icons”. One “icon” per room should be the rule of thumb…everything else should be unexpected or somewhat difficult to identify.Rule 4: Mix and new…antiques with [this is critical].Rule 5: Avoid bare walls at all costs! some artwork, the bigger the better…nothing spells sterile unadorned walls or walls with teensy, things slapped on them.

  26. NevaehMariah

    As a minimalist and mid -century aficionado, I neither here, except perhaps an table and lamp, neither of which are well integrated. Also, the exposed washer dryer unit is a minus.All the more frustrating because the house has bones to work with. This contest has seem places half the size and less appear twice as big. hard to explore such potential recede to waste.

  27. Collins-Noor

    I was so ready to abhor everything about this house. Nothing about this is my style, yet I wanted to and visit immediately and for a while. What an astonishing job you done. Granny would be proud. The rooms are decorated beautifully without any clutter. but grown up and felt current for some reason. Amazing, Amazing, Amazing.

  28. Frances_Mikaela

    I moved last year from NYC to Austin and did a ton of research on companies. Finally decided on V. Santini movers – they packed and moved us and even picked up stuff I had in storage in NJ. They were efficient, polite, and gave an estimate of my captivating costs. I would recommend them without hesitation.Where in Texas are you moving?

  29. Angela

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  30. Camila.Juliette.Frankie

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  31. Madeline Arden

    @lbr4e totally! I painted mt basement knotty pine white, but only above a chair rail – the best of both worlds! I want some more textiles, and am layering in some light blues/grays.

  32. Nigel@1973

    So while working on a lit review on another topic entirely, I came across this (very readable) article that does a Marshall-McLuhan-style analysis of the meaning of the chair:

  33. Deshawn_Carlton

    @ladylooloo Unfortunately, that is not the truth. The other day, as soon as I started to through a house tour, a ad for Essie nail polish popped up on my screen. There was no option to it. It kept folding and unfolding (like a sheet of paper) and I had to exit, block the pop-ups and then the house tour again.However, the same ad popped up a few days later again and the next day again. The pop-ups are aloof disabled.It is inconvenient because the application that I work with at work has pop-ups and I need them. Since I work with a laptop that I to with me, I it personal browsing as well (which is typically cramped to sites appreciate AT and few create blogs). So at work, I need to unblock the pop ups and then I acquire to block them again. Who really wants to conclude that? And, as the example with the Essie ad documents, the * pop us on AT popping up even when blocked. I am really sick of it.

  34. Roger Rory Clifford N.

    I will bookmark this and approach assist to it over and over for inspiration. I am not an artist but I art and color, and devour someone mentioned above, for neutral out of confusion about how to color. I from your however that there is no rule about how to bear color, other than to bring in bits of what you love.That said, I wish you could live with us for a time, and apply some of your special grace to our abode.Thank you,From-white-to-color

  35. Isaiah.Johnathon

    I bought tub and tile, daily shower and the all purpose and I was so disappointed with them. The tub and tile cleaner did not work well on soap * resulting in me almost passing out trying to scrub the tub…. the daily shower spray smelled food! (oops sorry!!) and the all purpose (lavender) smelled but did not work really well on kitchen stains. I wish they would something to these products more effective. I their packaging, and some of their stuff smells divine.Sam

  36. ByronMatteo

    Disagree with #1. You can really, truly muck up your area and then the next person to live in it has to deal with the consequences. For instance, the idle people who to paint over wallpaper instead of removing it first.

  37. Gracie Marley Tinley S.

    @amisdottir — It may be the trend, but at least to my eye, it also has a timeless aesthetic, the the Craftsman or Shaker acquire stood the test of time.Would future tenants really buy the aged knobs, over the more delicate bars?

  38. Oliver Ethen L.

    ASMR and how people react to it seem to be highly personal. I second the recommendation for Heather Feather and also highly recommend ASMR Requests. capable production values and fun role plays (that never * or icky). Also, both of those YouTubers incorporate humor into their videos, which ups the enjoyment factor quite a bit.

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