Amazing Modern Door Designs

Door is always has great function in your home since it would be the only way for your guests to enter your home. Beside that, you should also consider it well since it would be the first impression of your guest to know about your personality. There are many kinds of doors that would be suitable for you, such as amazing modern door designs and the traditional one. In choosing the door style, of course you should also consider about the design of your home style. For example, if you have modern home design, it might be good and it would be very suitable if you have modern door design. Then, actually, what kinds of modern door design that would be suitable for you?

Modern Sliding DoorModern Sliding Door

The first amazing modern door designs is sliding door design. As you can seeĀ  from the picture that this sliding door is very suitable for you who has modern look of the interior design. Beside that, for you who has problem in having modern home design but has small space of the room, you should also consider about having this door since it would help you in saving and maintaining your small space. Beside that, this kind of door is very easy to be installed. Maybe you have known from the previous articles that nowadays, sliding door style often improve the style, so that it would allow you to have new design often.

Fiberglass Sliding Patio DoorFiberglass Sliding Patio Door

Then, we come to the fiberglass door design that would provide you with natural and modern look of modern door design. In this kind of door, there is combination between wooden material and glass material of the door. This door is also suitable for whether modern or traditional kind of home interior design.

Oikos Door DesignOikos Door Design

Modern Two Ways Door

Modern Two Ways Door

Along with the development of the technology, each part of things in this world is also being developed and it is also the same with the amazing modern door design. Modern two ways door is one of the example, this kind of the door would allow you to have simple design of the door since it would be easily to be operated and it is easily to be maintained.

3 in 1 Door Design3 in 1 Door Design

After seeing the modern door design in the previous picture, you could see how the modern design of the door developed. In this door design, it could be used for your kids in the different age. Sometimes, when I see this kind of door design, it is really funny, but it is amazing thing that should be developed for the door.

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75 thoughts on “Amazing Modern Door Designs

  1. Chana Alianna M.

    My mother was not one to let me what color I wanted. For probably until high school my room was pastel pink the rest of the house, which I hated. When it came time to repaint I was given the choice of pink again or pastel purple if I wanted to really crazy. I chose purple and convinced her to let me paint the ceiling a purple, and sponge paint the half wall up to the sloped attic ceiling next to my bed. If I had my choice I probably would picked cobalt blue or something.

  2. Wendy

    I pastels, always and I imagine always will, but they absorb to be done in moderation, without too cutesy girly stuff, or they extinguish up looking treacly (the above example tips a too far in that direction). Balancing them with unpainted wood features and more saturated color makes them feel more grown up.Love subway tile and I grew up in NYC and took subways regularly. Also rarely seen in aged in life.Industrial can be in the context, and pretentious in the ones.

  3. Lauren

    home! … and such a looking couple. I loved the curb appeal of the home. When I saw the image I it has a fairy tale-like quality. If first impressions are lasting impressions, then they definitely achieved a first impression. I wanted to mention to the couple that the money spent on drapery was well worth it. “* is in the Details.” I loved the Jonathan Adler horse converted to a table lamp on the sofa table. extremely whimisical! The Moraccan Pendant in the dining room has a dependable “wow” factor. Lots of details throughout. home!

  4. Ernesto B.

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  6. Jada-Leighton-Leona

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  8. Leilani Gia Frankie

    individual pieces (I the blue dishes, for example) and there is an artistic touch evident in the of the pieces in the hutch, but the overall impression is lifeless. There is blueprint too considerable Pottery Barn and not enough color on the floors. Antique rugs (introducing deep reds and blues) would assist tremendously, as well as grouping furniture for intimate conversation.Although AT seems heavily slanted toward MCM, I that colonial can be done in a that many would appreciate.

  9. Isaiah-Rory-Giancarlo

    When we bought our home, it had a peach and light blue bathroom with the peach tile extending to the ceiling in places. The floor was in shape and was permanently discolored and the grout was falling apart in places. We tried to catch the peach walls, but it started falling apart once we started renovating. We ended up having to gut the entire bathroom and from scratch (the plaster underneath the tile was crumbling). We ended up going with a white penny tile floor and white subway tiles on the walls in a nod to the past. I can appreciate a pink/green/whatever bathroom as long as it is in favorable shape, but ours was shoddy.

  10. IsabellaEvelynnKiera

    Hmm…I guess maybe if I lived in an upper level apt, and had no outdoor (not even a fire escape) I might this, but Id leave the excellent immediately after to avoid the hazardous fumes. Actually, I would what I saw someone doing this week, it down to the side dawdle then chill out there with a book while it dried.

  11. Tiffany.Saoirse

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  12. Kaitlyn-Karlie

    monika1 is correct. The brass is most likely lacquered. I disagree with stripping it. It must be cleaned well. TSP would be good. The next layer then can be lacquer. The solvent in lacquer will a bond with the old, if the surface is clean. Also, there is a product with a name Liquid Sandpaper out there that will * the top layer of lacquer and it “rougher” increasing the adhesion.FYI. I had chairs those many years ago. The frame fell apart after two meals a day for about three or four years. The “caning” held up fairly well up to death.I paid about $12 a for them.

  13. Clayton

    Congrats on the house!We too a with raised plank and beam ceilings… (Another Eichler-alike, I admire that term, so true.) Some of the ceiling is all white, and the beams disappear. Some of the ceiling is all the natural wood, and while it is darker and lowers the ceiling, the beams stand out more. Eventually we are going to paint all of the ceiling an off-white and all of the beams a matte black. (This is a Eichler/Rumer thing to done…) But it is a TON of work…I would about getting the walls more neutral, figure out your flooring, and THEN what you assume about the ceiling. Easier to live with it a while and then the changes than to change and change and change things until you collect the that fits YOU.Here are some links to photos that the that is similar to your home:

  14. Edgar Deshawn Ryland I.

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  15. Sofia Wren Lina T.

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  16. Helen Angelique

    Janice, perhaps an open-house format would solve your issues. Instead of having the kids all at once from 2-4 pm, let them trickle in and out from 2-5 pm. You could one activity decorating a cupcake, which the kids could fairly with your son. I your guests would admire this idea, too, as it gives them a lot of schedule flexibility.

  17. Miriam_Rosie

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  18. Laney

    I the Ikea cable system is probably the best though I would hang the cable from the walls adjacent to the windows. You would a tight line across and not to about anchors in the ceiling.

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