Big Living Room Design

Living room is the most important room in the house since it is the room for welcoming the guests and it is the focal point room of the house. In the previous articles, we have already learn about some articles related to the decoration of small living room that always being a problem for you. Now, let’s take a look at some decoration idea for big living room design that might sometimes being a problem for you.we have known that to decorate the living room is not easy task, especially when you want to decorate the big living room design. In decorating this kind of living room,you should consider about how to place the furniture so that your living room would not seem to be empty. Sometimes, you like to place your furniture in the corner of the room, but don’t do that in decorating the big living room, but you should place the furniture in the wide space and make it more comfortable.

large living room decorationlarge living room decoration

Some Considerations of Living Room Decoration

In the previous article, you had been provided by ideas that you should paint your room with bright colors, but it is suitable for the small room. Since in this case, you have to decorate the big living room design, you should paint it in little bit dark color to make it less big. Then, in painting that room, just use old papers to save your ceiling and flooring part. in choosing the color, you would be better to have a darker color, but still you should consider about your favorite color. Maybe you could choose the calm or classical colors, such as cream. and make sure to suit the color with the furniture you have.

Big Living Room with Big WindowBig Living Room with Big Window

In the previous picture, you could see that the furniture is arranged well. you should spread the furniture so that the living room is not looked to be bigger and the space is well maintained. Just make  some space between the table and chair and make space for the recliner. Then, place the chairs, sofa, and couch in one seating area and you could take a television at the center of the seating area. Beside that, adding the glass window would make the living room design seem to be more beautiful.

Modern Big Living RoomModern Big Living Room

Big Living RoomBig Living Room

Beside that, do not let your wall being empty. So, you should place some hanging art or hanging furniture so your big living room design would not feel empty. Having small or big living room is actually not being problem and the only thing you should do is that you should arrange it well.

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