Old World Tuscan Kitchen

We learn much about many kinds of kitchen design in the previous articles, from the minimalist kitchen design until contemporary kitchen design and also traditional kitchen design. There are many kinds of traditional kitchen designs and one of them is old world tuscan kitchen. Tuscany is coming with the influence of Mediterranean and the Renaissance, also rustic style. This kind of kitchen style is very rich for your inspiration in designing the kitchen design, beside it also has warm and colorful touch of the design. Then, TTusacan kitchen design also has nice texture that become the key of the nuqueness of the kitchen. Here, you do not need to spend much budget to paint the kitchen design since you could have some sea sponge and create the old world charm with faux-finish paint and it would make you reach the old world tuscan kitchen.

Lighting Design of Tuscan KitchenLighting Design of Tuscan Kitchen

Some Points in Designing the Tuscan Kitchen

There are some points that actually needed to be considered. The first thing is that about the color. In getting the sense of Tuscan kitchen style, you could use rich gold, earth tones or the tone of the sea. These kinds of colors should be used in making up the wall of your kitchen design.  Beside that about the material matter for decorating the flooring design, you could use stone, slate, granite, terracotta that would make the kitchen has Tuscan style.

Flloring Design of Tuscan KitchenFlooring Design of Tuscan Kitchen

Tuscan Kitchen Decoration

Tuscan Kitchen Decoration

Another thing that you should consider here is about the lighting design. As being explained in some articles before that lighting design always has great effect to the interior design. Since, this kind of kitchen is old kitchen, you need to have old world lighting, such as wrought iron lighting. Beside that, you could also add the accessories in your old World Tuscan kitchen by having old pottery bowls, peppers, grapevines, greenery, decorative jars of oil, and others.

Classic tuscan style kitchens

Classic Tuscan style kitchens

Tuscan kitchen Style

Tuscan kitchen Style

Beside that, do not forget to consider about the kitchen cabinet design since it would be the central point or focal point of your kitchen.Since you have Old world Tuscan kitchen, by having the combination between wooden material and granite material as the cover of the cabinet would be great idea.

Then, By having Tuscan kitchen style, you could also add the window decoration to your kitchen since it would help you in maintaining the light when it is in the day break. Then, by adding the glass window, it would also help you in saving the electricity bill since the light of the kitchen would come through from the window.

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